Constant Tides

by Peter Crawley

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LoveReading Expert Review of Constant Tides

Constant Tides is a really lovely story spanning several generations and set in Messina, Sicily. This book is split into three different stories, and from three different periods in history the author weaves together a tapestry of relationship stories with a common essence. The story of Lilla and Enzo is set during and in the immediate aftermath of the 1908 earthquake. Mira and Nicolas’ story is told with the backdrop of WWII, Mussolini leadership and German occupation. Antonio and Caterina’s modern story helps to bring events full circle and shows “When families are close, there is no one closer”. Throughout there is also a collection of equally endearing, interesting and colourful supporting characters.

I really enjoyed this book, although by Book 3 I had created myself a little family tree to work out whether Caterina and Antonio were related, or whether they would receive the happy ending I was hoping for. While also being a delightful relationship tale, this book also does a very good job of being a travel brochure for Sicily. The descriptions of the places and the peoples of Ganzirri and Messina were charming and inviting. I feel like I’ve had a little holiday while reading. 

I don’t want to go into any more detail about the plot. I thoroughly enjoy waiting to see what each outcome would be and where each story would take us, and I would want everyone else that reads this book to enjoy Constant Tides without discovering anything in advance. I think this is a lovely book with real heart and I would recommend it.

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Constant Tides Synopsis

In the early hours of Monday 28th December 1908, a girl steals through the garden of Villa Mazzini. Lilla is on her way to meet Enzo and together they intend to leave on a steamship for a new life in America. First though, they must evade his father's spies, for Don Carmelo believes the daughter of a fisherman unworthy of his son's affections; and second, they must survive the greatest earthquake in the city's long history.

In July 1943, Mira receives a visit from Lieutenant Aldo de la Grascia at her family home in the village of Ganzirri. Mira is fond of the officer and without his continuous gift of provisions, her cafe would have closed long ago. However, the war has already made her a widow and Mira isn't sure if she is ready to love again. Then, late one night, an Italian sailor knocks on her door and asks her to help his companion, a wounded British naval officer.

And in the summer of 2018 on the beach at Capo Peloro, Angelica is intrigued by an Englishwoman who speaks Sicilian in the Messinese dialect and who seems more than a little melancholy. In the afternoon, the woman goes for a swim and is caught in the strong tides that run through the Strait. Angelica wonders whether the woman has put herself in danger intentionally and knows there is little that can be done to prevent her from drowning; that is until a feluca appears.

A three-part novel based on historical events, Constant Tides follows the loves of three courageous women through the spring, summer and autumn of their lives in the Strait of Messina, Sicily.

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ISBN: 9781838594145
Publication date: 26th March 2020
Author: Peter Crawley
Publisher: Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing
Format: Paperback
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Peter Crawley was born in London in 1956 and educated at Cranleigh School and the Goethe Institut in Freiburg-im-Breisgau, Germany. He is a former transatlantic yachtsman, historic motor-racing driver and author of the novels Mazzeri, Ontreto, Boarding House Reach, The Truth In Fiction and The Wind Between Two Worlds.

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Constant Tides
Constant Tides
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