Woman of a Certain Rage

by Georgie Hall

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LoveReading Expert Review of Woman of a Certain Rage

We declare this divinely funny, warm, and engaging novel about navigating family life during the menopause a must-read.

The most wonderful, funny, and engaging novel, Woman of a Certain Rage simply danced into my hands and I read with true glee. Eliza has hit middle age and the menopause, as she navigates all that her hormones throw at her, can she rediscover the joys of her youth? I wanted to wriggle with excitement when I heard that this was Fiona Walker taking a writing step in a new direction as Georgie Hall. I completely understand why she is using a different name, as she says on her site: “I don’t want to mislead readers into expecting a big-cast Walker romp”. I genuinely feel as though I have been waiting for this novel, she takes the menopause years and runs with it, with laughter, warmth, and most of all empathy. She explores family life with teens and parents while maintaining a career, a relationship and home-life while the menopause is on the rampage. She made me snort with laughter on a number of occasions, and I frequently exclaimed as I recognised and related with different scenarios. While the midlife years and all the trials and tribulations that come with it sit centre stage, this is a book that can be read right through the age groups. All hail Georgie Hall as she uncovers the menopause with wit and honesty, excuse me while I find a few rooftops to camp out and shout from. Beautifully readable and laugh-out-loud funny, Woman of a Certain Rage is a LoveReading Star Book with attitude.

Liz Robinson

Woman of a Certain Rage Synopsis

A smart and funny novel about love, life and a second shot at freedom for rebellious women of a certain age.

Eliza is angry. Very angry, and very, very hot.

Late for work and dodging traffic, she's still reeling from the latest row with husband Paddy. Twenty-something years ago, their eyes met over the class divide in oh-so-cool Britpop London, but while Paddy now seems content filling his downtime with canal boats and cricket, Eliza craves the freedom and excitement of her youth. Fifty sounds dangerously close to pensionable: her woke children want to cancel her, a male motorist has just called her a 'mad old bat' and to cap it all her hormones are on the run. Who knew menopause was puberty's evil older sister?

But then a moment of heroism draws an unexpected admirer, and Eliza sets out to discover whether the second half of life can be a glass half full after all. She might suffer mental fog and night sweats - and have temporarily mislaid her waist - but this is her renaissance.

Woman of a Certain Rage is a smart and funny novel for all women who won't be told it's too late to shake things up.

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Woman of a Certain Rage Reader Reviews

In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion some of our Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review this title.

I thoroughly enjoyed this side splitting read.

This is such a hilarious book that it had me in stitches. So much of this story is relatable, I think that is why I enjoyed it so much. Eliza is going through the menopause all she wants to do is relive her youth but with a husband at home who is more interested in canal boats, Eliza is fed up and what with the menopause side effects and her children she decides to do something about it. But will her decision have an impact on family life? A very funny way of looking at women who go through the menopause. I feel as though this book is trying to normalize this subject that every women goes through, which I think is a good thing. I thoroughly enjoyed this side splitting read.

Hannah Symonds

This is a must read for any woman or man who knows a woman of a certain age.

Wow what can I say this was an absolutely brilliant book and once I had started reading I couldn’t put it down. This was the perfect summer read in the garden at the weekend. This book made me laugh and cry in equal measure and am sure I like many women of a certain age reading this book found it very relatable and completely realistic and true to life. The author has tackled the often taboo subject of menopause and all things related to it in a sensitive and humorous way while at the same time highlighting just how much it makes women struggle. This was a modern day Bridget Jones for sure. I highly recommend this read.

Helen appleby

A witty and warm coming of age novel about a woman who has to face up to the reality of aging but who is not taking it quietly!

As soon as I read the synopsis for Woman of a Certain Rage I knew I had to read the book. Wonderfully chatty, this book is about a woman suffering the frustrations, of all sorts, that come with the menopause years. In creating Eliza, Georgie Hall introduces us to a strong woman who knows she is being awkward and annoying but can’t do anything to stop it - and really doesn’t want to anyway. Age is against her. Her body is against her. Her family are against her. And don’t begin to talk about what’s going on in her mind. It’s like having a friend sitting beside you telling you the most outrageous things that are going on in her life and you want to be there for her, as a friend, while the laughter is bubbling in your throat. If you are of a certain age, or you know someone of a certain age, then this book is for you - a great uplifting read that will have you nodding sagely in agreement, shocked at Eliza’s audacity, sympathetic to her doubts, and caring - because she cares.

Lynn Johnson

The moral of this delightful read, set in the beautiful countryside surrounding Stratford upon Avon, is to make sure you shake your life up and don't on any account let the menopause drag you down.

'Woman of a Certain Rage' is the debut novel of Fiona Walker's alter ego Georgie Hall. As Fiona she writes multi character comedies, to my surprise I have only read one and that was in 1994, 'French Relations', her first published novel. Maybe I should rectify this!

Writing as Georgie she has produced a witty portrayal of the menopause, motherhood and marriage. The moral of this delightful read, set in the beautiful countryside surrounding Stratford upon Avon, is to make sure you shake your life up and don't on any account let the menopause drag you down.

Although we may not all experience such menopausal adventures as the protagonist Eliza, many readers will certainly identify with the real life scenarios, the marital ups and downs, teenage angst, autism and the death of a much loved family pet.

Some women suffer badly during the menopause, but many others don't, so if you read this and you are pre-menopausal just don't assume Eliza is the norm! Remember this is a comic romp and should not be taken too seriously. Recommended if you want a funny, mainly authentic and fairly light hearted read.

Linda McFall

For those of us of a certain age....

A well written straightforward read that shows some of the emotions that menopausal women go through in a fairly lighthearted way whilst in no way belittling them. The storyline is slightly bizarre but isn't that relevant as the characters are very believable and the most important part is their interaction with each other. I have a daughter of the same age as the main character's and the portrayal of their relationship definitely struck a chord.
A good read to reinforce that you are not alone and maybe one to leave out for any men in your life to give them some insight.

Cate Greenan

Georgie Hall Press Reviews

'Georgie Hall has created a brand new, funny and brilliantly honest voice in this hugely relatable book. I loved the mix of comedy, warmth and frank reality - it made me laugh and flinch in equal measure' -- Sophie Kinsella

'Fierce, brilliant, honest and very, very funny - this book is a must' -- Jenny Colgan

'Warm, wise and laugh-out-loud witty, Eliza and her unexpected midlife resurgence are simply magnificent. Bridget Jones on HRT (and bigger pants). I absolutely loved it' -- Lucy Dillon

'Beautifully written and smart as a whip, this is a funny and truthful novel about love and life past the big five-0. Hall has created a character that mid-life readers can not only root for but identify with too' -- Mike Gayle

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About Georgie Hall

Georgie Hall is the alter-ego of best-selling author and woman of a certain (r)age, Fiona Walker. Stepping aside from her usual big-cast comedies to write as Georgie, she has her sharp-eyed wit firmly fixed on midlife, marriage, motherhood and menopause. Woman of a Certain Rage is for women everywhere who refuse to be told it’s too late to shake things up. Find Georgie on Instagram: @georgiehalluk

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