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Jordan B. Peterson’s books have sold millions of copies worldwide. The expansive tours that accompanied their publication have brought him in front of a quarter of a million people in some five hundred venues, and his online lectures and podcasts have been seen and heard by a billion viewers and listeners. Before becoming one of today’s most influential public intellectuals, he worked for decades as a professor at Harvard and the University of Toronto, and as a practicing clinical psychologist. He has published more than a hundred scientific papers on a range of topics including personality, criminal behavior, political and religious belief, and the neuroscience of perception, motivation and emotion. He has developed a range of extraordinarily popular self-development, educational and communication tools, including selfauthoring.com and understandmyself.com, Peterson Academy, and Essay.app. He lives in Toronto, Canada, with his wife, Tammy. They have two children and four grandchildren.

We Who Wrestle With God

Jordan B. Peterson


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Beyond Order

Jordan B. Peterson


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12 Rules for Life

Jordan B. Peterson


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Maps of Meaning

Jordan B. Peterson

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