Legacy: A Private Novel

by Kate Brian

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Billings leaders have always had a tainted legacy and when Reed is elected to be their new leader at the point at which she has everything she’s ever wanted, she also realises she has everything to lose and she’s about to find that out.  Fast-moving drama in the boarding school of all boarding schools.


As sharp and addictive as the Gossip Girls, this is the 6th title in the dark and sinister Private series.  Set in Easton Academy, a co-ed boarding school where secrets and lies are all part of the curriculum. When Reed Brennan arrives she discovers that everyone is more sophisticated, more gorgeous and wealthier than she is.  She feels like an outsider, looking in, until she meets the Billings Girls, the most powerful girls on campus.  Reed vows to do whatever it takes to be accepted into their inner circle.  But once she’s in, she discovers there’s more to the girls’ closets than designer clothes – they’re hiding skeletons too, and secrets which must be kept private.  Whatever the cost.  To view all the titles click here

Titles in the Private series:
1. Private
2. Invitation Only
3. Untouchable
4. Confessions
5. Inner Circle
6. Legacy
7. Ambition
8. Last Christmas (Nov ’09)


Legacy: A Private Novel Synopsis

History has a way of repeating itself... Set in a world of exclusive boarding schools, Kate Brian's compelling series, PRIVATE, combines the bitchy snobbery of the elite and wealthy with a Heather-esq element of dark secrets, mystery, and satire.

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ISBN: 9781847382627
Publication date: 6th August 2009
Author: Kate Brian
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Ltd
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Children's & YA Fiction

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ISBN: 9781847382627
Publication date: 06/08/2009
Format: Paperback

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Kate Brian is the author of the popular The Princess & the Pauper, The V Club (available in paperback as The Virginity Club), Lucky T, and Megan Meade's Guide to the McGowan Boys. She lives with her husband in New Jersey.

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Legacy: A Private Novel
Legacy: A Private Novel
Legacy: A Private Novel
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