Kid A History of The Future

by Sebastian de Souza

Dystopian Fiction Children's & YA Fiction

LoveReading Expert Review of Kid A History of The Future

Wow. I actually lost sleep with this one. It’s just brilliant. Lots of pop references which I enjoyed, love the fact that Sir David is viewed as highly as he should be. There are references from most of the past decades. The characters are just wonderful, so full of depth. I adore the way it is written in the past and the present, in letter form, book form and even text format. It will really capture the imagination of anyone who reads it, while also giving a stark warning - be wary of too much tech!

Kid, Eliza and Pas are such a tight bunch having been through so much together, to have that kind of friendship is a blessing. 

I really hope this is the first of many books by this author, because they clearly have a flair for writing and drawing the reader in. 

Absolutely loved it!! 

Amanda O'Dwyer, A LoveReading Amabassador

LoveReading Ambassador

Kid A History of The Future Synopsis

London. The year 2078. Like all other major cities, London is a silent wasteland, abandoned and crumbling, populated only by the renegade ‘Offliner’ movement, the lawless ‘Seekers’ and other minorities that rejected The Upload in 2060. As a result, these rebels live off the grid and in abject poverty, taking shelter in makeshift shantytowns and hideouts. The Offliners have made the disused Piccadilly Circus Tube station their home: a fully self-sufficient, subterranean community of about 500 people, known as the ‘Cell’.

In 2060, following a series of deadly pandemics, devastating environmental disasters and a violent surge in cyber terrorism, the UN made it compulsory for every tax paying citizen in all of its 193 united nations to login to the Perspecta Universe: a virtual reality universe provided by the tech giant Gnosys Inc. So began a period of history known as The Upload. Totally safe, pollution free, environmentally friendly: what was an alternative reality at first has become the only reality. Now, in 2078, billions of people all around the world exist in dedicated Hab-Belts – massive dormitory complexes surrounding the major cities – unconscious of the world around them: living, working, loving, learning, inside the Perspecta Universe.

KID – A History of The Future follows Josh ‘Kid’ Jones, a young Offliner who discovers that an antiquated piece of technology called an ‘iPhone’, left to him by his father, seemingly allows him to communicate with the past through social media. He strikes up a friendship with Isabel Parry, a 16 year old in 2021, and the two begin communicating through time and space via Instagram. In doing so they are not only changing their own fate, but also the fate of the rest of the world.

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ISBN: 9781838389406
Publication date: 18th March 2021
Author: Sebastian de Souza
Publisher: Offliner Press
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 624 pages
Primary Genre Children's & YA Fiction
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Kid A History of The Future Reader Reviews

In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion some of our Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review this title.

An adventure that also raises questions about our impact on the environment and the consequences of our actions on future generations. I like this book and enjoyed getting to know the characters.

‘KID: A History of the Future’ is a science-fiction that follows teen Joshua Jones, aka ‘Kid’ in a world where Virtual Reality has become actual Reality for millions, with those left living in the pollution, climate change and terroism-devastated wastelands that were once our major cities known as Offliners. Discovering an old phone that allows him to communicate with Isabel Parry, a teen living in 2021, Kid might just be able to change the world. 

Combining time travel and the butterfly effect, this book has a very interesting concept. I fell into the Kid’s world immediately and I think that the author has done a brilliant job at creating a backstory and environment for the story to take place. I like the idea of The Upload and how that could have been sold as a brilliant lifestyle. I also like the integration of recognisable social media platforms. I think these two concepts can be linked, the more time progresses the more everyone seems to live and post their lives on social media, and I loved the sci-fi continuation of this until people are sold on the idea of living completely in a simulation. 

An adventure that also raises questions about our impact on the environment and the consequences of our actions on future generations. I like this book and enjoyed getting to know the characters. It’s a sizable book that’s well worth the read.

Charlotte Walker

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ISBN: 9781838389406
Publication date: 18/03/2021
Format: Paperback

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Sebastian de Souza is an actor, writer and musician. As an actor, he began his career playing the title role of Matty in E4's Bafta-Award winning teen drama Skins. Following that, he starred in Neil Jordan's Emmy-Award winning 'The Borgias' alongside Jeremy Irons and Holliday Grainger. He played Milo in the Ealing Studios coming-of-age drama 'Kids In Love', opposite Will Poulter and Cara Delevingne. Sebastian also co-wrote the film. Sebastian can currently be seen playing Sandro Botticelli in 'Medici: Masters of Florence', a Netflix Original Series; as Gareth in Oscar-nominated Lenny Abrahamson's adaptation of Sally Rooney's best-selling novel ...

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