Six Days

by Dani Atkins

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LoveReading Expert Review of Six Days

This engaging and expressive relationship story examines love, trust, and resolve when a groom goes missing, leaving his bride at the altar.

A gorgeous and thoughtful relationship tale with bite and intrigue as well as love and friendship. This novel takes you by the hand and expands through your thoughts as you live alongside Gemma when her fiancé fails to turn up at their wedding. She is determined to think the best of him, however she begins to realise that friends and family think the worst. Dani Atkins has the most thought-provoking pen, her words don’t just reach inside and touch my heart, they also shake emotions, hit thoughts, and leave the characters and story a part of me. I always look forward to her novels, she is such a consistent writer, though she certainly knows how to keep your feelings hovering on the edge of free-fall. While you live through six days with Gemma as she searches for Finn, memories and the past surface to allow Finn access into the story. A vivid and vibrant picture forms of their relationship alongside the suspense of his disappearance. As my knowledge of the couple grew, as I immersed myself in their story, I cared, really cared about the outcome. This is most definitely a story about a love, it also successfully balances tension, particularly as it weaves its way towards the end. Six Days is a page-turning, stimulating absolute beauty of a novel, that I can recommend heart and soul.

Liz Robinson

Six Days Synopsis

Two people. One love story. Six days.

He loves me... He loves me not... He loves me...

Gemma knows that she and Finn are destined to be together. They are soulmates. But then, on their wedding day, he doesn't show up at the church.

Gemma is convinced Finn would never abandon her like this, even though he has disappeared once before. But back then he had a reason. She feels sure something terrible has happened, but no one else is convinced. Even the police aren't concerned, telling Gemma most people who disappear usually turn up in a week... assuming they want to be found, that is.

For the next six days Gemma frantically searches for Finn, even though every shocking revelation is telling her to give up on him. Before long, even she begins to doubt her own memories of their love.

How long can she hold on to her faith in Finn if everyone is telling her to let him go?

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781800246546
Publication date: 14th April 2022
Author: Dani Atkins
Publisher: Aria an imprint of Head of Zeus
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 400 pages
Primary Genre Relationship Stories
Other Genres:

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Six Days Reader Reviews

In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion some of our Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review this title.

A real page turner and not your typical love-at-first sight story. The characters captivate you and you cannot help but wish for that happy ending.

This book was a real page turner! It follows the love story of Gemma and Finn. You know from the beginning that it isn't a simple and straight forward love-at-first sight kind of love but one that is stronger than anything, which was definitely put to the test.

I loved the characters within this book and found them very believable. Gemma's fiery but naturally caring nature is perfect for Finn but he has this own demons to work through.

The book centres around Finn's disappearance and the six days following it. I desperately wanted to know what had happened and was captivated by the way that the story unravelled.

I read this book with ease and enjoyed each page. Once you start reading it you have no choice but to get to the end as it is a love story you desperately want to end well.

Another fantastic book by Dani Atkins. Would highly recommend to other readers.

Catherine Hogwood

Funny and tender, heart-breaking and uplifting. What I wouldn’t give to experience some of the moments Finn shared with Gemma. A girl can dream I guess and Six Days lets you do just that.

What would you do if the man you loved walked out of your life? Your soulmate, your one true love. You would be devastated but you would survive. You would pick up the pieces and move on, eventually. But what would you do if the day he chose to do that was your wedding day? The single most public display of your commitment to each other, the pivotal moment which should have marked the first step of the rest of your lives together and he just disappears into thin air. Could you forgive and forget? Could you accept what you’re hearing, that you’re better-off without him, and move along? Or would you trust your instincts? Would you continue to believe in him despite everything that comes to light? They say that the first six days after a person goes missing are critical, after that point they often can’t or won’t be found. Gemma is about to test that fact to the limit.

I think it takes a lot for a book to stand out in the romance genre. The usual tropes have been written and re-written a million times so it’s like a breath of fresh air to discover something different and it’s even more rewarding to find that new idea is blindingly well written. Dani Atkins has managed to produce a story which is both funny and tender, heart-breaking and uplifting in equal measure. Gemma and Finn come alive on the page and draw you in. Their relationship is just fairy-tale enough without being sickly sweet. It’s ever so slightly far-fetched (although Finn’s revelation does explain the more extreme plot twists) and yet not totally outlandish. And boy, did I fall in love with Finn. What I wouldn’t give to experience some of those moments he shared with Gemma. A girl can dream I guess and Six Days lets you do just that.

S Harper

Dani Atkins Press Reviews


'A rollercoaster of a read... infused with an uplifting sense of hope' Woman's Own.

'The queen of emotional love stories returns'Sun.

'Not to be missed if you love a romance with a twist' My Weekly.

'Beautifully written, heartbreaking and uplifting' Heat.

'A captivating story which packs an emotional punch' -- Heidi Swain

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ISBN: 9781800246560
Publication date: 01/09/2022
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ISBN: 9781800246546
Publication date: 14/04/2022
Format: Hardback

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Dani Atkins is an award-winning novelist. Her 2013 debut Fractured (published as Then and Always in North America) has been translated into eighteen languages and has sold more than half a million copies since first publication in the UK. Dani is the author of six other bestselling novels, one of which, This Love, won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award in 2018. Dani lives in a small village in Hertfordshire with her husband, one Siamese cat and a very soppy Border Collie. Follow Dani on twitter @AtkinsDani Below is a Q & A with this author. Please tell us a little ...

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Six Days
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