Flavour A User's Guide to Our Most Neglected Sense

by Bob Holmes

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Flavour A User's Guide to Our Most Neglected Sense Synopsis

Why should you serve red wine with classical music and white wine with pop music? What is it about a heavier bowl that makes your pudding taste better? And how can you make your food taste saltier without adding more salt? If any of these questions has sparked your appetite you need to read Flavour. New Scientist correspondent Bob Holmes has tasted a lot of things in the name of flavour. He's travelled all over the world, delved into cutting-edge scientific research, enlisted chefs, psychologists, molecular gastronomists, flavourists and farmers, attended the weirdest conventions, and even received very rare access to one of the world's few highly secretive flavour houses.

Flavour A User's Guide to Our Most Neglected Sense Press Reviews

'Endlessly fascinating. A terrific book.' Bill Bryson

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ISBN: 9780753555903
Publication date: 27/04/2017
Format: Hardback

Book Information

ISBN: 9780753555903
Publication date: 27th April 2017
Author: Bob Holmes
Format: Hardback
Pagination: 320 pages
Genres: eBook Favourites, Popular Science, The Real World,
Categories: Popular science, Cookery / food & drink etc,

About Bob Holmes

Bob Holmes has been a correspondent for New Scientist magazine for nearly two decades, and has written more than 800 articles for the magazine, mostly about genetics, environment, evolution, psychology, anthropology and agriculture. He has also contributed to many other publications, including US News & World Report, Science, Health, National Wildlife, Nature Conservancy magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle and made several radio and television appearances in Canada as well as in the US and the UK. As well as earning a PhD in evolutionary biology from the University of Arizona, he has taught for several years in the science writing ...

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