Call Me Cali: Book 2: Becoming

by Lana Gold

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LoveReading Expert Review of Call Me Cali: Book 2: Becoming

In the second book of the ‘Call Me Cali’ series, ‘Becoming’,  we return to Cali Kistler and her new ambition to do whatever it takes to join the legendary GG’s bordello. After being told by GG herself to get more life experience before committing to the lifestyle of a high-class call girl, Cali signs on to a new Interior design class, and works on experience and self improvement in all aspects of her life. The characters that we have been introduced to us in ‘Call Me Cali: Blooming’ are back with more racy encounters than ever, and there’s a few new faces too. With her “Will they? Won’t they?” relationship with Jean-Chris getting more serious, will Cali leave her salacious life behind before it's had time to properly begin?

There’s plenty of ups and downs in Cali’s story, with cringy mistakes, positive revelations and an intense motivation to claim her own future, whatever path that may be. I liked to see how the character of Cali has developed over these two books. In ‘Becoming’, Cali seems more sure of herself, and dedicated to doing what it takes to carve out the life she wants. Cali’s time at her interior design school leads Cali to face a whole host of other problems and her numerous temp agency jobs will have you chuckling even if it’s from second-hand embarrassment. 

Cali’s will and determination are as apparent as ever in this second book in the series as she focuses on carving out her own place in the world, one racy encounter and college course assignment at a time.

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Call Me Cali: Book 2: Becoming Synopsis

Reader Alert: These books are HOT--there are lustful scenes and explicit sexual, adult content for mature audiences.

Becoming is the second installment in the Call Me Cali series. Please read Book 1: Blooming, the first book in the series, before purchasing Book 2: Becoming.

Cali Kistler is about to get schooled—in the art of seduction.

After meeting the lovable madam GG, with an eye toward one day joining her exclusive and legendary bordello, the high-octane Cali embarks on a calculated journey of self-improvement to become a well educated, polished, and sexually experienced woman. What lessons, challenges, and sensual surprises will she find along the way? With the help of some unlikely mentors and teachers, can Cali ever become the elegant, sensually intuitive, and cultivated escort GG demands?

She first has to learn the rules before she can break them.

While a serious romantic relationship and a creative career beckon, Cali’s wild streak and an unrelenting wanderlust color everything she does. Electrified by erotic adventures, possessed by a healthy appetite for variety, and driven by her insatiable taste for the finer things, Cali’s vision for her life isn’t exactly ordinary.

Can she tame her innermost urges or will she let them run free?

Will she accept the loyalty, love, and the enticing offer of one marvelous young man? Or, will she become a sought-after sensual performer to many, secreted behind the silky curtains of GG’s lucrative pleasure palace?

In the sensual school of life, she’s about to graduate—with honors.

Becoming is the second book in the Call Me Cali series, the chronicles of Cali’s sexy—and romantic—adventures in professional companionship, where comedy, drama, and romance mix in one irresistible cocktail that will leave readers thirsty for more.

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ISBN: 9781736515228
Publication date: 17th April 2021
Author: Lana Gold
Publisher: Lionesse Books
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Primary Genre Erotic fiction
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ISBN: 9781736515228
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Call Me Cali: Book 2: Becoming
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