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Minette Walters Book and Novel

Minette Walters - Author

Minette Walters is one of England’s best-selling crime writers. She is the author of twelve novels, winning the CWA John Creasey Award for the The Ice House, the Edgar Allan Poe Award in America for The Sculptress and two CWA Gold Daggers for The Scold’s Bridle and Fox Evil. She lives in Dorset with her husband and has been translated into thirty-six languages.

Her fascination with the dark side of the human psyche began when she read Grimm’s Fairy Tales at seven years old. Her favourite characters were wicked stepmothers whose evil deeds led to their inevitable doom. She likes to shock her readers by exploring the underbelly of so-called respectable society, writing compellingly realistic novels with a claustrophobic edge. When her characters turn on each other, it’s with a vengeance.

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Featured Books, with extracts, by Minette Walters

The Last Hours by Minette Walters
The Last Hours
Minette Walters
November 2017 Book of the Month A scorching and beautifully written epic tale set in 1348, a time that sends a jagged screech of fingernails down the blackboard of history. Step away from the present into the midst of the...
Format: Hardback - Released: 02/11/2017
The Cellar by Minette Walters
The Cellar
Minette Walters
Offered as a Hammer novella, you may well expect a substantial amount of supernatural horror, however a more rational yet none the less uncomfortable and captivating read awaits. The story is told from Muna’s viewpoint, held as a slave, abused...
Format: Paperback - Released: 06/10/2016
The Cellar by Minette Walters
The Cellar
Minette Walters
May 2015 eBook of the Month. Offered as a Hammer novella, you may well expect a substantial amount of supernatural horror, however a more rational yet none the less uncomfortable and captivating...
Format: Hardback - Released: 07/05/2015
A Dreadful Murder The Mysterious Death of Caroline Luard by Minette Walters
A Dreadful Murder The Mysterious Death of Caroline Luard
Minette Walters
Sarah Broadhurst's view... A Quick Read title based on a true murder of 1908. It’s been an age since we had a new Minette so this is bound to be popular with her fans.
Format: Paperback - Released: 01/01/1970
Fox Evil by Minette Walters
Fox Evil
Minette Walters
Minette Walter's attention to human psychology is what makes her such a fascinating and enjoyable author. Each book is very different to the last, but all of them will have you gripped until the end. Fox Evil explores the secrets...
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 05/07/2012
Acid Row by Minette Walters
Acid Row
Minette Walters
A gritty tale from the queen of psychological thrillers. Hard hitting social issues meet a tight plot with bags of suspense when an housing estate unleashes its hatred on a suspected paedophile. All of the characters are complex, believable and...
Format: Paperback (a Format) - Released: 10/05/2012
The Chameleon's Shadow by Minette Walters
The Chameleon's Shadow
Minette Walters
Another gripping and chilling tale from one of the best crime writers out there. This is going to keep you guessing right until the end as the main character and suspect has suffered mental and physical injuries, as a soldier...
Format: Hardback - Released: 21/09/2007
The Devil's Feather by Minette Walters
The Devil's Feather
Minette Walters
Engrossing, full of suspense, very interesting characters, almost nail-biting in its ability to grip, this is one of her best. A Reuters correspondent, Connie, working in Iraq, recognises a face from the past (Congo, Sierra Leone) using a different name...
Format: Paperback - Released: 04/08/2006
Chickenfeed by Minette Walters
Minette Walters
Based around a true story, Chickenfeed delves into the events surrounding the murder of a young woman by her sweetheart. Norman Thorne was executed for the murder of Elsie Cameron in 1925 but there was doubt as to his guilt....
Format: Paperback - Released: 03/03/2006
The Devil's Feather by Minette Walters
The Devil's Feather
Minette Walters
Sheâs great and this is one of her best. Easy to read, fast-paced, full of suspense with interesting characters and, although a little predictable, it is nail-biting in its ability to grip. With a Reuters correspondent in Iraq recognising a mercenary...
Format: Hardback - Released: 16/09/2005
The Tinder Box by Minette Walters
The Tinder Box
Minette Walters
The Tinder Box delves into strange goings on in a close-knit community following a particularly brutal murder. Small town prejudices lead the village to wage a hate campaign against an Irish family, believing labourer Patrick O'Riordan to be the culprit. ...
Format: Paperback - Released: 05/08/2005
Disordered Minds by Minette Walters
Disordered Minds
Minette Walters
A 30 year old miscarriage of justice is the backbone to this tense and vivid novel. The characters' motivations are as important as the plot; and the truth when it comes out is shocking. Not a book you can, or...
Format: Paperback - Released: 06/08/2004

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