Cartes Postales from Greece

by Victoria Hislop

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LoveReading Expert Review of Cartes Postales from Greece

Three years ago Cardiff born Ellie moved into a small block of twelve flats in Kensal Rise, London.  Her life is dull.  She does tele-ad sales for a trade mag and then suddenly she gets postcards from Greece addressed to a S. Ibbotson at her address.  They are from an “A” in Greece as he travels round the country.  She loves them and sticks them to her flat wall.  After a few months she is inspired to go there herself.  As she leaves for the airport she picks up a small package from her post pigeon hole.  It contains a notebook in “A”’s handwriting.  So we learn the man, Anthony, was expecting his love to join him for a fortnight’s holiday though she never came.  He was in Greece researching a book and has the advance which will last a year if he is careful.  Dejected and in despair he goes travelling to forget, escape, lose himself … all those things Greece can offer, plus fantastic scenery and sunshine.  As he is alone the locals embrace him and many tell him tales.  There follows a series of short stories as he moves from village square to village square and listens.  They are gentle, poignant, very Greek and quite charming.  Some have religious undertones, some touch on mythology, quite a few are just human drama tales of love, deception, loss and sadness, although many do have happy endings.  The most horrific is The Honeymoon, the sweetest Air on a G String. ~ Sarah Broadhurst

Sarah Broadhurst

Cartes Postales from Greece Synopsis

EHlli Tomas nedelya za nedelej poluchaet na svoj s"e;emnyj londonskij adres otkrytki bez imeni otpravitelya. Postavlen tol'ko inicial "e;A."e;, poluchatelya ona tozhe ne znaet. Na otkrytkah yasnoe nebo, biryuzovoe more - Greciya, kazhdyj vid yarche i privlekatel'nee drugogo. Prohodit vremya, otkrytki perestayut prihodit'. No ostroe oshchushchenie schast'ya, naveyannoe fantasticheskimi kartinami, - schast'ya i tajny odnovremenno - meshaet ej zhit' po-prezhnemu. I EHlli prinimaet reshenie - ona beret bilet do Afin... Novaya kniga Viktorii Hislop - ukrashennyj fotografiyami roman - navsegda zapechatlevaet v pamyati ehto skazochnoe puteshestvie za schast'em.

About This Edition

ISBN: 9785389139411
Publication date: 27th October 2017
Author: Victoria Hislop
Publisher: Colibri
Format: Ebook
Primary Genre Relationship Stories
Other Genres:

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Cartes Postales from Greece Reader Reviews

In addition to the review by one of the Lovereading editorial experts some of our Lovereading Reader Review Panel members were also lucky enough to read and review a sampler of this title. You can read their full reviews by clicking here.

  • Joan Sidwell - 'Beautifully illustrated and with a suggestion of hope and new beginnings, this is a very intriguing introduction to Victoria Hislop’s new book.'
  • Ann Peet - 'Victoria Hislop is a wonderful storyteller and excellent at bringing to life the atmosphere and history of Greece...What a treat!'
  • Claire Simms - 'A beautiful story with postcards and pictures to accompany it. I think we'd all enjoy receiving postcards every week from stunning locations, even if they weren't meant for us.'
  • Joan Hill - 'I enjoyed this lovely ‘peep’ into Cartes Postales from Greece by Victoria Hislop, the folklore, the people, their culture and their philosophy about how to live their lives to the full.'
  • Helen Clark - 'The colour and vitality of everyday Greek life is catapulted through the pages with Hislop’s insightful and sharp narrative backed up with stunning yet lifelike postcards.'
  • Phylippa Smithson  - 'If you have never been inspired to head to Greece, you evidently have not read Hislop’s latest.  It oozes heat, sun-touched tastes of the Mediterranean and is a fab read.'
  • Evelyn Love- Gajardo  - 'A different format for Victoria Hislop but it had the same effect on me as all her other books-I wanted to read on, and then get on a flight to Greece!'
  • Cathy - 'The sampler shows the continuing great style of Victoria...Definitely a book I will want to read in full.'
  • Mary Gibson - 'Reading a Victoria Hislop novel is like feeling the hot sun on your skin.  Her stories illuminate your mind and transport you to another world.'
  • Sarah Musk - 'Victoria Hislop has written a eulogy here more than a novel - it is a homage to a country she adores and that obscures the story somewhat.'

Victoria Hislop Press Reviews

Praise for Victoria Hislop:

'Intelligent and immersive... Hislop's incisive narrative weaves a vast array of fact through a poignant, compelling family saga' The Sunday Times on The Sunrise

'Fascinating and moving... Hislop writes unforgettably about Cyprus and its people' The Times on The Sunrise

'Adroitly plotted and deftly characterised, Hislop's gripping novel tells the stories of ordinary Greek and Turkish families trying to preserve their humanity in a maelstrom of deception, betrayal and ethnic hatred' Mail on Sunday on The Sunrise

'Victoria Hislop writes so vividly about the Med, you can almost feel the scorching heat. An absorbing tale about family, friendship, loyalty and betrayal, set during a violent period in the history of Cyprus' Good Housekeeping on The Sunrise

'Vibrant... Hislop brings history to life in this compelling tale' Tatler on The Sunrise

'Hislop hasn't of course been into Famagusta - no one may, even now - but has stood near the barbed wire and imagined what life was like there, then and now, with her usual gift for presenting bits of history most of us are unfamiliar with from a fictional point of view' Independent on Sunday on The Sunrise

'Passionately engaged with its subject...meticulously researched' The Sunday Times on The Island

'Hislop carefully evokes the lives of Cretans between the wars and during German occupation, but most commendable is her compassionate portrayal of the outcasts' Guardian on The Island

'A beautiful tale of enduring love and unthinking prejudice' Express on The Island

'A vivid, moving and absorbing tale' Observer on The Island

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ISBN: 9785389139411
Publication date: 27/10/2017
Format: Ebook

ISBN: 9781472223210
Publication date: 10/08/2017
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ISBN: 9781472247636
Publication date: 09/03/2017
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Victoria Hislop was our Guest Editor in November 2011 - click here - to see the books that inspired her writing. Victoria Hislop read English at Oxford, and worked in publishing, PR and as a journalist before becoming a novelist. She is married with two children. Her first novel, The Island, held the Number One slot in the Sunday Times paperback chart for eight consecutive weeks and has sold over two million copies worldwide. Victoria acted as script consultant on a 26-part TV adaptation in Greece, which achieved record ratings for Greek television. Victoria was the Newcomer of the Year at ...

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Cartes Postales from Greece
Cartes Postales from Greece
Cartes Postales from Greece
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