It took Tik Tok and social media by storm and it did not disappoint! The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazlewood is a feel-good, escapist read that that will make your stomach flip and your heart soar. 

With all the humour, misunderstandings and miscalculated actions of a classic rom-com, Olive Smith finds herself in a fake relationship with brooding and "well-known ass" Professor Adam Carlsen. Why? To convince Olive's best friend Anh, that she's in love so they can both find their happily ever after.

There's wit and warmth throughout this book. We laugh as Anh pushes the charade further and further. We smile as Olive and Adam are drawn closer together. We shout at the pages as Olive pulls back and the "will they for real?" tension mounts. This is a brilliant feel-good romance, but once it's over, the book hangover is intense. Our Content Manager, Charlotte's "first instinct when finishing The Love Hypothesis was to pick it back up and start again."

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