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I loved Mummin’ It – it’s bright and cheerful, informative and fun. A book that you’re likely to return to again and again.

The book is split into five main sections: food, home, travel, body/beauty and life. The food section is particularly helpful, from meal planning and budgeting to delicious-sounding recipes and step-by-step cooking with kids (with full-colour photos). Inside, there are easy ways to make your home child-friendly, stylish and tidy(ish), followed by tips on travelling with kids (abroad, at home, camping etc), beauty and fashion tips (on a budget, with little time) and finally how to still have a life (friendships, sex life and work life). It’s written in a ‘best friend’ tone – easy to read with plenty of humour – and I found myself nodding along at the advice. You can’t get much more practical than this, with its tick-off checklists, space for meal plans and notes, and even a ‘working mum guilt’ word search. Mummin’ It is ideal for parents with children at nursery and/or primary school, and a book that you’re likely to return to again and again.

Victoria Goldman

Mummin' It Synopsis

Mummin' It is like a chat with a friend over coffee - a celebration of imperfect motherhood from award-winning parenting blogger Harriet Shearsmith (@tobyandroo). Packed with parenting hacks, it's a refreshing handbook for making a busy life easier every day.

With busy parents in mind, Mummin' It is full of time-saving tricks and bite-size chunks of information - try Harriet's speedy ideas to help you get stylish in five minutes flat, use the fail-safe meal plans to figure out what to cook on a wet Wednesday, and create age-appropriate chores to instil independence in your child.

Chapters on Food, Home, Travel, Body & Beauty and Life cover all aspects of what makes a family tick and offer down-to-earth practical advice and survival tips to help your home function more smoothly. Can you minimise stress when travelling with your kids? How do you keep your style while keeping it real? How do you get your kids to eat anything? Harriet offers her own take on these everyday situations and brings you real-life guidance.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9780857839374
Publication date: 29th April 2021
Author: Harriet Shearsmith, Toby & Roo Ltd
Publisher: Kyle Books an imprint of Octopus Publishing Group
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 224 pages
Primary Genre Parenting
Other Genres:

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ISBN: 9780857839374
Publication date: 29/04/2021
Format: Hardback

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Publication date: 29/04/2021
Format: Ebook

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Harriet Shearsmith (Author) Based in Yorkshire in the UK, HARRIET SHEARSMITH runs her award-winning Toby & Roo blog from home. She is a breath of fresh air in the parenting world, where mothers can relate to her hacks which are aimed at simplifying everyday life while raising a smile. With over 100k dedicated Instagram followers, she reaches 1-2 million people each month across all her platforms and offers indispensable tips for busy working mums to help get them through each day. An in-demand parenting expert, Harriet has collaborated with brands including Tesco, Disney and Johnson & Johnson, and has appeared ...

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