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  1. Over My Dead Body Audiobook Over My Dead Body
  2. The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller Audiobook The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller
  3. Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4 Audiobook Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4
  4. Lapvona Audiobook Lapvona
  5. You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good Audiobook You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good
  6. Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition Audiobook Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition
  7. The Murders at Fleat House Audiobook The Murders at Fleat House
  8. Modern Romance: An Investigation Audiobook Modern Romance: An Investigation
  9. Counterfeit Audiobook Counterfeit
  10. Richer Than Sin Audiobook Richer Than Sin
Olivia, Striking Back Audiobook

Olivia, Striking Back

Author: Danielle Norman Narrator: Jennifer Mack Release Date: January 2022

Mistaken Identity + misbehaving doctor = perfect final book in this quartet So this is book four in the Iron Ladies series, it's the final book of the four main women of the group and it quite frankly was absolutely awesome  I am a big fan of Dani's because her world building, characters and stories are always top notch. This book, like all her others, are well worth the time and money to read them. - Angi, Goodreads Olivia Vinning believed that all men were trouble. In fact, her career was dedicated to bringing lying, cheating, chauvinistic men to their knees. When she spies Drake Bannon, her current client, she decides to get him to make a pass at her to end the case swiftly. But what she doesn’t realize, her not Drake. Rhys Bannon is nothing like his pompous, manipulative twin brother. He just needs to convince Olivia. There is something about her that keeps him up at night. He wants to show her that he is one of the good guys, so he volunteers to help bring Drake down.

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First Knight Audiobook

First Knight

Author: Danielle Norman Narrator: Connor Crais, Jennifer Mack Release Date: December 2021

'Harley is the girl crush I never saw coming. A wounded spitfire with a smart mouth, a fighting spirit and a fragile heart. At first meeting I was intrigued, but midway through I became enamored. First Knight is a book worth waiting for. Hard to resist. Not easy to put down. Easy to love.' - Isha Coleman, Goodreads This book previously published under the title:  Harley, Stealing Happiness Deputy Aiden McGuire had a secret; her name was Harley. In front of his friends, he pretended that she didn’t exist. They bantered, they argued, and then they went their separate ways. But at night, she snuck over to his apartment and the two of them were electric. Aiden couldn’t put his finger on it, but something wasn’t right. She never asked for more; no commitment, no promises, no ring. When he used his police skills to do a little research, he was shocked to discover that Harley kept more than just him as a secret. Now it’s up to him to save her when her tower of secrets crumble.

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Melanie, Delivering Karma Audiobook

Melanie, Delivering Karma

Author: Danielle Norman Narrator: Jennifer Mack Release Date: September 2021

Another “OMG I couldn’t put it down until it’s finished” book by Ms Norman. I love the spunk of the Iron Ladies and this book didn’t disappoint. These ladies changed direction with not only a male client but with a kidnapping case. There’s plot twists and turns, past relationships come to light. All in all a good read. - Jenn H, Goodreads When billionaire, Keanen Connelly’s son is kidnapped he needs an expert negotiator.  The ransom note says no police but it says nothing about private organizations. Melanie Oakes is smooth, sexy, and just what Keanen needs. But there is one problem,  She co-owns the Iron Ladies, an all ladies detective service that is committed to helping women.  And Keanen most definitely is not a woman. Can Melanie negotiate the rescue of his son, while Keanen negotiates a place in her heart?

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Maybe We Will Audiobook

Maybe We Will

Author: Melissa Foster Narrator: Aiden Snow, Jennifer Mack Release Date: May 2021

From Melissa Foster, the New York Times bestselling author of She Loves Me, comes a sexy and heart-warming novel about finding love—and family—where you least expect it. When chef Abby de Messiéres returns to Silver Island with her sister to get their late mother’s affairs in order, she expected to inherit her mother’s bistro along with their childhood home, not to discover a half sister they never knew existed, and a handsome vacationer camped out on her mother’s patio. Workaholic Aiden Aldridge has been sent to Silver Island on a work-free vacation, armed with a “Let Loose list,” and ordered to get a life by the much-younger sister he raised after the death of their parents. After years of focusing on his sister’s well-being, he’s blindsided by his intense attraction to the gorgeous, free-spirited Abby. Aiden might not know much about chilling out, but he’s excellent at striking deals. He helps Abby with the restaurant in exchange for her help in tackling the items on his list. Sparks fly as Aiden and Abby work, and play, side by side. Intimate conversations lead to steamy kisses and undeniable passion. But there’s more to Aiden than Abby knows, and when the truth comes out, their new romance is put to the test, as the two find out if true love really can conquer all.

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Cherished Audiobook


Author: Helen Hardt Narrator: Jennifer Mack, Troy Duran Release Date: March 2021

He doesn’t know how much he’s cherished… Dale Steel has fallen in love with his intern, Ashley White. She’s vibrant, intelligent, and full of life, despite a past that was far from perfect. She’s everything he’s not…which is why he’s determined to keep her at arm’s length. The emotions she’s awakened in him have stirred something dark that he’s kept buried for years, and a relationship with him would only destroy her. Ashley has other ideas. She adores Dale, and more than anything, she wants him to understand he deserves her love. As they work together side by side, their passion grows, and Dale finally agrees to a trial run at a relationship. But a secret from his newfound birth father and an act of God throw a wrench into his world once again, threatening not only his relationship with Ashley, but everything else he holds dear as well.

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Sunday, Sweet Vengeance Audiobook

Sunday, Sweet Vengeance

Author: Danielle Norman Narrator: Jennifer Mack Release Date: February 2021

“The nerdy girl gets the guy! Ha! You go girl!!! Sunday thinks of herself as nerdy. She’s very smart and very good with computers. Too bad she doesn’t think she can get the hot guy.” - Jessica, Bookbub “Full of mystery, snarky banter, a laugh or two, a hero and heroine who are extremely lovable, and some smokin' hot sexy times. Really there's not much more you could ask for in a romance.” - Coastewife, Bookbub The handoff of an orchid colored card was all it took to call the Iron Ladies, a whisper network of women. They specialized in bringing abusive men to their knees. Men who abused women and abused power, men like the Camden’s. Sunday Prescott was a tech goddess, cyber espionage was her specialty. During her latest assignment, she uncovered more than she ever hoped for: Bo Camden. He was just like his father, right? But the butterflies in her stomach told her something different. And the touch of his lips left her breathless. She was torn between sleeping with the enemy or getting vengeance... Sweet Vengeance.

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The Ballad of Hattie Taylor Audiobook

The Ballad of Hattie Taylor

Author: Susan Andersen Narrator: Jennifer Mack Release Date: January 2021

A daring young woman pushes back against societal constraints in a feminist, coming-of-age Western romance from New York Times bestselling author Susan Andersen. In the small, bustling town of Mattawa, Oregon, the turn of the century offers a new kind of frontier for women: a vast and exciting range of possibilities--to a point. It's a time for change, and no one is more eager to embrace new paths than free-spirited outsider Hattie Taylor. If only she could embrace Jake Murdock too.   Jake can't remember a time he was so confused. Hattie is off-limits. The provoking spitfire is under his mother's protection--his protection--and he has always belonged to another. But now, with the passing of his wife, Jake feels something shift between them. Frustratingly aware of Hattie as a woman, he struggles with new feelings, new questions, new desires.   But when a desperate decision born of good intentions turns out to have ugly repercussions, Hattie confronts a cruel reality she can no longer ignore: the truth of where women really stand and the actions men take to keep them there. To navigate her new world of tainted justice and privileged order Hattie will draw on the strength of the women around her--and Jake will learn what it truly means to support the woman he loves.

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Awakened Audiobook


Author: Helen Hardt Narrator: Jennifer Mack, Troy Duran Release Date: December 2020

His voice enthralls her. Her vibrancy awakens him. Ashley White can’t wait to begin her internship at Steel Vineyards. As an oenology doctoral candidate, she knows all the theory but lacks practice. Working under renowned winemaker Ryan Steel—and his equally talented nephew, Dale—is an opportunity she can’t refuse. Dale Steel is a loner. Despite his huge family full of uncles, aunts, and cousins, he’s more at home in his vineyards, where he finds something that comes close to the tranquility he craves. He’ll never find true peace, and he’s accepted his fate…until his new intern shows up and turns the only world he knows upside down. Ashley awakens emotions in Dale that he never dreamed possible, and though he resents her intrusion into his life, he can’t deny the sparks that blaze between them. Still, he must remain distant. To succumb to his growing feelings would provoke something else entirely—the darkness he keeps hidden even from himself.

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Heart of Fire Audiobook

Heart of Fire

Author: Angel Payne, Meredith Wild Narrator: Jacob Morgan, Jennifer Mack Release Date: December 2020

He’s forged from heaven. She’s promised to hell. Professor Maximus Kane can no longer deny his passion for his stunning yet mysterious student, Kara Valari. But surrendering to their desires carries more consequences than just violating the Alameda University conduct codes. Kara has defied her destiny. Higher directives have been violated. Now there’s hell to pay. It’s a crisis for which there seems no solution, until the explosive secrets of Maximus’s bloodline are exposed. Despite all his doubts and fears, Maximus has no choice but to accept help from his enigmatic father, which means coming to terms with his heritage and embracing a bizarre new world of gods and demons. Because somewhere in that world—in the strange and sordid secrets surrounding his past—is the key to protecting Kara’s future. Nothing has ever meant more to him than saving the treasure of her life and the fire of her heart. While earth’s lower realms seek payback for Kara’s transgressions, Kara finds a new ally in a surprising place: the Valari matriarch herself. Beneath the scrutiny of the world press, Veronica orchestrates a plan to protect her daughter by doing what she does best—shining the spotlight on her. But by her side, Maximus can’t escape the glare of the paparazzi. Can they buy time and blind their enemies with Kara’s fame? Or will Hollywood’s new “it” couple and their forbidden love incite more vengeance than they’d ever bargained for?

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Sadie, Doctor Accident: Emotional Romantic Comedy Audiobook

Sadie, Doctor Accident: Emotional Romantic Comedy

Author: Danielle Norman Narrator: Brian Pallino, Jennifer Mack Release Date: September 2020

I’m no damsel in distress. As a motorcycle deputy, I’m used to living life on my own terms and love hanging out with my friends.  I believe a woMAN is the only man capable of getting the job done right.  Until a pair of piercing blue eyes stops me in my tracks and turns my world upside down, with his more than capable hands willing to prove me wrong.  Dr. Ryan Montgomery is a widower and single-dad that is in over his head, and he’s not the only one.  I’m used to going after what I want, and I want him— in my bed and in my life. Unfortunately, Ryan lost his wife four years ago and thinks dating a cop will put him back into a world of grief that he barely survived the first time. I just have to convince him I’m safe. And pray I’m right... 

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Blood of Zeus Audiobook

Blood of Zeus

Author: Angel Payne, Meredith Wild Narrator: Jacob Morgan, Jennifer Mack Release Date: August 2020

'Blood of Zeus is a dynamic and uniquely alluring paranormal romance! This author duo knows how to scorch the pages and tug at our imaginations. I can’t wait for more!' - NYT Bestselling Author Carrie Ann RyanAn ancient grudge. A forbidden love. The only thing worse than being a demon is being a Valari. As an undergraduate at Los Angeles’s Alameda University, Kara Valari can sometimes succeed at forgetting she’s both. Lost between the pages of the classics and tucked into the shadows of lecture halls, she can dodge the paparazzi’s lenses as well as her family’s publicized dramas—not to mention their private expectations. She has one more year to feed her true passions. Then she’ll be expected to fulfill a much darker destiny. Cursed with inexplicable strength and godlike stature, literature professor Maximus Kane knows all about darkness. Every day he’s reminded of the missteps of his childhood and the devastating consequences they’ve had on those dearest to him. To atone, Maximus spends his nights alone and his days submerged in the quiet life of academia. His existence has become a study in control, and he’s become a master at it—until Kara Valari walks into his toughest course. Viscerally, Kara’s everything he craves. Logically, she’s everything he rejects. She’s a starlet of privilege. She’s also a student. And after one touch, he can’t deny that she’s awakened something in him that may never go dormant. Nothing about her makes sense, but everything about her feels right. Especially in the deepest strands of his DNA, which are still shadows of mystery to him—a mystery Kara seems determined to uncover. She’s Hollywood royalty. She’s forbidden fruit. And he’s pretty sure she could be the answer to everything.

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Kat, Knight Watch: Suspenseful Romantic Comedy Audiobook

Kat, Knight Watch: Suspenseful Romantic Comedy

Author: Danielle Norman Narrator: Brian Pallino, Jennifer Mack Release Date: June 2020

I never believed in love at first sight... Until the ATM ate my debit card,  And Jackson Boudreaux stepped in to save the day.  All business, in his nine to five banker suit-- I couldn’t help but wonder of what he was hiding under that perfect form.  I was leather and handcuffs.  He was ties and cuff-links,  But it didn't matter that we were from two different worlds.  Once we collided there was no going back.  Neither of us were ready for love… He came with baggage and drama not to mention a young son. I avoided drama like the plague and avoided little kids even more.

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