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Erin Duffy graduated from Georgetown University in 2000 with a B.A. in English and went on to spend more than a decade working in fixed income sales on Wall Street. She currently lives in New York. Bond Girl is her first novel.

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Scotland the Text You Can Take My Phone, but You'll Never Take My Freedom!

Scotland the Text You Can Take My Phone, but You'll Never Take My Freedom!

Author: Erin Duffy Format: Paperback Release Date: 25/10/2016

Nowadays, it can be hard to imagine what life was like with no mobile phones. Looking back, we can only wonder how much easier life might have been if people could just send each other a quick text! But what would history's most famous Scots have been texting about? Would Rabbie Burns have been sending love poems to his lady friends? Would David Livingstone have been lost in the jungle for so long if he had Google maps? Perhaps David Hume could have spread his serious words of wisdom alongside some emojis. And William Wallace may well have rallied the troops over instant messaging! This witty little book sets out to discover exactly what these Scots, and many more, might have been saying on their adventures. Scottish history has never been so entertaining, or so modern!

On the Rocks

On the Rocks

Author: Erin Duffy Format: eBook Release Date: 22/04/2014

A funny, bittersweet, yet heartwarming novel about friendship, family, and finding love in the Facebook agenot to mention the perils, pitfalls, and dubious pleasures of life as a modern young single womanfrom Erin Duffy, the author of the acclaimed Bond GirlEver since she was a little girl, Abby Wilkes dreamed of her wedding, the day when she'd wear a pretty white dress and look like a princess. . . .But that was before her life fell apart for the entire world to see. Her longtime boyfriend-turned-fianc, Ben, unceremoniously dumped herchanging his status to single on Facebookwhile she was trying on the most gorgeous Vera Wang dress for the big day. Six months and twenty pounds later, the usual remediescupcakes, a freezer stocked with pints of Ben and Jerry's, sweatpants, and a comfy couchhaven't worked their magic. Worried about her best friend, Grace devises the perfect plan to get Abby back on her game. The two of them are going to escape sweltering Boston and its reminders of Ben and head to Newport for the summer. In a quaint rented cottage by the sea, the girls will enjoy cool breezes, cocktails, and crowds of gorgeous men. But no matter which way they turn, Abby and Grace discover that in this era of social mediawhen seemingly everyone is preserving every last detail of their lives online and prying eyes are everywherethere is no real escape. Truth to tell, dating has never been easy. But now that the rules have changed and the boundaries are blurred beyond recognition, will they ever find true love? And if they do, how can romance stand a chance when a girl's every word and move can go viral with a single click? As the summer winds down to Labor Day, Abby will make some surprising discoveriesabout love, men, friendship . . . and, most important, herself.

Bond Girl

Bond Girl

Author: Erin Duffy Format: eBook Release Date: 24/01/2012

Im crazy about Bond Girl. Erin Duffy is a fresh, funny, and fabulous new voice.Adriana Trigiani, author of Brava, ValentineThe Devil Wears Prada meets Wall Street in Bond Girla hilarious, fastpaced race through the jungle of high finance in fourinch heels. An author who spent ten years working on Wall Street, Erin Duffy has parlayed her stock market savvy into a fresh, hip, funny, and sexy novel about a bright, young, newly minted B-school graduates rise at one of the Streets most prestigious brokerage firmsonly to confront the possible destruction of her dreams in the infamous 2008 financial bust. Bond Girl is a blue chip hoot for anyone who loves smart and fun contemporary womans fiction.

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