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Fans of the Impossible Life

by Kate Scelsa

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LoveReading View on Fans of the Impossible Life

September 2015 NewGen Debut of the Month.

Told through the eyes of three utterly unforgettable characters, this is a bold and poignant Young Adult debut about the wonders and complexities of love in all its forms.

Mira is trying to forge a fresh start at high school after being hospitalised for recurring depression. Sebby, her best friend, is a lifeline, a whirlwind of warmth and energy, though he’s not without problems of his own. Sebby’s a foster kid, an impulsive risk-taker who’s hardly attended school since being badly beaten up by homophobic bullies. While Mira and Sebby struggle when they’re apart, together these infectiously unique individuals keep each other sane. Then they befriend Jeremy, an excruciatingly shy art geek and fellow outsider, and the three of them make a pact to live the impossible life, to sparkle like jewels ‘in the sad desert of the world’.

With wit, warmth and remarkable honesty, it shows how friendship can provide shelter from the worst the world has to offer, and the strength to face it again. ~ Joanne Owen

Joanne Owen

Fans of the Impossible Life Synopsis

Fans of the Impossible Life is the story of love, loss, growing up and the magic - and terror - of finding friends who truly see the person you are and the person you're trying to become. It's a story about rituals and love, and of those transformative friendships that burn hot and change you, but might not last. Sebby and his best friend Mira together craft a world of magic rituals and impromptu road trips designed to fix the broken parts of their lives. Jeremy is the painfully shy art nerd who's been in self-imposed isolation after an incident that ruined his last year of school. When he sees Sebby for the first time across the school lawn, it's as if he's been expecting him.

Fans of the Impossible Life Reader Reviews

In addition to our Lovereading expert opinion some of our Reader Review Panel were also lucky enough to read and review this title. You can click here to read the full reviews.

  • Holly Kilminster - 'Captivating and bold, this novel will have you enthralled & heartbroken...A brilliant debut.'
  • Charnell Vevers - 'Fans of the Impossible life is easily one of my top reads of 2015, and I know that I will be eagerly awaiting whatever Kate Scelsa does next.
  • Chloe Sheehan - 'A captivating and profound debut novel, Fans of the Impossible Life is a story about complicated love and the friendships that change you forever.'
  • Edel Waugh - 'Mental health, sexuality and friendship are strong themes in this well written book that makes you appreciate your own life that little bit more. I would recommended this book to everyone!'
  • Dahabo Wacays - 'This book spoke to my heart! I've never read such an amazing contemporary YA book that enticed me right from the beginning.'
  • Jenny Duffy - 'This book is praiseworthy for its diverse characters...and its frank discussions of mental health. However, I found it too disjointed.'
  • Gill Dally-Fitzsimons - 'A poignant story about not fitting in, friendship, and growing up and accepting who you are...This book made me laugh and cry in equal measures.'

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All versions of this book

ISBN: 9781509805143
Publication date: 10/09/2015
Publisher: Macmillan an imprint of Pan Macmillan
Format: Paperback

Book Information

ISBN: 9781509805143
Publication date: 10th September 2015
Author: Kate Scelsa
Publisher: Macmillan an imprint of Pan Macmillan
Format: Paperback
Genres: NewGen - YA Fiction, Reader Reviewed Books, Debuts of the Month, eBook Favourites,

About Kate Scelsa

Kate Scelsa has performed in New York and around the world with experimental theatre company Elevator Repair Service in their trilogy of works based on great American Literature, including an eight-hour long performance that uses the entire text of The Great Gatsby. Kate lives in Brooklyn with her wife and two black cats. Fans of the Impossible Life is her first novel.

More About Kate Scelsa

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