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The Price

by Alexandra Sokoloff

eBooks of the Month Horror

LoveReading View on The Price

Do you fear God or the Devil, or do you just want your daughter to live?  A charismatic American, running for governor, is halted when his child is diagnosed with cancer.  In the vast corridors of a sprawling Massachusetts hospital he needs to confront his fears and help seems to come from a mysterious councillor.  We are led into strange and sad worlds, worlds of pain and loss and underlining the whole anguish of our suffering family is the knowledge that something very creepy is afoot.  This chilling tale builds logically and soundly and then turns into the sort of novel that you really cannot put down.

Comparison: Stephen King, Michael Palmer, John Saul.

Sarah Broadhurst

The Price Synopsis

Boston District Attorney Will Sullivan dreams of becoming the next governor of Massachusetts. With his beautiful wife, Joanna, and adorable daughter, Sydney, Will seems destined for greatness - until Sydney becomes seriously ill. Now both parents resolve to do anything to save their daughter's life. But in the twilight world of the Briarwood Medical Center, nothing is as it seems. Patients on the brink of death are not only surviving but thriving, while others wither away - and the recoveries all revolve around the ministerings of a mysterious counselor, who takes an unsettling interest in Joanna. When Sydney's health miraculously improves, Will suspects that Joanna made a terrible bargain to save their child. Now Will must face a powerful, unknown evil before he loses - everything.

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All versions of this book

ISBN: 9780749941635
Publication date: 04/02/2010
Publisher: Piatkus Books
Format: Paperback

Book Information

ISBN: 9780749941635
Publication date: 4th February 2010
Author: Alexandra Sokoloff
Publisher: Piatkus Books
Format: Paperback
Genres: eBook Favourites, Horror,

About Alexandra Sokoloff

Alexandra Sokoloff began her career in theater, as an actor, director, and choreographer.  As a screenwriter, she has written novel adaptations and original thriller and horror scripts for numerous Hollywood studios.  Her debut ghost story, The Harrowing, was nominated for both a Bram Stoker award and an Anthony Award for Best First Novel.  Alexandra splits her time between Raleigh and Los Angeles.

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