Not for Human Consumption

by Craig Watson

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A gritty and authentic tale of life on the streets

A gritty and authentic tale of life on the streets, ‘Not for Human Consumption’ by Craig Watson explores the lives of those experiencing the hardest of times. Touching on a variety of subjects from addiction to abuse, crime, poverty and debt, the life of Danny and his friends are authentically, heartbreakingly told. 

This isn’t a comfortable read, with few glimmers of hope shown in a predominantly desperate situation. Even those such as Danny who manages to find work and are offered a space in a hostel can struggle to acclimatise and end up back on the streets that they’re familiar with. The characterisation throughout is detailed, the writing is descriptive and powerful. I found myself frustrated at Danny throughout for not leaving, seeing a situation clearly and looking after himself properly but also recognising the never-diminishing need to try and help someone you care for anyway. ‘Not for Human Consumption’ is about a community of people, how they survive and sometimes what’s needed to get through the day, the upsetting realisation that you can’t love someone better, and what’s needed to get yourself into a better situation. 

Dealing with a grim reality of street life, this story is gritty and feels real throughout, to the point I wondered whether some of the narrative was actually true. The author doesn’t shy away from the pain in this story and that makes the story and the payoff that bit sweeter.

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Not for Human Consumption Synopsis

This story will not just grab you. It will get you by the throat and chuck you down the staircase. An authentic portrayal of life on the streets. A struggle for survival. Triumph over adversity and prejudice, against incredible odds Living in a brutal and savage world with minds destroyed by psychosis and addiction. You could be killed or maimed for the price of a drink. But even in the cruellest of places you can find love, hope and friendship. Danny was that beacon of light in Magda’s dark and violent existence of criminals and misfits, who slept on the cold hard pavements at night. Could he save her from the gates of insanity or death? Perhaps she could only save herself.

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ISBN: 9781913567682
Publication date: 6th May 2021
Author: Craig Watson
Publisher: The Conrad Press
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 240 pages
Primary Genre Modern and Contemporary Fiction

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ISBN: 9781913567682
Publication date: 06/05/2021
Format: Paperback

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