The Violent Century

by Lavie Tidhar

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The Violent Century Synopsis

For seventy years they guarded the British Empire. Oblivion and Fogg, inseparable friends, bound together by a shared fate. Until one night in Berlin, in the aftermath of the Second World War, and a secret that tore them apart. But there must always be an account...and the past has a habit of catching up to the present. Now, recalled to the Retirement Bureau from which no one can retire, Fogg and Oblivion must face up to a past of terrible war and unacknowledged heroism, - a life of dusty corridors and secret rooms, of furtive meetings and blood-stained fields - to answer one last, impossible question: What makes a hero?

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ISBN: 9781444762891
Publication date: 24th April 2014
Author: Lavie Tidhar
Publisher: Hodder Paperback an imprint of Hodder & Stoughton General Division
Format: Paperback
Primary Genre Fiction
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Lavie Tidhar Press Reviews

Ambitious, skilled and original. -  Christopher Priest, author of The Prestige.


He is a political writer, an iconoclast and sometimes a provocateur ... Osama is a remarkable and ambitious work. -  China Mieville on Osama.


Where do heroes come from? How are friendships made? What makes us human? These are the questions that Lavie Tidhar grapples with, in this story of friendship writ large upon a canvas that stretches from the 1930s to the present day, in a slightly alternate world where superheroes exists, but heroics mean different things to different people. Choices made in the second world war resonate down through a series of brilliantly detailed cold war scenes, ultimately wrestling with the idea of the self. This is a big, ambitious book that manages to deliver. -- Glen Mehn

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ISBN: 9781444762891
Publication date: 24/04/2014
Format: Paperback

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About Lavie Tidhar

Lavie Tidhar is the World Fantasy Award winning author of Osama, of The Bookman Histories trilogy and many other works. He also won the British Fantasy Award for Best Novella, for Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God, and was nominated variously for BSFA, Campbell, Sturgeon, Kitschies and Sidewise awards. He grew up on a kibbutz in Israel and in South Africa and currently resides in London. 

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The Violent Century
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