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  1. Over My Dead Body Audiobook Over My Dead Body
  2. The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller Audiobook The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller
  3. Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4 Audiobook Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4
  4. Lapvona Audiobook Lapvona
  5. You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good Audiobook You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good
  6. Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition Audiobook Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition
  7. The Murders at Fleat House Audiobook The Murders at Fleat House
  8. Modern Romance: An Investigation Audiobook Modern Romance: An Investigation
  9. Counterfeit Audiobook Counterfeit
  10. Richer Than Sin Audiobook Richer Than Sin
Deep 2: A Paranormal Novel Audiobook

Deep 2: A Paranormal Novel

Author: Natavia Narrator: Morae Brehon, Sean Crisden Release Date: March 2022

In part two of Deep, Elonora will stop at nothing to get the locket from Shore. That means promising Laguna everything her shallow heart desires: beauty, riches, and Zambezi. Meanwhile, Shore and Zambezi are trying to live the life of a young couple in love, but heavy is the head that wears the crown. They soon discover the emergence of a new set of deadly swamp creatures. These crocodiles intend to takeover Lake Deep starting with getting rid of the elderly residents of Oland. While Zambezi is ready for war, Shore is drowning in her insecurities. She doesn't feel competent as the new queen nor the woman in Zambezi's life. Especially not when Geesha, whose body is packed with the types of curves a sea dragon cherishes, makes her attraction to Zambezi known. With so many things being thrown at the couple at once, their relationship starts to suffer. Now in the midst of fighting for Lake Deep, protecting their future, and recovering from their past, they must also nurture their budding relationship, defeat Elonora, and break generational curses. Does their love run deep enough for them to overcome all their obstacles, or are they in over their heads? Contains mature themes.

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Doubletalk Audiobook


Author: Teralyn Mitchell Narrator: Leon Nixon, Morae Brehon Release Date: December 2021

Zeke Armstrong never imagined he'd be back in Vermont, but here he is, living in Colebury and trying to rehab an injury that could mean an early retirement from pro basketball. Running into his former classmate, Mallory Barrett, shouldn't be a distraction. It shouldn't mean anything, so why is he accidentally on purpose showing up at the coffee shop where the beautiful writer spends her time? Mallory Barrett has met a guy. Well, she hasn't met him yet, except for on the dating app she almost refused to download. 'Coby' sparks her interest and gets her jokes-and gives the romance-novel heroes she loves so much a full-court run for their money. When their first date doesn't work out, she decides to give him another shot . . . just as a man she despises reenters her life. While her interest in the mystery man on the app grows, she clashes constantly with Zeke in real life. She can't forgive him for humiliating her in high school, yet she can't deny she's drawn to him now. She's somehow gone from confirmed bachelorette to the tie-breaker between two men. Meanwhile Zeke has a secret-one that will cost him the game if Mallory finds out . . . Contains mature themes.

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Men of Whiskey Row Boxed Set Books 1-6 Audiobook

Men of Whiskey Row Boxed Set Books 1-6

Author: D. A. Young Narrator: Morae Brehon, Sean Crisden Release Date: November 2021

Sweet Obsession: From the moment PR whiz Jack Sullivan laid eyes on Noelle Kramer, he is consumed by the tenacious beauty. When the opportunity presents itself, he seizes it; consequences be damned. New Beginnings: A Holiday Novella: The Sullivan brothers are back in Whiskey Row for a holiday adventure filled with love, laughter, and the possibilities for new beginnings. The Pursuit of Happiness: More than friends, yet not quite lovers was the best way to describe Darby Sullivan and Avery Monroe. What happens when these two opposites finally come together? Perfectly Imperfect: Casey Sullivan is a catch, and everyone seems to know it except his beautiful but slightly deranged girlfriend, Sidra Barton! Together they will face their pain and fears to obtain ultimate happiness. No Greater Love: Alexei and Vivienne Romankov have always been the loving and supportive patriarch and matriarch of the Sullivan clan and their extended family, but how did this power couple come to be? All We Ever Needed: To the outside, Kat had it all. The only thing missing was . . . love. She found it in Holton Brammer. Now only war exists and it's one The Woodsman is determined to win. Contains mature themes.

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(Trust) Falling For You Audiobook

(Trust) Falling For You

Author: Charish Reid Narrator: Morae Brehon Release Date: September 2021

Yolanda Watson is the 'fun professor.' She makes literature exciting, she brings students donuts for Finals Week, and her colleagues love her. The only thing that will make teaching better is if she can learn how to write a grant and skip those boring committee meetings. In short, a history professor is her problem. He stole her grant and he chairs the most boring committee on campus. Sure, he's cute . . . but he can afford to loosen up. Samuel Morris is a work-horse. He puts his head down and proves his worth at Franklin University. That means no inane chit-chat with colleagues, no treating students like friends, and no shenanigans during the assessment committee. But a certain English professor happens to be full of shenanigans. She's late, loud, and disorganized. Sure, she's sexy . . . but she can afford to tighten up. They'll both have to compromise. A university team-building retreat to the woods of Wisconsin will ensure that. After a lodging mix-up, the opposites are forced to share the same cabin for six nights. As Team-Building Buddies, they will: sleep together, eat together, and play embarrassing bonding games together. One of them will have to budge. Contains mature themes.

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Deep: An Urban Paranormal Novel Audiobook

Deep: An Urban Paranormal Novel

Author: Natavia Narrator: Morae Brehon, Sean Crisden Release Date: April 2021

A beautiful young city girl by the name of Shore suffers from an unknown case of epilepsy. Without the money for better care, Shore doesn't know why her spells occurs. She finds herself in a small unknown town with hidden secrets, looking for a cure to her illness. Zambezi is a twenty-one-year-old ladies' man. He works for his father who has one of the biggest markets in Oland. He embarks on his own journey to be the man he wants to be instead of following his father's footsteps. Zambezi finds himself rebelling against his family by falling for the new girl. Sabrina suffers from memory loss. Waking up on a beach naked and pregnant is the only thing she remembers from her past. The water spirits will not stop at any cost until Sabrina gives them her daughter. How far will she go to keep her safe? Will Shore find a cure before it's too late? Will Zambezi's newfound love destroy his family? Will Sabrina remember her past before the water spirits take her daughter away? There is someone who has the answers to it all as she watches the people on land from the bottom of Lake Deep. Contains mature themes.

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absolution Audiobook


Author: Autumn Grey Narrator: Morae Brehon, Teddy Hamilton Release Date: February 2021

We made mistakes and betrayed our hearts, and in the end, everything went up in flames. Walking away from the devastation is not an option. I am at the center of it all. There are three hearts on the line and only one choice to make. One heart to keep and one to let go. Love is like poison, and sometimes it's the only thing that can save us. Contains mature themes.

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Replay Audiobook


Author: Kacey Shea Narrator: Jason Clarke, Morae Brehon Release Date: August 2020

Cocky and self-assured, I’m confident when it comes to my skills both on stage and in the bedroom. Everything in my life is perfect, even if I am the last single man standing in our famed rock band.  But it wasn’t always this way.  Jayla knew me before I hit it big. Back when I was a skinny teen, chasing dreams without a penny to my name. Now she’s back in my life and so much more than the girl I remember. Fiercely loyal. Beautiful and badass. She walked out of my life before, and I won’t let that happen again.  They say some songs are better on the second take, and if there’s one thing I know for sure, this is our time for a replay.  The books in the Off Track Records series are interconnected stand-alone romance novels and can be listened to in any order. Detour: Trent and Lexi's story Derail: Sean and Jess' story Hinder: Leighton and Opal's story Replay: Austin and Jayla's story

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The Way You Tempt Me Audiobook

The Way You Tempt Me

Author: Elle Wright Narrator: Adenrele Ojo, Morae Brehon Release Date: July 2020

Brilliant and ambitious, the high-powered team behind the Pure Talent Agency manages the best creatives in the business. In this sizzling new series, they gamble big on every wild-card, industry-outsider client-and on delicious, unexpected, crazy-irresistible passion ... The heir-apparent to Pure Talent, ex-playboy Xavier Starks had it all figured out. With an engagement to Hollywood's hottest actress and his innovative expansion plans, he can finally prove to his dad, Jax, that he's responsible enough to step into a leadership role at their company. Until a jilting-gone-viral puts Xavier back in the relentless social-media spotlight, out of the running for partner-and in competition with the last person he ever expected: his very-grown-up childhood friend and girl-next-door ... With her acclaimed sports talent roster and unparalleled instincts, agent Zara Reid knows she can take Pure Talent to the next level. To make the most of her mentor Jax's faith in her, she'll go head-to-head and scheme-to-scheme with Xavier to prove she's got what it takes. But suddenly, long days working too close together turn into reckless, insatiable nights. Now, being co-workers-with-benefits means Zara and Xavier must face their secrets, dare to trust- and negotiate the toughest game of all-love.

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Married to the Shooter Audiobook

Married to the Shooter

Author: Michel Moore Narrator: Morae Brehon Release Date: July 2020

Welcome to Kapri James-White's world. Walk the streets of Detroit with her, and learn what it truly means to be Married to the Shooter! Kapri James wasn't born into the struggle of the game, but she craves it. Despite pleas from her mother, the upper-middle-class teen is addicted to 'slumming' and living the fast life. Everything about the black-hearted mentality of Detroit draws her in with ease. Drug dealing, car jackings, home invasions, snatch and grabs, and mayhem in general have to be on a man's resume to catch her eye. Hardcore criminal Nolan White, known citywide as a shooter, fits that description to a tee, and Kapri has to have him. She is a hood Bonnie to his gangster Clyde, and the streets often run red when the couple is involved. Theirs is a union inked in cold blood.

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Devil in Her Bed Audiobook

Devil in Her Bed

Author: Amarie Avant Narrator: J.F. Harding, Morae Brehon Release Date: July 2020

I lived and breathed 'Happily Ever After', then it all came crashing down . . . The day the love of my life went missing-presumed dead-my heart stopped beating too. Then Lincoln Zager comes along, and he's relentlessly determined to protect and revive me. He slowly thaws the numbness surrounding my heart, offering me a second chance at love. He's willing to fight me . . . for me. But another man harbors a dangerous affection for me-an obsessed stalker. Like Lincoln, he also claims that he will never let me go. Contains mature themes.

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Full Figured 15 Audiobook

Full Figured 15

Author: Anna J., Honey Narrator: Kentra Lynn, Morae Brehon, Vance Goodwin, Vance Goodwin Release Date: April 2020

Urban bestseller Anna J and Honey bring the heat in this latest juicy installment of the Full Figured Series. 'Other Women's Husbands' by Anna J: Nobody wants a bone but a dog. That's been Zaria's motto for as long as she can remember. Gorgeous in the face and thick in the waist, she drapes every inch of her plus-size frame in nothing but designer if for no other reason than her own insecurities. She has to stay on point because in her world, she can't be fat and sloppy at the same time. She thinks she has met the love of her life in Tariq, but she soon finds out he's just like the rest of them--only with her for her clout, and still a cheater. Zaria makes the decision to play the same game everyone else is playing. No one's husband is off limits. Will Tariq learn from this flip in the script, or will he lose his wife forever? 'Whole Lotta Lovin'' by Honey: Thick in the waist with the most gorgeous face has always been the best description of Harmony Baxter. She has a pleasant personality and the IQ of a genius. Unbeknownst to most, Harmony also has the voice of a soulful angel. She's managed to keep her rich, velvet timbre a secret, simply blending in, until a handsome, sexy teddy bear of a choir director comes along. The brother has so much swagger that he makes Harmony want to sing seductive lullabies and rock him to sleep in her bed every night. After a sex scandal at his former church, Dorian Hendrix is blessed with a second chance with a new congregation in Atlanta. He still loves pretty women and 'grown folks' activities,' but he's vowed to be more careful this time around--until he accidentally discovers a secret about his most loyal choir member. Will Dorian's past as a hardcore player hinder his chances at making a love connection with Harmony? And will her insecurities stop her from lifting her voice in song and sharing all the love and passion in her heart with a brother who is ready to receive it?

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Calling on Quinn Audiobook

Calling on Quinn

Author: Blue Saffire Narrator: Morae Brehon Release Date: March 2020

Alicia Rhodes has had a tough year. Now she is ready to move on from her troubled past and find happiness in the present. But when handsome Quinn Blackhart walks into her driving school-and her heart-her troubles might just be starting. Quinn Blackhart comes from a sprawling Irish family. As the oldest of three brothers, he is a control freak who loves checklists, and the gorgeous driving instructor just earned a place at the top of his to-do list. But when the ghosts from his past come back to threaten Alicia, he will stop at nothing to keep the woman he loves safe.

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