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  1. Over My Dead Body Audiobook Over My Dead Body
  2. The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller Audiobook The Whalebone Theatre: The instant Sunday Times bestseller
  3. Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4 Audiobook Bridgerton: Romancing Mister Bridgerton: Bridgertons Book 4
  4. Lapvona Audiobook Lapvona
  5. You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good Audiobook You Are Not a Before Picture: How to finally make peace with your body, for good
  6. Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition Audiobook Small Giants: Companies That Choose to Be Great Instead of Big, 10th-Anniversary Edition
  7. The Murders at Fleat House Audiobook The Murders at Fleat House
  8. Modern Romance: An Investigation Audiobook Modern Romance: An Investigation
  9. Counterfeit Audiobook Counterfeit
  10. Richer Than Sin Audiobook Richer Than Sin
Children of Fallen Gods Audiobook

Children of Fallen Gods

Author: Carissa Broadbent Narrator: Dan Calley, Esther Wane Release Date: May 2022

No war can be fought with clean hands. Not even the ones waged for the right reasons. Not even the ones you win. Tisaanah bargained away her own freedom to save those she left behind in slavery. Now, bound by her blood pact, she must fight the Orders' war-and Max is determined to protect her at all costs. But when a betrayal tears apart Ara, Max and Tisaanah are pushed into an even bloodier conflict. Tisaanah must gamble with Reshaye's power to claim an impossible victory. And Max, forced into leadership, must confront everything he hoped to forget: his past, and his own mysterious magic. All the while, darker forces loom-far darker, even, than the Orders' secrets. As Tisaanah and Max are ensnared in a web of ancient magic and twisted secrets, one question remains: what are they willing to sacrifice for victory? For power? For love? Contains mature themes.

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Spindle Audiobook


Author: W.R. Gingell Narrator: Esther Wane Release Date: April 2022

What is a maiden to do when her prince is not a prince, her hair won’t stop growing, and someone has cursed her to sleep for 300 years? In Polyhymnia’s case, it seems expedient to get up with the help of a kiss or two, trailing her hair behind her, and find out who did it. Nothing quite works out as planned, however, and Poly can’t be sure if that’s because she never seems to be able to remember things like the mysterious spindle that keeps showing up around her, or if it’s the fault of the wizard who woke her but never stops long enough to explain anything. Poly is determined in two things: One, that she will find out who cursed her to sleep and meddled with her memories. Two: that she will absolutely not fall in love with the irritating wizard who seems to need to keep kissing her back into the real world…

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A Little Bit Scandalous Audiobook

A Little Bit Scandalous

Author: Robyn Dehart Narrator: Esther Wane Release Date: March 2022

A woman in search of a gamble . . . Mathematics prodigy, Caroline Jellico, plans to support herself by winning big in the gaming hells of London-while dressed as a boy. She's tired of waiting for the elusive Roe to notice her. She'll marry him or no man. A gambler in need of redemption . . . Monroe Grisham, Duke of Chanceworth, needs to marry off his beautiful young ward and ensure she attaches herself to the right man, not an irresponsible cad like him. But all grown up now, Caroline's presence is an utter distraction. One he can neither act on nor deny. A game of seduction . . . But when Roe and Caroline meet across the gambling table, all bets are off. Seduction is in the cards and the winner will take all . . . or lose everything. Contains mature themes.

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Dormice, Schemers, and Misdemeanours: A Bliss Bay Cozy Mystery Audiobook

Dormice, Schemers, and Misdemeanours: A Bliss Bay Cozy Mystery

Author: Sherri Bryan Narrator: Esther Wane Release Date: March 2022

So many secrets, so many schemers, so many lies and misdemeanors . . . Event organizer Megan Fallon is gearing up for a concert in honor of the oldest tree in the county: the ancient village oak on Bliss Bay's village green. What she's not gearing up for, though, is stumbling over the dead body of Bliss Bay's most unpopular villager, under the oak tree's sprawling boughs. With a murder investigation underway, a mystery that has everyone looking like a suspect, and a cat that needs a new home, there's also the small matter of the theft of forty-eight garden gnomes to get to the bottom of . . . Will you guess who, and why, before the big reveal?

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The Language of Food: 'Mouth-watering and sensuous, a real feast for the imagination' BRIDGET COLLIN Audiobook

The Language of Food: 'Mouth-watering and sensuous, a real feast for the imagination' BRIDGET COLLIN

Author: Annabel Abbs Narrator: Esther Wane, Heather Long Release Date: February 2022

'A sensual feast of a novel, written with elegance, beauty, charm and skill in a voice that is both lyrical and unique' Santa Montefiore Eliza Acton, despite having never before boiled an egg, became one of the world's most successful cookery writers, revolutionizing cooking and cookbooks around the world. Her story is fascinating, uplifting and truly inspiring. Told in alternate voices by the award-winning author of The Joyce Girl, and with recipes that leap to life from the page, The Language of Food by Annabel Abbs is the most thought-provoking and page-turning historical novel you'll read this year, exploring the enduring struggle for female freedom, the power of female friendship, the creativity and quiet joy of cooking and the poetry of food, all while bringing Eliza Action out of the archives and back into the public eye. 'I love Abbs's writing and the extraordinary, hidden stories she unearths. Eliza Acton is her best discovery yet' Clare Pooley 'A literary - and culinary - triumph!' Hazel Gaynor 'Exhilarating to read - thoughtful, heart-warming and poignant, with a quiet intelligence and elegance that does its heroine proud' Bridget Collins 'A sumptuous banquet of a book that nourished me and satisfied me just as Eliza Acton's meals would have... I adored it' Polly Crosby 'Wonderful... Abbs is such a good story teller.  She catches period atmosphere and character so well' Vanessa Nicolson 'Two of my favourite topics in one elegantly written novel - women's lives and food history. I absolutely loved it' Polly Russell 'A story of courage, unlikely friendship and an exceptional character, told in vibrant and immersive prose' Caroline Scott 'Richly imagined and emotionally tender' Pen Vogler 'Characters that leap off the page, a fascinating story and so much atmosphere, you feel you're in the kitchen with Eliza  - I loved it.' Frances Quinn 'Clever, unsentimental, beautifully detailed and quietly riveting' Elizabeth Buchan, author of Two Women in Rome

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A Little Bit Sinful Audiobook

A Little Bit Sinful

Author: Robyn Dehart Narrator: Esther Wane Release Date: February 2022

Justin Rodale is the wealthy bastard son of the Duke of Chanceworth. Educated with the rest of the aristocrats, he knows all the rules by which Society lives, but he is beholden to no one. Clarissa Kincaid has been raised to be the perfect English lady . . . in need of the perfectly respectable English husband. She's found her quarry, but the man won't commit and she finds herself seeking assistance in the form of seduction lessons from someone the opposite of respectable . . . Justin. This is a challenge the charismatic Justin cannot resist. She may think that he knows nothing about her needs, but he's determined to show her that he knows plenty about her secret desires. Contains mature themes.

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The Bird Singers Audiobook

The Bird Singers

Author: Eve Wersocki Morris Narrator: Esther Wane, TBD Release Date: February 2022

'The whistling had started on their first night. At first, Layah thought it was bird song - a high thin sound which became a melody, rising and falling. And each night, it returned.' Strange things have been happening to Layah and her younger sister, Izzie, ever since their mother dragged them to a rain-soaked cottage miles from anywhere in the Lake District: there is a peculiar whistling at night, a handful of unusual feathers appear and a sudden, frightening banging at the door. And their mother is behaving very oddly. Layah is mourning the loss of her dear grandmother in Poland - and can almost hear her voice telling her the old myths, legends and fairy tales from that place. And as the holiday takes on a dark twist, Layah begins to wonder if the myths might just be real. A deliciously spine-tingling story with sisterhood at its heart. I loved it. -- A.F. Steadman A captivating story, full of intrigue. -- Abi Elphinstone Polish folklore meets the Lake District in a spooky page-turning mystery. I devoured it in one gulp. -- Phil Hickes The Bird Singers is a gloriously dark fantasy from an exciting new voice. A magical adventure with friendship and family at its heart. Eve Wersocki Morris's debut is one to look out for! -- Liz Kessler Dark, intoxicating, so full of killer twists I didn't know who to trust! This is an exciting, highly original debut from a great storyteller. -- Emma Carroll

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Better Off Wed Audiobook

Better Off Wed

Author: Susanna Craig Narrator: Esther Wane Release Date: January 2022

If Miss Laura Hopkins desired a husband, her beauty, brains, and fortune would make it easy to acquire one. Instead, she prefers to put her charms to another purpose entirely. Using the alias Lady Sterling, she helps young women who have been mistreated or compromised by their employers. Some might see it as theft and blackmail. For Laura, it is a small measure of justice. But while in pursuit of her latest target, she is unexpectedly aided by a gentleman who announces that he is Lord Sterling. As a spy for the Crown, Captain Jeremy Addison, Viscount Sterling, has been assigned all manner of dangerous missions, though none as complicated as investigating the beguiling Lady Sterling. Forced to pose as newlyweds at the home of a disreputable earl, Laura and Jeremy forge an unexpected alliance... and a passionate connection. But can such a dangerous masquerade possibly lead to a real, lasting love?

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Toll for the Dead: An Oxford Murder Mystery Audiobook

Toll for the Dead: An Oxford Murder Mystery

Author: M S Morris Narrator: Esther Wane Release Date: January 2022

A solemn funeral. A bitter schism. A brutal murder. When the much-loved lord of the manor, Henry Burton, passes away, the villagers of Hambledon-on-Thames gather to pay their respects at his funeral. But the day is marred when the churchwarden is found brutally battered to death in the north transept of the church. Called to investigate, Detective Inspector Bridget Hart soon unearths a tangled web of old grudges and simmering feuds beneath the tranquil idyll of this sleepy South Oxfordshire village. Bridget and her team must look beyond the thatched cottages and rose-covered houses to uncover the truth and prevent another death.

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The Visitors Audiobook

The Visitors

Author: Caroline Scott Narrator: Esther Wane Release Date: December 2021

From the highly acclaimed author of The Photographer of the Lost, a BBC Radio 2 Book Club Pick, comes a tale of a young war widow and one life-changing, sun-drenched visit to Cornwall in the summer of 1923... Esme Nicholls is to spend the summer in Cornwall. Her late husband Alec, who died fighting in the war, grew up in Penzance, and she's hoping to learn more about the man she loved and lost.   While there, she will stay with Gilbert, in his rambling seaside house, where he lives with his former brothers in arms. Esme is fascinated by this community of eccentric artists and former soldiers, and as she gets to know the men and their stories, she begins to feel this summer might be exactly what she needs.   But everything is not as idyllic as it seems - a mysterious new arrival later in the summer will turn Esme's world upside down, and make her question everything she thought she knew about her life, and the people in it. Full of light, laughter and larger-than-life characters, The Visitors is a novel of one woman finally finding her voice and choosing her own path forwards. Praise for Caroline Scott: 'A page-turning literary gem' The Times, Best Books of 2020 'A touching novel of love and loss' Sunday Times 'A beautifully written must-read' heat 'A gripping, devastating novel' Sarra Manning, RED 'A powerful novel' Good Housekeeping 'A heartbreaking read' Anita Frank 'Breathtaking exploration of loss, love and precious memories' My Weekly, Pick of the Month 'Achingly moving and most beautifully written' Rachel Hore 'This beautiful book packs a huge emotional punch' Fabulous 'Drew me in from the first line and held me enthralled until the very end' Fiona Valpy 'Quietly devastating' Daily Mail 'A compulsive, heart-wrenching read' Liz Trenow 'Powerful' Woman & Home 'Page turning, mysterious, engrossing and compelling' Lorna Cook 'A carefully nuanced, complex story' Woman's Weekly 'Caroline Scott evokes the damage and desolation of the Great War with aching authenticity' Iona Grey 'Poignant' Best 'Momentous, revelatory and astonishing historical fiction!' Historical Novel Society 'Wonderful and evocative' Suzanne Goldring 'Based on true events, this is a powerful story' Bella 'Immersive, poignant, intricately woven' Judith Kinghorn 'An evocative read' heat 'The story left me breathless' Kate Furnivall 'A poignant hymn to those who gave up their lives for their country and to those who were left behind' Fanny Blake 'I was utterly captivated by this novel' Isabelle Broom

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Resting Beach Face Audiobook

Resting Beach Face

Author: Melanie Summers Narrator: Esther Wane, Matthew Lloyd Davies Release Date: December 2021

Melanie Summers welcomes you back to Paradise Bay for a ridiculously romantic, laugh-out-loud tale of reluctant homecomings, lost loves, and second chances . . . Yoga instructor Hadley Jones has loved Chase Williams since high school. Fifteen years later, she still does. And while he hasn't popped the question yet, she knows it's only a matter of time. Little does Hadley know Chase has been busy making wedding plans-just not with her. Heath Robinson left the Santa Valentina Islands the first chance he got. He's about to be named CFO of a fortune-500 company when he gets a call that has him boarding a plane home. Now, instead of sipping whiskey sours with the big boys, he'll be watching his bed-ridden mother sip from a juice box. His plan is to help her recover from her moped accident as quickly as possible so he can get back to his real life-hopefully before he runs into the girl who crushed his heart, Hadley Jones. Will Hadley realize that Heath is the real man of her dreams? Will Heath forgive Hadley? Will his mum ever ride a moped again? Contains mature themes.

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A Little Bit Wicked Audiobook

A Little Bit Wicked

Author: Robyn Dehart Narrator: Esther Wane Release Date: December 2021

Marcus Kincaid, Earl of Ashford, has returned to England after a ten-year absence to find his younger sister embroiled in a potential scandal that could ruin her chance at marriage. His aunt has already called in reinforcements-The Paragon. Vivian March, known simply as The Paragon, moves through every circle within Society, smoothing out scandals and stopping gossip in its tracks. Everyone in London knows that if she aligns herself with you, Society will forgive your sins. What they don't know is that she uses their secrets to cover her own jaded past. But with every kiss and every touch that Marcus thrusts upon her, Vivian comes to believe life is infinitely more fun when you can be just a little bit wicked . . . Contains mature themes.

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