Call Me Cali: Book 1: Blooming

by Lana Gold

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LoveReading Expert Review of Call Me Cali: Book 1: Blooming

'Call Me Cali' sees the girl from the small town head to a big city to seek romance and adventure. At 18, Cali Kistler is cast out by her parents and sets off to New York City with a scholarship to a prestigious design school. But her naivety and perhaps overindulgence in her fantasies puts her in some difficult situations. Intrigued by the idea of dancing and in need of an income quickly, Cali goes looking for a way to make her every fantasy a reality. 

I found Cali endearing in her own way, at some points superficial but I found myself reading on to make sure she was going to be ok as the plotline progressed. There are some hairy moments and Cali’s strength of character shines through. In contrast to her aim for a sexually free lifestyle, Cali meets Jean-Chris, a young Frenchman with a slightly more old-fashioned outlook on life who could perhaps lead to a more conventional path. But will she commit to her initial more racy dreams, or head to a more “normal” life plan? If I’m being honest I didn’t like Jean-Chris, I felt he was quite judgemental and condescending which came across as quite hypocritical considering his own affairs. I particularly liked Cali’s sense of character during these parts of the books because she did what she wanted, despite his thoughts and attempts to guilt her into change.

As we read the story, Cali resolves to commit to work for her goals, with a plan to take on extra education, learn to become more cultured and of course indulge in her romantic fantasies as often as she can. As the book ends there’s hope and a lingering sense of anticipation as we wait to see what more is to come from Cali.

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Call Me Cali: Book 1: Blooming Synopsis

Blooming into a beautiful, educated woman is heady stuff.

Transforming yourself into a sought-after, high-priced, world-traveling call girl is a whole other story.

Finding the way from there to real love is anyone's guess.

Reader Alert: These books are HOT--there are lustful scenes and explicit sexual, adult content for mature audiences.

If good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go everywhere, then Cali Kistler has a passport for adventure.

When Cali Kistler is accepted into a prestigious art school in New York City—far from her toxic home life—she hops on a bus and never looks back. She is determined to dazzle and shine like the Manhattan skyline she falls in love with. Willing to do whatever it takes to succeed, nothing will stop Cali from dancing—and sometimes stumbling—toward the luxurious life of her dreams.

Always fascinated by the glamorous lives of high-priced call girls, and hungry for adventure—the more erotic the better—she embarks on a series of progressively risqué opportunities to propel her forward.

One young woman’s secret fantasies are about to become reality . . .

Each steamy encounter and lesson learned transforms Cali further, taking her a step closer to becoming the savvy and sensual woman she’s always wanted to be . . . and closer to knowing true love. But will pursuing her secret desires ruin it all, or give her everything she’s always dreamed of?

Can she deny her inner call to erotic adventure?

Blooming is the first book in the Call Me Cali series of contemporary, erotic romances by Lana Gold. The series is a chronicle of beautiful and high-octane Cali Kistler's sexy—and romantic—adventures in professional companionship, where comedy, drama, and romance mix in one irresistible cocktail that will leave readers thirsty for more.

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ISBN: 9781736515204
Publication date: 16th April 2021
Author: Lana Gold
Publisher: Lionesse Books
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Erotic fiction
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ISBN: 9781736515204
Publication date: 16/04/2021
Format: Paperback

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Call Me Cali: Book 1: Blooming
Call Me Cali: Book 1: Blooming
Call Me Cali: Book 1: Blooming
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