You Are Positively Awesome

by Stacie Swift

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LoveReading Expert Review of You Are Positively Awesome

Designed to be noticed, from the bright colourful illustrations that cheered me up instantly, the short snappy wording that made me think about my own needs and the self-empowering messages that left me glowing inside.

You are Positively Awesome is a book that’s designed to be noticed, from the bright colourful illustrations that cheered me up instantly, the short snappy wording that made me think about my own needs and the self-empowering messages that left me glowing inside. This book could have been written just for me as, like many, I struggle with self-confidence and self-belief at times. It’s important to remember that so many other people – often people we least expect – do feel the same way too.

Stacie Swift has written a clear, concise guide to taking care of the number one person in our life – ourselves. Because if we don’t do that properly, we may find it harder to take care of anyone else. It’s easy to forget the positives in our lives if we focus on the negatives, and easy to ignore the giant leaps forward when we dwell on each little step back.

This is a perfect book to dip into when you need a boost of self-care; a book that you may want to add to over time, reminding yourself of what you’ve achieved and what you’ve overcome to achieve it. It’s also a lovely gift if you know someone is struggling to cope with life’s ups and downs.

You are Positively Awesome made me reflect on the past, think about the present and dream of the future – that it’s okay to feel overwhelmed at times and focus on my own needs for a while. It made me smile, reminded me of my own strengths and achievements, gave me some valuable ‘me’ time and made me realise just how ‘positively awesome’ I really am!

Victoria Goldman

You Are Positively Awesome Synopsis

You Are Positively Awesome is a colourful and practical book for an everyday burst of positivity and an extra dose of self-kindness.

We all weather some difficult days, sometimes we just wake up needing a bit of a boost and a reminder that nobody really has it all together all the time. This book is for all those days - a rainbow of good vibes, full of self-care prompts and words to live by.

Sometimes it feels as though we are the only ones struggling.

We're juggling too many balls and comparing our wobbly days to a constant stream of shiny, staged social media photos.

We lose our sparkle and forget all about self-love and self-kindness.

Even though deep down we know it's okay not to be okay, we all need a bit of a reminder from time to time. This book is full of memos, activities and friendly advice; it's a real-life antidote to life.

Chapters include:

  • Hey, you're awesome!
  • Why is this stuff important?
  • We all have times when life is a bit rainy
  • It's okay Self-love matters
  • You can be a good person with a kind heart and still say 'NO' But say 'YES' to self-care
  • Believe you can
  • It's cool to be kind

Whether you need an affirmation to make you smile, practical tips on upping your self-care, or space to create your own pie chart of 'Things That Help on Tough Days' this book combines colourful illustrations with useful words of support for all us, even when we feel at our un-sparkiest.

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Format: Hardback

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About Stacie Swift

Stacie Swift is a mum of three children under 4 and juggles the demands of freelance work and family while aiming to be the positive voice you need to keep going when things feel overwhelming. Like everyone, Stacie does her best to manage life's big and small struggles everyday; she draws about them, writes about them and shares words of wisdom she, and others, need to hear. Her Instagram account (@StacieSwift) is hugely popular and her following and continues to grow daily.

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