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A Long Shadow

"In this dystopian vision of London, public safety is in private hands, and nobody is beyond the reach of the law. The constant threat of terrorism has left London under round-the-clock surveillance and in the tightening grip of privatised security firms. A journalist believes one such organisation is financing widespread violence it purports to fight."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

An undercover journalist. A murder victim bearing her DNA. A cop working in a criminal justice system where loyalties and ethics are questionable and transitory. Individuals against the might of the corporate world. There can only be one winner, surely?

Writing a crime thriller set in a near-futuristic dystopian world presents author David Beckley with both opportunity and difficulty. Although not governed by authentic (as far as is reasonable) investigative procedures and technique; in a world where he can set the rules, the challenge of creating a believable alternate reality is a very real one, and not for the faint-hearted. He does it very, very well. A Long Shadow is a fast, thrilling ride through a world we can almost, but not quite, recognise.

I finished the book satisfied at reading an enjoyable story but worried that Beckley may just be predicting a future breakdown in UK society that may not be as dystopian or as far away as we think.

Great stuff.

Matt Johnson

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