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Ordinary Miracles

by Grace Wynne-jones

Family Drama Relationship Stories

LoveReading View on Ordinary Miracles

About to turn 40 and wondering if she is happy with her lot, Jasmine Smith finds out her husband of nearly twenty years has had an affair. Determined to live the life she wants and not make do with what she has got now, Jasmine sets about changing her life. A warm and very funny, heartfelt book. I read this in one sitting and was very sorry to say goodbye to all the lovely characters.

As Grace Wynne-Jones herself says “People who enjoy my books like that the characters admit to having feelings many of us have but might never say. Some people say “How did you know that about me?” It’s as though they thought I’d been spying on their marriages! They thought this because Jasmine tells it like it really is. Like many of us she’s got tired of pretending”

Ordinary Miracles Synopsis

Jasmine Smith: forty next month and not ready for it; married to a man she likes and not prepared to give up on love; smothered by life's mundanity, and yet drawn towards its mystery. She wants the sort of love that makes her feel more alive, she wants wild sex in stalled lifts with film stars. She wants something else...

Jasmine Smith is in desperate need of a miracle. And with the help of an adventurous school friend, a man called Charlie and a pig called Rosie she is about to find one.

Ordinary Miracles Press Reviews

"Funny, heartwarming and special" Marian Keyes

"If you try one new author, try Grace Wynne-Jones..." OK Magazine

"Beautiful, tender and funny, written with great perception...
a remarkable novel" Katie Fforde

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All versions of this book

ISBN: 9781905170647
Publication date: 19/02/2007
Publisher: Accent Press Ltd
Format: Paperback

Book Information

ISBN: 9781905170647
Publication date: 19th February 2007
Author: Grace Wynne-jones
Publisher: Accent Press Ltd
Format: Paperback
Genres: Family Drama, Relationship Stories,

About Grace Wynne-jones

Grace Wynne-Jones was born and brought up in Ireland and has also lived in Africa, the US and England. She is the author of four critically acclaimed novels and her feature articles have appeared in many magazines and national papers in Ireland and in England. Below is an interview wth this author.Grace Wynne-Jones has been described as a novelist who 'tells the truth about the human heart'. When 'Ordinary Miracles' was first published in 1996 it got into the bestseller list and received rave reviews. She also received heartfelt letters from readers. “Many of them had been through painful ...

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