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Bea Gonzalez - Author

About the Author

Béa Gonzalez was born in Vigo, Spain and emigrated with her family to Canada as a child. Following studies in Spain and Toronto, she completed an MA in European Literature and Historical Studies at Kings College London.

She lives in Toronto with her husband and her two children.

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Other books by Bea Gonzalez

Bitter Taste of Time

Bitter Taste of Time

Author: Bea Gonzalez Format: eBook Release Date: 14/10/2008

A richly layered and evocative novel about the lives and loves of a family of remarkable Spanish womenSet in northern Spain from 1920 to the present, The Bitter Taste of Time is the compelling story of the Encarna women, whose lives are both tragic and beautiful. After the death of her husband, the family's gorgeous and imposing matriarch, Maria Encarna, turns her granite house into a pension, opening it up to strangers with colorful stories and dark pasts. There she lives with her two unmarried sisters, her two daughters, and her granddaughter.Through the Spanish Civil War, a dictatorship, and the early years of a new democracy, the Encarnas become the wealthiest family in town. Yet despite their success and tenacity, tragedy comes calling, usually in the form of a man-and almost always on a Friday.By turns funny and moving, The Bitter Taste of Time is a thoroughly entertaining read.

Mapmaker's Opera

Mapmaker's Opera

Author: Bea Gonzalez Format: eBook Release Date: 21/08/2007

IN A TOWN IN THE HEART OF LA MANCHA, home to Don Quijote and his windmills, the Clemente family lived for centuries, their fortunes tied to those of a plant...So begins the grand tale that is The Mapmaker's Opera. Born in Seville, Spain to a dishonored governess, a young Diego Clemente finds solace in the world of books, in particular John James Audubon's Birds of America. Mesmerized by the wondrous images in Audobon's magnificent volume, he longs to travel to the New World to find his destiny and see these amazing creatures for himself.When renowned American naturalist Edward Nelson enlists him by chance to create a guide to Yucatan's birds, Diego's dream comes true. Arriving on Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula on the eve of the Mexican Revolution, Diego finds himself in a world that is as precarious as it is beautiful, where opulent henequen plantations are built on the backs of slave labor and the social order is on the brink of imploding. And there, Diego falls for the young Sofia, a woman who longs to be as free as the birds she also loves. He tries with all his might to win her and, with Nelson's help, to save the last pair of passenger pigeons in existence. A mesmerizing tale of star-crossed passions, a pair of mysterious birds, and a young man's quest to honor both his passions, The Mapmaker's Opera transports its audience with stunning vistas, magical storytelling, and a universal story of love.

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