Fire and Earth

by David West

Historical fiction Action Adventure Thriller and Suspense

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A historical mystery that investigates the ritualistic killings of priests across Italy.

 ‘Fire and Earth’ by David West is an interesting mystery set in the 1600s, when heliocentricity (the idea that the earth orbited the sun) was considered heresy. When a number of priests are found dead on Saint’s days, burned and circled by a mound of earth, it is thought that the culprit may be one of these heretic, scientific thinkers. Employed to investigate is Sir Antony Standen, a retired spy with an open mind and a unique skill set.

I enjoyed this story, I could tell that a great deal of research has been put into the story in order to ensure that the setting felt authentic, with historical events and figures interwoven into the plot. I found the lead characters, Sir Anthony Standen and his fellow detective Hugh, the exiled Early of Tyrone, were entertaining, although I did find Hugh’s Irish dialect to be from time to time, more akin to Yoda in phrasing than Irish “ With Francesca safe and sound you’ll be,” (p.19 as a small example). However, aside from bringing a bit of a smile to my face as I read, it didn’t detract from the story too much.

The prologue did a very good job at drawing the reader in, being witness to one of the crimes we are about to see investigated raised lots of questions and naturally entices the reader to keep reading. In all I enjoyed the story, I can see the scope for more books connected to these characters and I would be interested in reading future books. I think fans of historical fiction, perhaps those that enjoyed ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and fans of mysteries more broadly would enjoy this book.

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Fire and Earth Synopsis

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The year is 1607. The first permanent English colony in North America has been established at Jamestown. Venice has railed against the papal prerogative and has been excommunicated by Pope Paul V. Sir Anthony Standen has just begun gathering the grape harvest at his vineyard in Frascati, when he receives two visitors. The first is Hugh O’Neill, the exiled Earl of Tyrone, whose rebel army Anthony attempted to infiltrate when he was serving the Earl of Essex in Ireland. The second visitor is Cardinal Aldobrandini, Pope Paul’s right-hand man.

Anthony and Hugh are recruited to investigate the mysterious murders of priests, burnt in their churches on saint’s feast days. Their investigation takes them across northern Italy and threatens not only Anthony’s life, but his core beliefs, his conscience, and his family.

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ISBN: 9781915225030
Publication date: 16th November 2021
Author: David West
Publisher: David V.S. West
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Historical fiction
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ISBN: 9781915225030
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