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A lavishly illustrated account of human journeys with a foreword by Simon Reeve, from Ancient Persian couriers to the ascent of Everest, the invention of Concorde, and the voyage into space itself. Discover biographies of conquerors, explorers, and travellers, stories of scientific discovery and technological innovation, stunning works of art, and catalogues of travel-related memorabilia. This truly worldwide account is a glorious celebration of human journeys.


Journey Synopsis

Human journeys have arisen from all manner of impulse, from migration and the search for food, to pilgrimages, trade, scientific curiosity, or simply the quest for adventure. Journey is a stunning visual guide to the stories of human movement and endeavour - from the first trade networks in ancient Sumer to the epic Voyager missions. Follow in humanity's footsteps around the globe with exciting accounts of history's most famous, significant, and thrilling journeys.

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ISBN: 9780241289426
Publication date: 2nd October 2017
Author: DK
Publisher: DK an imprint of Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Format: Hardback
Primary Genre History
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ISBN: 9780241289426
Publication date: 02/10/2017
Format: Hardback

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