All Editions of Dark Corporation

by Ben Colt

Dark Corporation

Dark Corporation

Author: Ben Colt Format: Paperback Release Date: 27/12/2020

Available as part of Kindle Unlimited or for £1.99 I absolutely loved this book and the further into it I got, the harder it was to put it down. Sometimes it went into too much detail for me and there are some spelling and grammar mistakes, but if you can get past those, I think you will love it. I grew up in Guildford where Dark Corporation HQ are, so that was fun thinking about where the offices could be. The characters are all very believable. The story builds up gradually and then suddenly, it is all over. You are finished. I would have loved the suspense to continue a little longer. I am purposefully not wanting to give any spoilers. I am really looking forward to reading book 2 in the series now. Alison Bisping, A LoveReading Ambassador

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