September 2020 Book Club Recommendation: Here is the Beehive by Sarah Crossan

Readers are being blown away by Here is the Beehive, it's provocative, original, and in our eyes a rather special book which should definitely stimulate some interesting discussions at book clubs and groups. You may well have heard of Sarah Crossan, she is an award winning children’s author but this is her first novel for adults. Well, we say novel, yet it is entirely made up of verse, and here at LoveReading we just adore the way the way the words flow across the page. Even when they hit with hammer-hard precision, splintering and cracking open your thoughts, the words slide into your mind. This a powerful book, and has huge impact. Have you read it, do you agree, does it make a good book club read?

We of course know that you will have plenty of your own questions, yet we have a few here to start you off.

  • If you hadn’t read a novel in this format before, what were your preconceptions, and how did you feel when you started to read?
  • What does the title mean to you, how did the cover of the book fit with the contents inside?
  • Did knowing that the book focuses on an affair and contains some harrowing emotions affect the way you read it?
  • Did you binge read or take your time?
  • As information is revealed were you surprised or did you expect the pattern the book took?
  • Did did your feelings for Ana alter at all?
  • What did you think of Paul, and his relationship with Ana?
  • That last line, so full of impact, is almost shocking in its simple beauty, how did it leave you feeling?
  • We think this is a book that will stay with the reader for some time, do you agree and why did it affect you so much?
  • Do you think you will reread Here is the Beehive? Do you think it will change at all on a second read?

Will choosing Here is the Beehive for your book club result in thoughtful contemplation or will a lively and fiery discussion take hold?

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