The Gold Falcon

by Katharine Kerr


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Katharine Kerr has a very loyal and devoted following, but if by chance you aren’t one but are prepared to put some time by to try her out then I feel sure you won’t be disappointed. This one, however, is the fourth in the series and not the last either. It started with, The Red Wyvern and continued in The Black Raven and then The Fire Dragon. Sadly however, these books do not really stand-alone for to make the most of this stunning story you have to start at the beginning.

1. The Red Wyvern
2. The Black Raven
3. The Fire Dragon

The Gold Falcon Synopsis

The powerful dweomermaster Nevyn has been reincarnated, but the young orphan Neb knows nothing of his previous life.


The savage Horsekin tribes, spurred on by their new goddess, Alshandra, are raiding the villages on the Western border of Deverry, the first step in their plans to destroy both the Deverrian farmers and the nomadic Westfolk.


Neb finds love and danger as he and his soulmate Branna are drawn inexorably into a war for the survival of the kingdom itself. Although they have powerful allies in the Westfolk dweomermasters Dallandra and Salamander, they are also facing mighty enemies, enemies that they have fought before in the past lives that they no longer remember…


Intricately interweaving human and elven history over several hundred years, Katharine Kerr's enthralling and moving tale of extraordinary characters living their many lives through exceptional times is epic fantasy on a truly grand scale.

The Gold Falcon Press Reviews

'A lyrically written and enchanting tale of love, politics and magic' SFX

'Kerr is a master of her trade' Vector

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ISBN: 9780007128723
Publication date: 05/02/2007
Publisher: Harpercollins Publishers
Format: Paperback (a Format)

Book Information

ISBN: 9780007128723
Publication date: 5th February 2007
Author: Katharine Kerr
Publisher: Harpercollins Publishers
Format: Paperback (a Format)
Pagination: 528 pages
Genres: Fantasy,
Categories: Fantasy,

About Katharine Kerr

Katharine Kerr was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1944 to a family which considered itself British-in-exile far more than American. In 1962, she moved to the San Francisco Bay Area, and has lived there ever since. After leaving Stanford University she worked in a number of low-paying jobs while she read extensively in the fields of classical archaeology and literature, medieval and Dark Ages history, and modern fiction. Eventually she met up with an old friend from school, Howard Kerr, who loved cats, books and baseball as much as she did; they were married in 1973. In 1979 a friend gave Katherine her first ...

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