No Stone Unturned

by Nadean Stone

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LoveReading Expert Review of No Stone Unturned

This is a must-read!!! I couldn't put it down. I felt like I was sitting in a room talking to Nadean the entire time I read this book. 

She was born in Canada and had to follow their laws which are very difficult when searching for your natural parents. As I was born in Toronto, I know many of the places she lived or visited in Ontario. I know how strict the laws are, but am hoping that they are less strict now. 

This is a story about a woman searching for her birth mother as well as dealing with life in general. She gets married and has a son, Andrew. Unfortunately, she struggles through a difficult, controlling marriage and even after the marriage ended and the divorce was finalised, her ex was still trying to control her. She meets her 2nd husband, who is her rock.

During this time, she decided to find her birth mother. She needed answers and wanted to find out about her history. This is a woman who was given up for adoption. Her adopted Mom dies when she is very young, she lives with her Grandmother, who raises her, with so much love. She has a strength and courage that many don't have. 

It makes you laugh and cry and giggle at times, but such a fabulous read. I am so happy that you have been able to find out about your Mom and Dad. You can rest now and your Mom must be over the moon to have finally found her firstborn. Thank you.

Diana Mason, A LoveReading Ambassador 

LoveReading Ambassador

No Stone Unturned Synopsis

Between 1945 and 1973, about 350,000 unmarried Canadian mothers were persuaded, coerced or forced into giving their babies up for adoption. Many babies, like Nadean Stone, were illegally given away, like a puppy at the pound, for a nominal donation to the church.

No Stone Unturned, follows debut author Nadean Stone’s 44-year search for her birth mother.

Raised with no electricity or indoor plumbing, from the moment she understands the word adoption, she vows to find her. With no records of her birth, she battles against the frustration of bureaucracy and the unbearable pain of many heartbreaks.

Education is her salvation leading Nadean to a new life on an exotic Caribbean island. Fearful events unfold that propel her on a captivating journey of seemingly insurmountable personal challenges, as she strives to make whole, a life with a fractured sense of identity.

Told with humor and suspense, No Stone Unturned is an inspiring, triumphant memoir of courage and perseverance against all odds, proving the miraculous and happy ending we can achieve when we never give up

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ISBN: 9780578431642
Publication date: 31st March 2019
Author: Nadean Stone
Publisher: Independently published
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Indie Author Books
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ISBN: 9780578431642
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Format: Paperback

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