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Green Dot

"Fiercely funny and brilliantly observed, travel with Lucie as she greets office life and finds a love affair."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Well now, this is utterly fabulous, it’s sharp and pointed, amusing and witty, and full of the deeply emotional chaos that comes from travelling through joy into heartache. Lucie starts a new job and with that comes a love affair, consumed and obsessed, her chosen path leads her to a number of realisations about life. Author Madeleine Gray, has the ability to peel back layers of everyday existence and bring them to the fore. From minute detailing through to the chasm of life itself, she pounces, words flowing from the page and sparking into existence. The descriptions of office life had me smirking and wincing. Lucie is so honest and forthright and really very funny, yet my heart aches for her. There is an innocence and hopefulness that nestled into my thoughts, even as I shook my head in disbelief. Chosen as a LoveReading Star Book and Liz Pick of the Month due to the stunning examination of love in its different forms, from family to friendship, romantic and passionate love, and then perhaps most importantly the love of self-worth and respect. So smart and darkly amusing, Green Dot sits as an exclamation mark against life, and comes as highly recommended by our team.

Liz Robinson

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