The Boy Who Saw

by Simon Toyne

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LoveReading Expert Review of The Boy Who Saw

April 2018 Book of the Month

In Solomon Creed we were introduced to a mysterious hero, a Jack Reacher/Superman cross with shades of Jason Bourne.  This is his second adventure which, if you’ve not read the first you will certainly be compelled to do so after this.  He is an unusual and involving hero who may or may not be linked to an ancient tomb some 4000 years old or the holocaust now 70 years ago.  He has no memory but an inner drive to do things the reason for which he has no inkling.  I love him.  Here he knows he must save a boy and in doing so unearths a sinister plot with links to the German Reich and the end of the war.  It opens with a gruesome murder of an old Jewish tailor and it is this man’s grandson Solomon must save.  Along with the child’s mother they flee across France in search of three other Jews who survived with the old tailor.  Wonderful chase scenes, near capture, many tense moments and lots of action before they do eventually find one of the other survivors.  Now comes the twist as the plot is turned on its head and an extraordinary confession is revealed.  Wonderful stuff.  We learn lots more about Solomon.  He has escaped a mental institution and is under the care of a Doctor Megellen who does seem awfully sinister!  The plot thickens.  Solomon has extraordinary mental abilities of memory and smell plus fighting skills and superfast reactions.  There is indeed a great mystery surrounding the man which definitely draws you into wanting the next.  Let’s hope it is not too long in coming.  Hugely compelling and highly recommended. ~ Sarah Broadhurst

Sarah Broadhurst

The Boy Who Saw Synopsis

The second book in an electrifying new thriller series from Sunday Times bestselling author, Simon Toyne. Only one boy can see the darkness. Only one man can save him from it. 'Finishing what was begun' These are the words written in blood beside the body of an elderly tailor who has been tortured and murdered in the ancient town of Cordes. He leaves behind a cryptic message for his granddaughter and her son, Leo - one that puts them in immediate danger. When the mother and child are forced to go on the run, accompanied by the enigmatic Solomon Creed, they find themselves hunted across France, on a journey that will take them into the heart of Europe's violent past. What begins as small-town murder will become a race to uncover a devastating secret dating from World War II. The few men who know the truth are being killed by a powerful organization, and only one man stands in its way. Only Solomon Creed can stop the murders. Only he can save the boy.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9780007551651
Publication date: 19th April 2018
Author: Simon Toyne
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers Ltd an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 544 pages
Primary Genre Thriller and Suspense
Other Genres:

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The Boy Who Saw Reader Reviews

In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion some of our Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review this title. You can click here to read the full reviews.

  • Manisha - 'Absolutely brilliant, a must read book!!!'
  • Celia Cohen - 'An enjoyable thriller which keeps you guessing all the way.'
  • Sabine Little - 'As a protagonist, Solomon Creed is a new breed, and one whose complexity keeps you reading, always on your feet.'
  • Jane Gilman - 'The complexity of plot and the well concealed plot twist make this thriller a head and shoulders stand out above anything else I have read this year.'
  • Linde Merrick - 'I found this an intriguing, easy to read thriller which wove an action-packed tale of life in modern France with a historical thread around a German concentration camp.'
  • Angie Rhodes - ' A gripping page turner that has something for everyone!!  Solomon Creed is for me, a cross between Indiana Jones, and Jack Reacher.'
  • Phylippa Smithson - 'A disappointing follow up to the brilliant Solomon Creed.  Still engaging thriller but a little less credible.'
  • Cathy Small - 'Solomon Creed is back and here to save young Leo. He has no idea why and no idea of who he is but he knows what he has to do. A great thriller that keeps you gripped to the end.'
  • Jo Barton - 'The Boy Who Saw takes us into a dark and deeply troubled past. It exposes long buried secrets and uncovers painful memories which once exposed can never be the same again...Deeply disturbing in places, the story has an uncomfortable edginess, which is made all the more powerful by its utter believability.'
  • Daran - 'Twist and turns along the way with a bit of a shock at the end. A great thriller with hints at the supernatural.'
  • Mandy Carver - 'The book is well written, with good descriptive language that does not get in the way of the story.  By the time I was half way through I wanted to just read right to the end.'

Simon Toyne Press Reviews

Praise for The Boy Who Saw:

'The Boy Who Saw is not only a compelling, perfectly tailored thriller but also entirely on point for the terrifying politics sweeping Europe presently. In Solomon Creed, Toyne has created a unique protagonist who blends the best of Lee Child with the most enigmatic of Stephen King, and in The Boy Who Saw places him in a world where history and the present collide. Emotionally powerful, utterly engaging, beautifully layered, Simon Toyne's new series takes thriller writing to another level. Give me more Solomon Creed!' Sarah Pinborough, No.1 Sunday Times bestselling author of Behind Her Eyes

'Simon Toyne is one of my favourites. In Solomon Creed, he's created a hero for the ages. A word of warning: if you have anything else to get done, don't crack open a Toyne thriller' Gregg Hurwitz, No.1 Sunday Times bestselling author of The Nowhere Man

'The Boy Who Saw is the Pandora's Box of books - once opened it cannot be closed. Toyne's writing brings effortless fluency combined with heart-pounding action. Readers beware ... this is a glorious terror of a tale' Helen Fields

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ISBN: 9780007551651
Publication date: 19/04/2018
Format: Paperback

ISBN: 9780007551668
Publication date: 15/06/2017
Format: Hardback

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About Simon Toyne

Simon Toyne is the bestselling author of the Sanctus trilogy: Sanctus, The Key and The Tower. He wrote Sanctus after quitting his job as a TV executive to focus on writing. It was the biggest selling debut thriller of 2011 in the UK and an international bestseller. His books have been translated into 27 languages and published in over 50 countries. The Boy Who Saw is the second book in a new series of epic thrillers that will span the world and centre around the enigmatic Solomon Creed. Author photo © Toby Madden

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The Boy Who Saw
The Boy Who Saw
The Boy Who Saw
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