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Toby Daniel Moorsom Young (born 1963) is a British journalist and the author of How to Lose Friends and Alienate People, the tale of his failed five-year attempt to make it in the U.S. as a contributing editor at Vanity Fair magazine, as well as The Sound of No Hands Clapping, a follow-up about his failure to make it as a Hollywood screenwriter. His obnoxious wit has earned him almost as many enemies as admirers and the title of "England's heterosexual Truman Capote". As the son of a baron, he is entitled to use the title the Honourable, but declines to style himself as such.

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What Every Parent Needs to Know How to Help Your Child Get the Most Out of Primary School

What Every Parent Needs to Know How to Help Your Child Get the Most Out of Primary School

Author: Toby Young, Miranda Thomas Format: Paperback Release Date: 03/08/2017

** Now fully revised and updated ** What is your child learning each day in primary school? How can you tell if they are doing well or badly? And what can you do to help? This practical, detailed, newly updated and user-friendly guide contains absolutely everything the busy parent needs to know about primary schooling under the new national curriculum, helping your child to flourish every step of the way. Taking you year by year through your child's schooling, What Every Parent Needs to Know offers simple explanations of: - What they'll be taught and why (from phonics checks to SPAG tests) - What they need to know at the start of each year - What they should be able to achieve at its end - The games and exercises you can do at home to help out Not only will this guide help you understand your children's journey through primary school, but it will also help you prepare, encourage and nurture them.

The Sound Of No Hands Clapping A Memoir

The Sound Of No Hands Clapping A Memoir

Author: Toby Young Format: Paperback Release Date: 02/08/2007

When even his friends refer to him as 'a balding, bug-eyed opportunist with the looks of a beach ball, the charisma of a glove-puppet and an ego the size of a Hercules supply plane,' the odds of Toby Young scoring - in any sense - appear to be slim. But then HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS, his memoir about failing to take Manhattan, becomes an international bestseller. Now Tinseltown beckons. After receiving a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity from a Hollywood producer, Toby sets his sights anew on a high-flying career, this time on the West Coast. But it doesn't take long for Toby's self-sabotaging instincts to reassert themselves. On the home front, though, things are looking up: Toby persuades his girlfriend to marry him and move to Los Angeles - but then she decides to abandon her promising legal career in order to become a full-time housewife . . . and mother. Toby's hapless attempts to pursue a glamorous showbiz career while buried in nappies will strike a chord with all modern fathers struggling to find the right work/life balance . . . and with their exasperated wives. Failure - and fatherhood - have never been funnier.

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