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Power Trip - From Oil Wells to Solar Cells - Our Ride to the Renewable Future by Amanda Little

Power Trip - From Oil Wells to Solar Cells - Our Ride to the Renewable Future

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Sue Baker's view...

After reading Amanda Little’s investigation into our use of oil, gas and electricity, I feel the key to this book lies in the subtitle, a ride to a renewable future. There are things being done, too little and perhaps too late but enough to give the reader a feeling of cautious optimism. Also welcomed was the fact that Amanda Little includes subjects like military and agricultural use of oil, together with societies love affair with plastics. There’s facts and figures here but the strength of Power Trip lies in its readability, Amanda Little is the Eric Schlosser of the power circuit.

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Power Trip - From Oil Wells to Solar Cells - Our Ride to the Renewable Future by Amanda Little

In this fresh and gutsy analysis, Amanda Little lays bare America's energy past, present and future and shows how the innovatory designs that got it to its current energy crisis will actually save it from ruin. 'We're about to see a revolution in the way we live, fundamental changes to the way our homes work, the way our cars move, the way we grow our food, distribute our products, the way we make and recycle plastics.' - Amanda Little In this adventurous, jargon free, optimistic book, Amanda Little - tipped as 'the new voice of green' by Robert Redford - reveals the gargantuan influence of oil on our daily lives. It fights our wars, grows our crops, produces our plastics and medicines, warms our homes and animates our cities. We've allowed it to seep into every facet of our existence, from the shine on glossy magazine covers to life-saving pharmaceuticals. We depend on it completely. So what does this mean for when the oil runs out? From a deep-sea oil rig to a plastic surgery operating theatre, from New York City's electrical grid to the offices of the Pentagon, from a state-of-the-art wind farm to a testing ground for the cars of tomorrow, Little visits the most eccentric and exciting frontiers of the global energy landscape. As she introduces us to a range of characters - Saudi royalty, grassroots activists, the world's most respected politicians and an array of inventors - she argues that we are on the brink of a revolution in the way we source the energy that is so vital to us; there is an energy future beyond oil - as long as we have the courage and creativity to pursue it. Fresh, gutsy and optimistic, Power Trip will show you our world in a completely new way.


'Power Trip takes a most timely and complicated issue and weaves a fast, fun, and gripping story--one that's both candid and unflinching in its approach. Amanda represents the best of a new young perspective, a new voice of green'
Robert Redford

'Energy is the most important story in the world bar none, and no one has ever told it with more verve than Amanda Little. If you want to know how the world works, and why it may not work much longer, this is the book you need.'
Bill McKibben, author of 'Fight Global Warming Now: The Handbook for Taking Action in Your Community

'Power Trip offers a panoramic view of our energy crisis - exploring past, present, future - with hope, passion and humor. Whether you are liberal or conservative, expert or novice, young or old, you will find adventure and insight in this book'
Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

'Lively, engaging and most thought-provoking, Power Trip takes us on a journey through the very wide world of energy, from its colorful past to its high-tech future. Little answers the questions that perplex many - and, so importantly, identifies the key questions that only the future will answer.'
Daniel Yergin, Pulitzer Prize

-winning author of The Prize: the Epic Quest for Oil, Money, and Power 'It's hard to imagine a book about energy that would appeal as much to a business executive as it would to an eco-activist - or, for that matter, to a soccer mom, a farmer, a politician or a student. Here it is. This provocative story about America's love affair with energy is a must-read for everyone.
Jim Rogers, Chairman and CEO of Duke Energy

'One of the best books on America's energy crisis to emerge in recent years'

About the Author

Amanda Little

Amanda Little has published widely on energy, technology, and the environment. Her columns on green politics and innovation have appeared on,, and in Outside magazine. Her articles have been published in the New York Times magazine, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone, Wired, New York Magazine, In Style, Men's Journal, and the Washington Post. She is the recipient of the Jane Bagley Lehman Award for excellence in environmental journalism. She lives with her husband and daughter in Nashville, Tennessee.

Author photo © Heidi Ro

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Publication date

21st January 2010


Amanda Little

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