Cat Women

by Alice Maddicott

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LoveReading Expert Review of Cat Women

This magical, thoughtful and intriguing book looks into the superstitions about cat owning women and presents some beautifully moving photos.

A magical, thoughtful, and gloriously wonderful little book. Cat Women would make a perfect gift, either for yourself, or someone else (and it really doesn’t have to be restricted to women who love cats, this is an engaging read full stop). Described as “an exploration of feline friendships and lingering superstitions” Alice Maddicott introduces us to cats and their role with humans through history before presenting second-hand photos and examining the relationship between the women and cats in the pictures. It is fascinating to view the suspicion that women with cats, particularly lone women, have come under over the years, ‘crazy cat lady’ and ‘witch’ are two of the more obvious labels. Alice Maddicott looks at the second-hand (orphan) photos with an almost forensic yet beautifully whimsical eye. She spotted things that my first glance had completely missed, her thoughts take a breezy wander, yet she really sees the woman, and in particular, the cat in each picture. Opening up into the most readable and heartfelt book, Cat Women has been chosen as a LoveReading Star Book as it is all rather intriguing and absolutely delightful.


Liz Robinson

Cat Women Synopsis

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One summer, Alice Maddicott was adopted by a beautiful tabby called Dylan, and together they shared six years of loving friendship. Alice collected second-hand photos - orphan images - and in her sadness after Dylan's death, she pored over the old photographs of women and their cats. Cats in gardens, cats on laps, cats in alleys and on steps, accompanied by women who were diffident and affectionate, fierce and whimsical, young and old.

What did these cats mean to the women who cared for them? Why have cat-owning women always been viewed with suspicion? And where did the Crazy Cat Lady stereotype emerge from, when other cultures revere rather than fear this relationship?

Examining these questions and many more, Cat Women is a moving exploration of wild natures and domestic affections.

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ISBN: 9781912836062
Publication date: 5th March 2020
Author: Alice Maddicott
Publisher: September Publishing
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 144 pages
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Primary Genre Non-Fiction Books of the Month
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ISBN: 9781912836062
Publication date: 05/03/2020
Format: Hardback

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About Alice Maddicott

Alice Maddicott is a writer and artist from Somerset, England. Her work has spanned poetry, writing installations, children's television scripts (The Large Family, The Clangers), travel and nature writing, including for Elsewhere Journal and the Waymaking anthology, as well as public art commissions such as The Car Boot Museum. For nearly two decades she has worked on creative education projects and run writing workshops with young people. She lives with two rescue cats, Tariel and Sindri, and Ptolemy the tortoise who she's had for 35 years.

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