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Deb Richardson-Moore was a longtime award-winning reporter for The Greenville News in Greenville, South Carolina, and then a pastor at the Triune Mercy Center, where the congregation included homeless people. She has written a memoir of her early years at Triune, The Weight of Mercy (2012), and the Branigan Powers Mystery Series, which includes The Cantaloupe Thief, The Cover Story and Death of a Jester (2016-2018). She then turned to stand-alone mystery/thrillers with Murder, Forgotten (2020). 

She was named one of Greenville's 50 Most Influential People by Greenville Business Magazine in 2013; a Woman Making History by the Greenville Cultural Exchange in 2014; The Innovator by Upstate Business Magazine in 2015; an honoree for the Public and Community Service Award by the Atlantic institute in 2016, and won the Leadership Greenville Distinguished Alumni Award in 2017.

She and her husband are parents of three grown children. They continue to live in South Carolina.  

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Murder, Forgotten

Murder, Forgotten

Author: Deb Richardson-Moore Format: Paperback Release Date: 18/09/2020

A well-crafted and dramatic murder mystery set in Scotland and South Carolina. Bestselling novelist Julianna has to be reminded when she wakes every morning that her husband was murdered, even as her memories fade she is desperate to find out what happened to him. As the story began Deb Richardson-Moore cleverly placed me in Julianna’s thoughts and I felt her confusion as she realises that she has lost chunks of her memory. I negotiated my way through the story as the characters increased and plot expanded. The author is skilled at building a picture of family and small town life, and this tale is as much about the relationships between parents and children as it is a mystery. I can also recommend the Deb Richardson-Moore’s Branigan Powers Mystery Series (which begins with The Cantaloupe Thief), particularly if you like the idea of strolling across to the USA, sipping iced tea, celebrating the 4th of July, and attempting to solve a murder of course. Murder, Forgotten with its sneaky twists and turns is more than capable of  delivering a surprise or two which most definitely ensures a captivating read.

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The Cantaloupe Thief

The Cantaloupe Thief

Author: Deb Richardson-Moore Format: Paperback Release Date: 15/04/2016

A striking and stimulating mystery, introducing a new series of novels set in Georgia, USA. Take a trip to the Deep South, to a town called Grambling, where the folk drink iced tea, celebrate the 4th July in style, and where a ten year old unsolved murder sits brooding… waiting. 41 year old reporter Branigan Powers starts to investigate, she delves into the past with the help of a homeless man and the local pastor. Grambling the town, with the mix of old and new South, sits alongside Branigan as a main character, I got to know the streets, the stores and restaurants, as well as the people. Occasionally Deb Richardson-Moore allows the story to slide back in time to the day before the murder, on a countdown, introducing new aspects, raising suspicions. There are several surprises waiting in store and the tension increases as the past and the present start to merge. ‘The Cantaloupe Thief’ is an intriguing mix of old and new, past and present, charm and menace, it all adds up to very absorbing and entertaining read. The A Branigan Mystery series: 1. The Cantaloupe Thief 2. The Cover Story 3. Death of a Jester

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