Dark Corporation

by Ben Colt

Action Adventure Crime and Mystery

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I absolutely loved this book and the further into it I got, the harder it was to put it down. Sometimes it went into too much detail for me and there are some spelling and grammar mistakes, but if you can get past those, I think you will love it. I grew up in Guildford where Dark Corporation HQ are, so that was fun thinking about where the offices could be.

The characters are all very believable. The story builds up gradually and then suddenly, it is all over. You are finished. I would have loved the suspense to continue a little longer. I am purposefully not wanting to give any spoilers.

I am really looking forward to reading book 2 in the series now.

Alison Bisping, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

Dark Corporation Synopsis


A director intending to whistle blow on the Dark Corporation global security firm, mysteriously dies before meeting MI5. Max Sargent has become a successful business Procurement Officer, with a distant and harrowing past in the Commandos. Following a business indiscretion, MI5 offer him clemency to find out what’s happening at Dark. Max uses his corporate agility to uncover leads, whilst staying one step ahead of the controlling founder Frank Dark, who’s planning something big, and destructive. His assignment gets increasingly dangerous, taking him from the UK to India, Hong Kong and the Caribbean. Discovering the involvement of a foreign Intelligence Service, Max finds himself being the only person with a chance of averting an impending global catastrophe.

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ISBN: 9798586808653
Publication date: 27th December 2020
Author: Ben Colt
Publisher: Independently published
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Indie Author Books
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ISBN: 9798586808653
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About Ben Colt

Growing up in the house previously owned by notorious British-Soviet double-agent Kim Philby, he became a seasoned senior executive of three decades in the corporate world. His management consulting and chief procurement officer roles for international big brand companies had global remits, taking him to many different countries and cities on business. His procurement teams had a privileged role in firms with unquestioned business-wide access and control of large spends, suppliers and intellectual property. This extensive experience, gives him first-hand insight of the potential for corporate corruption and espionage, to quickly become dangerous. The MAX SARGENT Corporate Spy Thriller Adventure ...

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