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Audiobooks Narrated by Kate Harper

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LoveReading Top 10

  1. Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man Audiobook Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man
  2. The Sin Eater Audiobook The Sin Eater
  3. Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be Audiobook Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and You: A Remix of the National Book Award-winning Stamped from the Be
  4. Near Dark: A Thriller Audiobook Near Dark: A Thriller
  5. Coming Home to Island House Audiobook Coming Home to Island House
  6. Outsider: A Novel of Suspense Audiobook Outsider: A Novel of Suspense
  7. What You Wish For: A Novel Audiobook What You Wish For: A Novel
  8. The Alchemist Audiobook The Alchemist
  9. Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex Audiobook Relationship Goals: How to Win at Dating, Marriage, and Sex
  10. Tempt Me Audiobook Tempt Me
Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism Audiobook

Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism

Author: Angus Deaton, Anne Case Narrator: Kate Harper Release Date: March 2020

From economist Anne Case and Nobel Prize winner Angus Deaton, a groundbreaking account of how the flaws in capitalism are fatal for America's working class Life expectancy in the United States has recently fallen for three years in a row—a reversal not seen since 1918 or in any other wealthy nation in modern times. In the past two decades, deaths of despair from suicide, drug overdose, and alcoholism have risen dramatically, and now claim hundreds of thousands of American lives each year—and they're still rising. Anne Case and Angus Deaton, known for first sounding the alarm about deaths of despair, explain the overwhelming surge in these deaths and shed light on the social and economic forces that are making life harder for the working class. They demonstrate why, for those who used to prosper in America, capitalism is no longer delivering. Deaths of Despair and the Future of Capitalism paints a troubling portrait of the American dream in decline. For the white working class, today's America has become a land of broken families and few prospects. As the college educated become healthier and wealthier, adults without a degree are literally dying from pain and despair. In this critically important book, Case and Deaton tie the crisis to the weakening position of labor, the growing power of corporations, and, above all, to a rapacious health-care sector that redistributes working-class wages into the pockets of the wealthy. Capitalism, which over two centuries lifted countless people out of poverty, is now destroying the lives of blue-collar America. This book charts a way forward, providing solutions that can rein in capitalism’s excesses and make it work for everyone.

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Group and Team Coaching: The Secret Life of Groups Audiobook

Group and Team Coaching: The Secret Life of Groups

Author: Christine Thornton Narrator: Kate Harper, Sarah Sherborne Release Date: January 2020

Group and Team Coaching offers a new perspective on the 'secret life of groups', the subconscious and non-verbal processes through which people learn and communicate in groups and teams. Updated with new research and including a wealth of vignettes and case studies, it will be essential reading for coaches who work with groups and teams as well as leaders commissioning coaching; the second edition features new guidance for leaders and managers, an updated introduction and new expanded practical sections on working with teams, working on the phone, and supervising and being supervised. The author uses key concepts from psychology, group analysis and systems theory as well as her own extensive experience to give practical advice, including: The invisible processes of group dynamics; Pitfalls of team coaching and how to avoid them; How to design coaching interventions; Common dilemmas; Ethics and supervision.

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Rekindling Desire Audiobook

Rekindling Desire

Author: Barry Mccarthy, Emily Mccarthy Narrator: Kate Harper Release Date: January 2020

For over a decade Rekindling Desire has helped to restore and restructure sexuality in thousands of lives. This expanded edition continues the exploration of inhibited sexual desire and no-sex relationships by the author, who brings decades of knowledge and the expertise that comes from having treated almost 3,000 couples for sexual problems. Contained within are suggested strategies and exercises that help develop communication and sexual skills, as well as interesting case studies that open the doors to couples' sexual frustrations. The shame, embarrassment, and hesitancy that individuals feel with themselves, and the resentment and blame they can feel towards their sexual partners, are explored and put into context. Whether you are married, cohabitating, or dating, or if you are 25, 45, or 75, reading this book will help renew your sexual desire and put you on the path towards healthy, pleasure-oriented sexuality.

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How to Build a Cyber-Resilient Organization Audiobook

How to Build a Cyber-Resilient Organization

Author: Anne Kohnke, Dan Shoemaker Narrator: Kate Harper Release Date: January 2020

This book presents a standard methodology approach to cyber-resilience. Readers will learn how to design a cyber-resilient architecture for a given organization as well as how to maintain a state of cyber-resilience in its day-to-day operation. Readers will know how to establish a state of systematic cyber-resilience within this structure and how to evolve the protection to correctly address the threat environment. This revolves around the steps to perform strategic cyber-resilience planning, implementation and evolution. Readers will know how to perform the necessary activities to identify, prioritize and deploy targeted controls and maintain a persistent and reliable reporting system.

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Indebted: How Families Make College Work at Any Cost Audiobook

Indebted: How Families Make College Work at Any Cost

Author: Caitlin Zaloom Narrator: Kate Harper Release Date: September 2019

How the financial pressures of paying for college affect the lives and well-being of middle-class families The struggle to pay for college is one of the defining features of middle-class life in America today. At kitchen tables all across the country, parents agonize over whether to burden their children with loans or to sacrifice their own financial security by taking out a second mortgage or draining their retirement savings. Indebted takes readers into the homes of middle-class families throughout the nation to reveal the hidden consequences of student debt and the ways that financing college has transformed family life. Caitlin Zaloom gained the confidence of numerous parents and their college-age children, who talked candidly with her about stressful and intensely personal financial matters that are usually kept private. In this remarkable book, Zaloom describes the profound moral conflicts for parents as they try to honor what they see as their highest parental duty-providing their children with opportunity-and shows how parents and students alike are forced to take on enormous debts and gamble on an investment that might not pay off. What emerges is a troubling portrait of an American middle class fettered by the 'student finance complex'-the bewildering labyrinth of government-sponsored institutions, profit-seeking firms, and university offices that collect information on household earnings and assets, assess family needs, and decide who is eligible for aid and who is not. Superbly written and unflinchingly honest, Indebted breaks through the culture of silence surrounding the student debt crisis, revealing the unspoken costs of sending our kids to college.

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Dark Commerce: How a New Illicit Economy Is Threatening Our Future Audiobook

Dark Commerce: How a New Illicit Economy Is Threatening Our Future

Author: Louise I. Shelley Narrator: Kate Harper Release Date: November 2018

A comprehensive look at the world of illicit trade Though mankind has traded tangible goods for millennia, recent technology has changed the fundamentals of trade, in both legitimate and illegal economies. In the past three decades, the most advanced forms of illicit trade have broken with all historical precedents and, as Dark Commerce shows, now operate as if on steroids, tied to computers and social media. In this new world of illicit commerce, which benefits states and diverse participants, trade is impersonal and anonymized, and vast profits are made in short periods with limited accountability to sellers, intermediaries, and purchasers. Louise Shelley examines how new technology, communications, and globalization fuel the exponential growth of dangerous forms of illegal trade-the markets for narcotics and child pornography online, the escalation of sex trafficking through web advertisements, and the sale of endangered species for which revenues total in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The illicit economy exacerbates many of the world's destabilizing phenomena: the perpetuation of conflicts, the proliferation of arms and weapons of mass destruction, and environmental degradation and extinction. Shelley explores illicit trade in tangible goods-drugs, human beings, arms, wildlife and timber, fish, antiquities, and ubiquitous counterfeits-and contrasts this with the damaging trade in cyberspace, where intangible commodities cost consumers and organizations billions as they lose identities, bank accounts, access to computer data, and intellectual property. Demonstrating that illicit trade is a business the global community cannot afford to ignore and must work together to address, Dark Commerce considers diverse ways of responding to this increasing challenge.

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The Leadership Lab: Understanding Leadership in the 21st Century Audiobook

The Leadership Lab: Understanding Leadership in the 21st Century

Author: Chris Lewis, Pippa Malmgren Narrator: Kate Harper Release Date: October 2018

How can today's business leaders keep up with seismic geopolitical and economic shifts that include Brexit, inflation and the unseating of traditional political powers, and what do these mean for their own leadership narratives? In The Leadership Lab, bestselling author Chris Lewis and superstar megatrends analyst Dr Pippa Malmgren help you lead your team through this change successfully. Covering everything from how to build a new type of leadership trust when other spheres of public power have been overturned, to robots overtaking companies and worldwide indebtedness affecting business, this book explains not only why the old rules no longer apply, but also how to blaze a trail in this new world order and be the best leader you can be. The Leadership Lab includes exclusive interviews with top executives grappling with the new world order and discusses what key global trends keep them awake at night and how they respond to them. It is a must-read for aspiring leaders and C-level executives seeking to develop a real intuition when it comes to dealing with the global currents disrupting business and how to build an empathetic, credible, stable and strong leadership path.

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Tales of the City: Series 1 and 2: Two BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisations Audiobook

Tales of the City: Series 1 and 2: Two BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisations

Author: Armistead Maupin Narrator: , Armistead Maupin, Kate Harper, Lydia Wilson Release Date: November 2017

Lydia Wilson and Kate Harper star in these BBC Radio 4 full-cast dramatisations of the first and second novels in Armistead Maupin's acclaimed 'Tales of the City' series.Set against the 1970s San Fransisco skyline, Maupin's Tales of the City introduces the unconventional tenants of 28 Barbary Lane, the domain of the eccentric, marijuana-growing landlady Anna Madrigal. Mary Ann Singleton, a naive young woman newly-arrived from Cleveland, Ohio, moves into an apartment there and soon becomes friends with other tenants of the building: the hippyish bisexual Mona Ramsey; the strange Norman Neal Williams; and Michael Tolliver, a sweet and personable gay man known to his friends as Mouse. Beyond the house, lovers and friends guide Mary Ann through her San Franciscan adventures... In More Tales of the City, landlady Anna Madrigal reveals her secrets to her tenants, but they are preparing to flee their cosy nest for adventures further afield.Dramatised by Barbara Lavery, this is both a sparkling comedy of manners and a portrait of a free and easy era.Cast:Anna Madrigal..... Kate HarperMary Ann..... Lydia WilsonDeDe..... Nancy CraneMona..... Buffy DavisEdgar..... Lou HirschFrannie/Binkie/Mucca..... Bernice StegersBeauchamp..... John GuerrasioMichael..... Jos SlovickJon/Brian..... Simon Lee PhillipsD’Or/Betty..... Valerie CutkoSiegel/Hampton-Giddes/Norman/Bruno..... Kerry ShaleBurke..... Trevor WhiteProduced and directed by Susan Roberts

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Cormorant Run Audiobook

Cormorant Run

Author: Lilith Saintcrow Narrator: Chris Kayser, Emily Cauldwell, Kate Harper, Kevin Stillwell Release Date: June 2017

Aliens meets Under the Dome in this new post-apocalyptic novel from New York Times bestseller Lilith Saintcrow. It could have been aliens, it could have been a trans-dimensional rift, nobody knows for sure. What's known is that there was an Event, the Rifts opened up, and everyone caught inside died. Since the Event certain people have gone into the drift... and come back, bearing priceless technology that's almost magical in its advancement. When Ashe -- the best Rifter of her generation -- dies, the authorities offer her student, Svinga, a choice: go in and bring out the thing that killed her, or rot in jail. But Svin, of course, has other plans... How far would you go and what would you risk to win the ultimate prize? For more from Lilith Saintcrow, check out: Blood Call Bannon and Clare The Iron Wyrm Affair The Red Plague Affair The Ripper Affair The Damnation Affair (e-only) Dante Valentine Novels Working for the Devil Dead Man Rising Devil's Right Hand Saint City Sinners To Hell and Back Dante Valentine (omnibus) Jill Kismet Novels Night Shift Hunter's Prayer Redemption Alley Flesh Circus Heaven's Spite Angel Town Jill Kismet (omnibus) A Romance of Arquitaine Novels The Hedgewitch Queen The Bandit King Gallow and Ragged Trailer Park Fae Roadside Magic Wasteland King

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The Scarlet Letter Audiobook

The Scarlet Letter

Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne Narrator: Kate Harper Release Date: May 2017

Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel The Scarlet Letter is a dramatic story. The plot progresses through a series of theatrical set pieces, such as the three incidents on the scaffold, Hester Prynne's confrontation with the Governor and her liaison with Mr Dimmesdale in the forest glade. The author's vivid, descriptive writing creates strong images of his protagonists in the minds of his readers, and this powerful visual impact heightens the sense of conflict within, and between the characters. 1. ADULTERY PUNISHED. An American puritan community gather around the town prison waiting for Hester Prynne to be led out. She is wearing a scarlet letter `A' on her dress, to symbolize her adultery. Hester recognizes an elderly man in the crowd who, although a stranger to the town, is in reality Hester's learned English husband. He sent her ahead of him to Massachusetts, and in his absence she has borne a child by another man. As Hester stands on a scaffold, two clergymen, John Wilson and Arthur Dimmesdale, ask her to name the baby's father, but she refuses. 2. SECRETS ARE KEPT. After her public ordeal, Hester is in a state of nervous excitement and physician, Royer Chillingworth, who is deformed, is brought to her. He is, in fact, Hester's husband, and he gives her medicine which she fears is poison. He declares that he could desire no greater vengeance on her than the public humiliation of the scarlet letter she wears. Chillingworth declare that he means to find out who her lover is. He then makes her swear that she will keep his identity a secret from the community. Hester moves to a cottage on the outskirts of town, for she will not flee, considering that her fate lies in the place of her sin and close to her partner in crime. Her daughter, Pearl, a wilful, difficult child, lives with her. 3. FIGHT FOR JUSTICE. Hester insists on meeting Mr Bellingham, the town Governor, even though he is in a conference with three pillars of the community. She demands that the men give up their plans to take Pearl away from her. Reverend Wilson asks Pearl a few religious questions to test how devout her upbringing is, but perversely she gives a playful answer. In desperation, Hester asks Dimmesdale to speak on her behalf. He argues that the bond between mother and child is sacred and that Pearl is Hester's blessing and retribution. 4. A DREAFUL DISCOVERY. Dimmesdale's health begins to fail and Chillingworth determines to find the cause. The old man arranges to lodge with the afflicted clergymen in order to study his young host. He tells Dimmesdale that the minister's bodily illness is due to a spiritual sickness and Dimmesdale replies that he will turn to God for healing. Soon after, Chillingworth creeps up on Dimmesdale as he sleeps and undoes his shirt. What he sees brings him joy, for he now knows how best to torture his victim. Meanwhile, Dimmesdale suffers agonies of guilt. 5. NIGHT OF MADNESS. Late one evening, desperate for peace, Dimmesdale stands on the scaffold where Hester once stood. He is soon discovered by Hester and Pearl and he bids them join him. Pearl asks if he will repeat this act in daylight but he refuses. He then sees a red letter 'A' glowing in the sky. Chillingworth witnesses the whole scene. Hester, strengthened by her continuing ordeal and shocked by Dimmesdale's decline, tells her husband that she will reveal his identity. She understands what a fiend Chillingworth has become. 6. GUILTY SECRETS. Hester surprises Dimmesdale as he walks in the forest and he admits that he suffers from secret guilt. She then reveals that Chillingworth is her husband and demands that Dimmesdale forgive her for her deception. She promises to run away with him and urges him to leave the community and start anew in another country. She casts off her scarlet letter and lets down her hair, then calls Pearl to openly greet her father. However, the child will not come to her until she puts on her scarlet letter again. Dimmesdale greets Pearl with a kiss, but she rejects him. 7. PLANS TO FLEE. The couple plan to sail for Bristol and Hester secretly arranges for their passage. Dimmesdale is pleased that this will be after he has preached his sermon to mark the election of the new Governor, the pinnacle of his career. He is revitalized and filled with wicked humour, and informs Chillingworth that he no longer has need of his potions. Hester is horrified to learn that Chillingworth is also booked on their ship. 8. A GRAND REVELATION. Dimmesdale preaches an inspired sermon. As the Governor's procession crosses the square, Dimmesdale holds out his arms to Hester and Pearl. The three mount the scaffold together and Chillingworth follows, telling Dimmesdale that there is no way to escape from him. Knowing that he is a dying man, Dimmesdale confesses his sin to the community and bare his breast to reveal a scarlet letter 'A'. Hester assures him of her love, but he tells her to think only of their sin as he dies in her arms. There is much debate among the townspeople as to the nature of Dimmesdale's death, some still denying that he had any connection with Hester. Chillingworth, deprived of his victim, withers and dies, leaving his money to Pearl, Hester takes Pearl to England, but later, an old lady, she returns to Boston to live out her days wearing her scarlet letter.

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Reconstructing Amelia Audiobook

Reconstructing Amelia

Do you really want to know what's going on inside your daughter's head? Single mother Kate Baron is in the meeting of her career when she is interrupted by a telephone call. Her daughter Amelia has just been suspended from her exclusive school. When Kate eventually arrives an hour later, she hears the news that no mother ever wants to hear. A grieving Kate can't accept that her daughter would kill herself. But she soon discovers she didn't know Amelia quite as well as she thought. Then Kate receives an anonymous text saying simply: AMELIA DIDN'T JUMP. And so begins an investigation which takes her deep into Amelia's private world, into her journals, her email account and into the mind of a troubled young girl.

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God's War: Bel Dame Apocrypha Book 1 Audiobook

God's War: Bel Dame Apocrypha Book 1

Author: Kameron Hurley Narrator: Kate Harper Release Date: May 2013

Nyx is a bel dame, a bounty hunter paid to collect the heads of deserters - by almost any means necessary. 'Almost' proved to be the problem. Cast out and imprisoned for breaking one rule too many, Nyx and her crew of mercenaries are all about the money. But when a dubious government deal with an alien emissary goes awry, her name is at the top of the list for a covert recovery. While the centuries-long war rages on only one thing is certain: the world's best chance for peace rests in the hands of its most ruthless killers. . . Set in a futuristic world dominated by war, religion and an insectile technology which borders on magic, Kameron Hurley's debut is set to be the highlight of the year.

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