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Money Mum Official: Save Yourself Happy Your Ultimate Money Tips Guide

"Find out the secrets of Money Mum, instagram sensation Gemma Bird who paid off her mortgage using her savvy money-saving tips. With tons of practical advice to help you reboot your finances, this empowering guide will have you hooked!"

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

A self-proclaimed natural-born saver Gemma has made a lifestyle out of being canny. At 17 she bought her first £7,000 car and by 23 juggling 3 jobs she'd saved up enough to pay off her mortgage. Now aged 40, she's mortgage free with 2 children and has never earned more than £25,000 per annum. 

It's a brilliant story of triumph through adversity, she didn't have wealthy parents, a pot of money to fall back on and was on a low income. Nothing came easy for Bird, but through hard work and her savvy attitude, she's become someone you'll want to follow. Whether Instagram or TikTok is your social preference, follow Money Mum and keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest money saving hints and tips. I can't get enough of her. As Bird says: "Money is not a secret recipe that only rich people know. It’s a mindset and an attitude that anyone can have." Now, just in time to help you tackle rising inflation, Bird has written a book full of practical advice to help you reboot your finances without feeling the pinch. I was mentally clocking each and every tip as as I hungrily read away. I'm rubbish with money and although some of this I knew, it's a great usable and tangible guide that can help anyone get their money management back on track. And there are loads of things I didn't know and hadn't thought about and that's the beauty of this book. Bird has done the hard work for you. With advice on everything from making your hard-won money that little bit smarter, getting discounts and savings, to turning assets into revenue streams to building financial security and having difficult conversations and involving the children, she's thought of everything. And don't forget the glossy glossary to help you navigate the jargon.

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