As sports fans, we live for the thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, and the compelling narratives that unfold on the field. But what if I told you that there's a way to extend that adrenaline rush beyond the final whistle, the last buzzer, or the checkered flag? Enter the world of sports books!

Whether you're a die-hard fan of football, rugby, athletics or any other sport, there's a treasure trove of literature waiting for you to explore. 

In this blog, we'll take you on a journey through some of the best new sports books hitting the shelves in time for Christmas that will deepen your passion for the game and provide insights into the stories behind the athletes, teams, and events that have left an indelible mark on the sporting world.

Unbreakable by Ronnie O'Sullivan

In a career spanning over three decades, Ronnie O'Sullivan's journey to becoming the greatest snooker player of all time has been filled with extremes. You can't help but love him for it. This is Ronnie O'Sullivan as you've never seen him before, the definitive and unflinching story of a true British icon and a fascinating insight into the mindset of the world's greatest snooker player.

My Wrexham Story by Paul Mullin

If you've been watching Welcome to Wrexham as avidly as we have, you'll be no stranger to the Super Paul Mullin, their star player.

In case you've been under a rock, in 2020, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney teamed up to purchase the fifth tier Red Dragons in the hope of turning Wrexham AFC into an underdog story the whole world can root for. And boy we have!

From Hollywood to Wales, from the pitch to the locker room, and the front office to the pub, the docuseries has tracked Rob and Ryan's crash course in football club ownership.  Here for the first time, Mullin tells his own story: his roots in Liverpool, the highs and lows of English football's promotion race, lessons learnt from his young son's Autism diagnosis, and what happens when Hollywood comes knocking at your door.

Kammy by Chris Kamara

With his trademark banter and unflinching honesty, the legend that is Chris Kamara tell the unbelievable stories of his life, revealing how he went from hard-tackling footballer to broadcasting national treasure. No longer a permanent face on Sky Sports, get your Chris Kamara fix with this brilliant read for the football fan in you or your life. It's an unforgettable ride from one of Britain's best-loved broadcasters.

Unforgettable by Steve Thompson

If rugby is more your thing, then you must grab a copy of Unforgettable, Winner of the Sunday Times Sports Book of the Year Award 2023. Even if rugby isn't your thing, read this book! So powerful. This book might just change the way you think about sport forever' - Sir Clive Woodward

In 2003, England won the Rugby World Cup. Steve Thompson was in England's front row, at the heart of the match, and at the heart of the scrum - one of sport's most violent battlegrounds. But triumph came at a cost. Today, he remembers nothing about playing in that final. In his words, watching the tape back is like watching a ghost. Steve has been diagnosed with early onset dementia, and serious progressive brain damage. Steve and his wife Steph had a happy family life planned, with decades ahead of them. Now he needs to capture these elusive memories for the sake of his children, before they disappear forever.

With stories contributed by his world-cup winning teammates and his former manager, Sir Clive Woodward, Unforgettable is raw, powerful storytelling. This tale of hope and courage stands as testament to the ultimate strength of the human mind - and to a man no longer pushing himself to the limit for competition, but for his own place in the world. Bring the tissues, it's one helluva ride.

Surviving to Drive by Guenther Steiner

If Formula 1 is more your thing, then look no further. Guenther Steiner, one of motor racing's biggest and most celebrated characters, known to millions for his show-stealing appearances on Netflix's hugely popular fly on the wall series, Drive to Survive delivers his Christmas stocking filler.

In Surviving to Drive, the Haas team principal takes readers inside his Formula 1 team for the entirety of the 2022 season, giving an unobstructed view of what really takes place behind the scenes.

Uncompromising and searingly honest, told in Steiner's inimitable style, this is a fascinating and hugely entertaining account of the realities of running a Formula 1 team.

Fight For Your Life by Amir Khan

With recommendations galore, this is a cracking autobiography for the boxing fan in your life. Reflecting on his life now he's retired it's a fascinating, heartfelt read. Whether it be winning an Olympic medal at 17, death threats from Al-Qaeda, gunpoint robbery, family fallouts, marriage to a New York socialite, three kids, a reality show, a money pit wedding hall, or walking through a flood and earthquake devastated Pakistan, Khan takes you through the highs and lows with his dead-pan humour.

Stuart Broad: The Autobiography by Stuart Broad

For over 17 years, Broady has been leading England's attack and has been responsible for some of the greatest moments in world cricket.

Following the 2023 Ashes, he announced his retirement from the sport and now, for the first time, he tells his story. From his legendary 8-15 spell against Australia to taking 600 wickets, this is an inside look at his career and the moments in his life that made him. Candid, personal, and genuine, this is the story of a true cricketing great.

The Tourist by Phil Tufnell

What goes on tour, stays on tour, until now...As a cricketer, broadcaster and celebrity jungle-dweller, Tuffers has travelled the world far and wide. From the great cricket tours of Australia and South Africa to his equally memorable jaunts to Benidorm and Blackpool, Phil has spent much of his life living out of a suitcase, meeting a host of colourful and memorable characters along the way.

The Tourist takes you out on the road, into the dressing room and behind the scenes of the commentary box to reveal just what really happens on Tour. Take a hilarious trip across the world with one of our most treasured sports personalities.

Kelly Holmes: Unique - A Memoir by Dame Kelly Holmes

In national treasure Dame Kelly Holmes' most personal book yet, she tells the true story behind her extraordinary life from army recruit to Olympic hero and much-loved TV personality.

Last year, Dame Kelly came out publicly as being gay. Now in a heart-rending and inspirational new memoir she tells of her journey from hiding her sexuality as a young soldier at a time when being gay in the military was illegal, to her fears of being outed as she stood on the podium at the Athens Olympics, the games which catapulted her to fame as a double-gold medallist.

This honest memoir is a tale of self-discovery, overcoming struggles and learning to be true to yourself. This honest memoir is a tale of self-discovery, overcoming struggles and learning to be true to yourself.

Also a few books which are now out in paperback, and deserve a mention, for a lighter on your wallet read, we highly recommend:

Beryl: In Search of Britain's Greatest Athlete, Beryl Burton by Jeremy Wilson

Long ignored by sporting history, Burton's life story is finally getting the recognition she deserves. Jeremy Wilson peels back the layers to reveal one of the most overlooked, yet compelling characters in cycling history.

How (Not) To Be Strong by Alex Scott

From the football cages of East London to broadcasting to millions, the engine powering Alex Scott's remarkable journey has always been her resilience. With raw honesty, Alex shows how she's tackled life's challenges and that sometimes the strongest thing you can do is show your most vulnerable side to the world.

Two Brothers by Jonathan Wilson

The author of Inverting the Pyramid recounts the lives and careers of Jack and Bobby Charlton and, in doing so, tells the wider story of postwar England in this characteristically incisive work about two very different footballing siblings. A story of the most famous football players of their generation and an account of late-twentieth-century English football: the tensions between flair and industry, between individuality and the collective, between right and left, between middle- and working-classes, between exile and home.

Whether you're a football fanatic, a rugby aficionado, or a fan of any other sport, there's a sports book that can enrich your understanding of the games you love. These recommendations cover a selection of new books across a wide range of sporting interests.

Happy reading, sports fans!