The Road East to India Diary of a Journey of a Lifetime

by Devika A. Rosamund

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In 1975, decades before ‘The Gap Year’ was commonplace, 22-year-old student Devika A. Rosamund fulfilled a life long dream to take time away from her studies in England to travel by herself to India. And not by hopping on a plane rather by bus as far as Iran and then by local transport through Afghanistan and Pakistan, taking six weeks with a total budget of just £300!

The Road to East India is an authentic diary account of this exciting and emotional journey of a lifetime where as well as seeing famous sites in India she discovers spirituality in an Ashram and her inner strength to overcome the challenges she faces.

Devika says ‘I am publishing my diary with the hope that it will inspire others to go on a journey both inner and outer, and explore this beautiful world and also their own world within.’


The Road East to India Diary of a Journey of a Lifetime Synopsis

The Road East To India is the memoir of Devika A. Rosamund, written at the time of her travels to India alone in 1976, aged just 22. In her diary she records her adventures and reflects on her personal experiences, emotions and the relationships she formed with fellow travellers and indigenous people. Devika's journey begins in Amsterdam where she saves money for her exciting trip. Once she has earned enough money by working relentlessly, she travels by bus as far as Iran, and then continues by local transport through Afghanistan and Pakistan to India, braving many dangers on the way. The journey to India takes six weeks, and once there she goes on to travel around the country, visiting many famous places she has only ever dreamt about before, including the Himalayas and Sri Lanka. Devika takes many risks and experiences some frightening situations on her journey which are recorded in this diary. On one occasion a hotel worker breaks into her room in the middle of the night. Finally, after travelling up the west coast of India, Devika discovers an ashram and finds herself sat at the feet of a spiritual master, where she learns about meditation. Her spiritual journey takes a turn for the worst when the monsoon season arrives. The house where she is staying is completely flooded and consequently she becomes very sick, with doctors worried for her life. She very fortunately recovers, and is able to return to England to complete the final year of her studies. Devika concludes her memoir by saying that great adventures inevitably always include risk and danger and this is what makes it a journey of a lifetime. The Road East To India will appeal to those who enjoy travel memoirs and are interested in what it was like for a young woman to travel alone overland to India.

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ISBN: 9781785898716
Publication date: 28th February 2017
Author: Devika A. Rosamund
Publisher: Matador an imprint of Troubador Publishing
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ISBN: 9781785898716
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About Devika A. Rosamund

Devika A. Rosamund studied in Bristol where she was awarded a Bachelor of Education 2nd Class Honours degree and a certificate in teaching. She travelled to India to experience the culture, religion and way of life. Devika has spent much of her life teaching in schools and travelling abroad and enjoys writing in her spare time.

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The Road East to India Diary of a Journey of a Lifetime
The Road East to India Diary of a Journey of a Lifetime
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