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Lost in Time

"Hurtling between Pangaea, 201 million BC, and the US in AD 2027 this rollercoaster of a time-travelling treat will have you flying by the seats of your pants."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Dr Nora Thomas has been found dead and the last people to see her alive were her colleague and lover Dr Sam Anderson and his nineteen year old daughter Adeline. They're now being accused of killing her, and the evidence is irrefutable.

Sam and Nora are two of the six scientists who have aided world peace through the creation of a machine that sends the world's worst convicted criminals back in time. They go into the Absolom chamber and in a flash they’ve gone from this world, sent back in time hundreds of millions of years in the past to the age of the dinosaurs. They’ll be alone for the rest of their life, they’ll die a terrible death of fate, a fate worse than Absolom.

Sam is now trapped 201 million years in the past, caught in the midst of a mass extinction event, but he can’t give up because he has to see his family again. His daughter Adeline is an orphan who lost her mother three years ago, and she's desperate to do all she can to help bring him back. After all, he sacrificed himself to save her. Adeline is bright, committed, desperate and she's made of tough stuff as she uncovers secret after secret and steps closer and closer to the truth.

This is my first A.G. Riddle read but it certainly won’t be my last. Crighton-esque this is a joy of a read, a twisty-turny time travel thriller with loop-de-loops galore. With descriptive writing that pulls you in, it's visceral, fast-paced and will keep you guessing 'til the final page. What a ride!

Deborah Maclaren

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Primary Genre Thriller and Suspense


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