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by Max Arthur

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As with his Forgotten Voices books Max Arthur has produced another book recounting the events and consequences of the First World War. Told through the voices of 21 war veterans this moving and compelling book is a must read so that we never forget the great debt owed to so many of that generation.

Last Post Synopsis

FORGOTTEN VOICES OF THE GREAT WAR was the surprise best-seller at Christmas 2002, selling over 60,000 copies in hardback alone. The formula was simple: Max Arthur interviewed some of the 30 surviving British soldiers from the First World War and combined their stories with other interviews in the Imperial War Museum and various private collections.

LAST POST is very consciously the last word from the handful of survivors left alive in 2004. When they die, our final human connection with the First World War will be broken: after this book, we will have only recordings or diaries. We will never be able to ask a question of someone who was there.


Last Post Press Reviews

'Nostalic photographs add to the book's flavour, lighting up a time when generations predating the modern, pervasie 'me' culture lived and worked for each other.' TRIBUNE

'poignant' Susan Osborne, BOOKS QUARTERLY

"For their devotion to King and Country and for Mr Arthur's work we should all be grateful" CONTEMPORARY REVIEW

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ISBN: 9780304367320
Publication date: 14/09/2006
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Format: Paperback

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ISBN: 9780304367320
Publication date: 14th September 2006
Author: Max Arthur
Publisher: Orion Publishing Co
Format: Paperback
Genres: eBook Favourites, History,

About Max Arthur

Max Arthur is a skilled interviewer who has written oral histories of the RAF and Royal Navy during the Second World War.

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