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  1. It Happened One Summer: A Novel Audiobook It Happened One Summer: A Novel
  2. The Viscount Who Loved Me Audiobook The Viscount Who Loved Me
  3. Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life Audiobook Manifest: The Sunday Times bestseller that will change your life
  4. The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World Audiobook The Dark Queens: The Bloody Rivalry that Forged the Medieval World
  5. The Dictionary of Lost Words Audiobook The Dictionary of Lost Words
  6. The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close Audiobook The Match: From the #1 bestselling creator of the hit Netflix series Stay Close
  7. Arsenic and Adobo Audiobook Arsenic and Adobo
  8. The Cabinet Audiobook The Cabinet
  9. The Night Circus Audiobook The Night Circus
  10. Open Mind Audiobook Open Mind
Platypus Matters: The Extraordinary Story of Australian Mammals Audiobook

Platypus Matters: The Extraordinary Story of Australian Mammals

Author: Jack Ashby Narrator: Elliot Fitzpatrick Release Date: May 2022

A compelling, funny, first-hand account of Australia's wonderfully unique mammals and how our perceptions impact their future. Think of a platypus: they lay eggs (that hatch into so-called platypups), they produce milk without nipples and venom without fangs and they can detect electricity. Or a wombat: their teeth never stop growing, they poo cubes and they defend themselves with reinforced rears. Platypuses, possums, wombats, echidnas, devils, kangaroos, quolls, dibblers, dunnarts, kowaris: Australia has some truly astonishing mammals with incredible, unfamiliar features. But how does the world regard these creatures? And what does that mean for their conservation? In Platypus Matters, naturalist Jack Ashby shares his love for these often-misunderstood animals. Informed by his own experiences meeting living marsupials and egg-laying mammals on fieldwork in Tasmania and mainland Australia, as well as his work with thousands of zoological specimens collected for museums over the last 200-plus years, Ashby's tale not only explains the extraordinary lives of these animals, but the historical mysteries surrounding them and the myths that persist (especially about the platypus). He also reveals the toll these myths can take. Ashby makes it clear that calling these animals ‘weird’ or ‘primitive’ – or incorrectly implying that Australia is an ‘evolutionary backwater’ – a perception that can be traced back to the country's colonial history – has undermined conservation: Australia now has the worst mammal extinction rate of anywhere on Earth. Important, timely and written with humour and wisdom by a scientist and self-described platypus nerd, this celebration of Australian wildlife will open eyes and change minds about how we contemplate and interact with the natural world – everywhere.

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A Mountain to Climb: The Climate Crisis: A Summit Beyond Everest Audiobook

A Mountain to Climb: The Climate Crisis: A Summit Beyond Everest

Author: Hakan Bulgurlu Narrator: Elliot Fitzpatrick Release Date: March 2022

On the 23rd of May 2019, Hakan Bulgurlu became one of the fortunate few to have reached the summit of Mount Everest. To stand on top of the world’s highest mountain is a humbling experience, to bear witness to nature at its most awe-inspiring and powerful is even more humbling. Bulgurlu’s quest to climb Everest came with a purpose: making the environment the centre of his ambition to highlight the catastrophic effect climate change is having on our planet, to lead by example and to seek out practical solutions. He wanted to use the expedition as a wake-up call to what we are doing to the natural world.  In his powerful new book, Bulgurlu tells the fascinating story of this adventure of a lifetime, harrowing and exhilarating in equal measure. He delves into the roots of the environmental crisis we find ourselves in, speaking to climate activists and campaigners, biologists, scientists, filmmakers, academics, economists, entrepreneurs, global leaders and innovators. They help shed light on the issues that we face and the solutions that will help secure a better future for generations to come. In this gripping account of his journey, Bulgurlu describes the challenges he faced in reaching the summit, and the challenges we all face in protecting the planet and the future of humanity.

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The Five Days Missing Audiobook

The Five Days Missing

Author: Caroline Corcoran Narrator: Elliot Fitzpatrick, Georgia Maguire, Hayley Doyle Release Date: February 2022

‘A twisty-turny thriller that kept me gripped until the fantastic shock ending!’ – bestselling author Jackie Kabler ‘I did this. The most awful thing…’ Romilly disappeared hours after giving birth, leaving behind her baby. Now, those closest to her rally around to look after the little girl, and to figure out what drove Romilly to do such a thing.   Her husband Marc has an explanation that makes total sense. But is the easiest solution always the right one? And does someone in Romilly’s tight circle know more than they are letting on?   As secrets spill out and old ties are tested to their limits, one thing is clear: the truth will come out. The question is, who will still be alive to hear it? A twist-filled, emotional tale of dark pasts and even darker secrets – perfect for fans of Adele Parks and Heidi Perks. ‘Deliciously twisted’ – Red ’A tense thriller… The mystery you’ve been waiting for’ – Stylist Readers are obsessed with Five Days Missing! ‘I highly recommend this book and would love to see the BBC turn it into a drama.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Five Days Missing was everything I could have wanted in a psychological thriller and much more.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Good grief – this one really keeps you guessing!’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘The ending was superb. Highly recommended.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Five Days Missing is a wild ride. With its twists and turns and you will be shocked right into the ending.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘A gripping story and a page turner.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Fantastic book! It was impossible to put down.’ ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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The Couple on Maple Drive Audiobook

The Couple on Maple Drive

***An exclusive podcast episode included with its very own twisty ending! Get it now!!!*** You think you’d know a killer if you met one? Think again. When Isla McKenzie is brutally mugged, it’s her boyfriend Zach who’s there for her, who moves in to look after her when she can barely bring herself to leave the house. But then something else happens, right on their doorstep. And it’s almost like someone’s out to get her… Can Isla and Zach find out the truth before it’s too late? …Or at least before the secrets they’re hiding from each other surface? Because those could be even deadlier… From the USA Today bestselling author Sam Carrington comes an absolutely compelling psychological thriller that will make you question how well you know those closest to you—and how safe you ever are. Perfect for fans of Behind Closed Doors,The Girl on the Train, and Gillian Flynn. Readers are loving The Couple on Maple Drive: ‘A gripping, on the edge of your seat sort of book helped by the fantastic narration… [it] brought the characters to life and made it all the more engrossing.’ Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Phew! This is a real edge of your seat gripping story. My heart was pounding and I was screaming… Sam Carrington certainly knows how to ramp up the tension!’ Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘Wow! This is a fantastic book and I loved it so much!… I found myself listening whenever I had a spare moment… It was so addictive and it really reeled me in…It felt as though I was watching a movie and was part of the show.’ Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘I absolutely loved the audio version. The narrator had a voice that captivated you…This is certainly a book you will want to read or even better listen too.’ Goodreads reviewer ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ ‘The narrators… added so much more depth and tension to the story… [It] made me audibly ‘gasp’… creepy, dark, gritty and tense… packs a punch.’ @thebookworm_reviews ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Afghanistan Graveyard of Empires: Why the Most Powerful Armies of Their Time Found Only Defeat or Sh Audiobook

Afghanistan Graveyard of Empires: Why the Most Powerful Armies of Their Time Found Only Defeat or Sh

Author: John A. Tyler Narrator: Elliot Fitzpatrick Release Date: November 2021

During the spring and summer of 2021, global news reports were filled with the impending US/NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan. At best, it would be viewed as a stalemate, with an orderly transition to a stable, US-backed Afghan government. At worse, it would be looked upon as two decades of futile war, ending with a shameful retreat that left the county at the mercy of a ruthless Taliban regime. What went wrong? This close look at the history of foreign invasions of the country, from Alexander the Great to the US/NATO occupation, gives insight into the geographical and cultural reasons this land, in the valley of the Hindu Kush mountain range, has long earned the sobriquet: Graveyard of Empires.

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The Midnight Man: The gripping, chilling new thriller from the #1 bestselling author Audiobook

The Midnight Man: The gripping, chilling new thriller from the #1 bestselling author

Author: Caroline Mitchell Narrator: Elliot Fitzpatrick, Emma Gregory Release Date: October 2021

A CHILLING NEW SERIES FROM NUMBER ONE BESTSELLER CAROLINE MITCHELL 'If you love early Stephen King, you'll love The Midnight Man.' - ROBERT DUGONI 'The perfect Halloween read!' - TERESA DRISCOLL If you open your door to the Midnight Man Hide with a candle wherever you can Try not to scream as he draws near Because one of you won't be leaving here... On Halloween night in Slayton, five girls go to Blackhall Manor to play the Midnight Game. They write their names on a piece of paper and prick their fingers to soak it in blood. At exactly midnight they knock on the door twenty-two times - they have invited the Midnight Man in. It was supposed to be a game, but only four girls come home. Detective Sarah Noble has just returned to the force, and no one knows more about Blackhall Manor than her. It's a case that will shake Sarah to the core. Will she be ready to meet the Midnight Man? A gripping and twisty thriller, perfect for fans of C. J. Tudor and Stephen King. PRAISE FOR THE MIDNIGHT MAN 'Caroline Mitchell at her dark and twisty best' - Teresa Driscoll 'I read it with the doors locked and the lights on' - Robert Dugoni 'Creepy and intense' - Mel Sherratt 'A spine tingling, creepy book that you'll struggle to put down' - John Marrs 'Terrifying, mysterious and suspenseful' - Patricia Gibney 'A tense and deliciously creepy read' - D.S. Butler 'A spooky, twisty mystery with a spine-chillingly creepy ending' - Susi Holliday 'Twisty, tense and creepy as hell... I loved it!' - K.L. Slater

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Never Give Up: A Life of Adventure, The Autobiography Audiobook

Never Give Up: A Life of Adventure, The Autobiography

Author: Bear Grylls Narrator: Bear Grylls, Elliot Fitzpatrick Release Date: October 2021

Brought to you by Penguin. The extraordinary new autobiography from adventurer Bear Grylls. In Never Give Up, global adventurer, Chief Scout and TV presenter Bear Grylls immerses readers in some truly remarkable adventures. As Bear shares personal stories from his toughest expeditions, this inspiring autobiography captures the exhilarating reality behind some of his hairiest survival missions. The follow up to his internationally bestselling Mud, Sweat and Tears, Grylls takes readers behind the scenes on infamous 'Man vs. Wild' shoots and provides an insight into what it's really like to go 'Running Wild' with guests including President Obama, Roger Federer and Julia Roberts. Along the way, Grylls explores the valuable lessons he's learned in the wild, opens up about his most personal challenges and achievements, and celebrates the true value of adventure and the enduring importance of courage, kindness and resilience. © Bear Grylls 2021 (P) Penguin Audio 2021

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Judas 62 Audiobook

Judas 62

Author: Charles Cumming Narrator: Elliot Fitzpatrick Release Date: September 2021

The second book in Charles Cumming’s gripping new thriller series surrounding BOX 88 – a covert intelligence organization that operates below the radar. A spy in one of the most dangerous places on Earth… 1993: Student Lachlan Kite is sent to post-Soviet Russia in the guise of a language teacher. In reality, he is there as a spy. Top secret intelligence agency BOX 88 has ordered Kite to extract a chemical weapons scientist before his groundbreaking research falls into the wrong hands. But Kite’s mission soon goes wrong and he is left stranded in a hostile city with a former KGB officer on his trail.   An old enemy looking for revenge… 2020: Now the director of BOX 88 operations in the UK, Kite discovers he has been placed on the ‘JUDAS’ list – a record of enemies of Russia who have been targeted for assassination. Kite’s fight for survival takes him to Dubai, where he must confront the Russian secret state head on…   Who will come out on top in this deadly game of cat and mouse? ‘The storytelling is first-rate, with all the minutiae of spycraft, sense of place and memorable supporting characters you could wish for’ Sunday Times ‘The first Kite novel was excellent, but this is even better…evokes the world of espionage in a way the late John le Carre would have much admired’ Daily Mail ‘The gold standard in espionage fiction’ Kirkus ‘Some of the best writing around on the intricacies of spycraft and the high price agents pay for doing their job’ Sun

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The Hard Yards: A Season in the Championship, England's Toughest League Audiobook

The Hard Yards: A Season in the Championship, England's Toughest League

Author: Nige Tassell Narrator: Elliot Fitzpatrick Release Date: August 2021

'Gus Poyet declared it to be the toughest league in England. Neil Warnock went further, believing it to be the tightest division in Europe. Norwich boss Daniel Farke went further still: "The Championship, without any doubt, is the toughest league in the world."'   On the final day of the 2019/20 season, only four clubs in the Championship, England's second tier of soccer, had nothing to play for, everyone else was fighting for promotion or survival. It's stats like this that give the league its well-deserved reputation as the most exciting league in football. Anything can happen, and often does.   In The Hard Yards, Nige Tassell tells the Championship's stories, uncovers its hidden gems and takes the reader on an entertaining and eye-opening tour of the 2020/21 season. Following three clubs in particular - newly promoted Wycombe Wanderers, newly relegated Bournemouth and stalwarts Sheffield Wednesday, who start the season on 12-point deficit - he'll dip into the seasons of clubs across the league, interviewing managers, fans, kit men and chairmen. A world away from the glamour and melodrama of the Premiership, the Championship is the heart and soul of football and in The Hard Yards Nige Tassell will take it back to basics.   Praise for The Bottom Corner: 'Warm and celebratory but also sharp and insightful, The Bottom Corner is a love letter to non-league football that is also a vivid snapshot of its place in our national life' -- Stuart Maconie 'A wonderful journey through life in the lower reaches of the football pyramid. A fascinating tale of a very different world of football from that of the overpaid stars of the television age' -- Barry Davies  

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Shoemaker: The Untold Story of the British Family Firm that Became a Global Brand Audiobook

Shoemaker: The Untold Story of the British Family Firm that Became a Global Brand

Author: Joe Foster Narrator: Elliot Fitzpatrick Release Date: October 2020

The remarkable story of how Joe Foster developed Reebok into one of the world's most famous sports brands, having started from a small factory in Bolton. Since the late 19th century, the Foster family had been hand-making running shoes, supplying the likes of Eric Liddell and Harold Abrahams - later immortalised in the film Chariots of Fire - as well as providing boots to most Football League clubs. But a family feud between Foster's father and uncle about the direction of their business led to Joe and his brother Jeff setting up a new company, inspired by the success of Adidas and Puma, and so Reebok was born. At first, money was so short that Joe and his wife had to live in their rundown factory, while the machinery that made the shoes was placed around the edge of the floor, because it was so weak it could have collapsed if they'd been positioned in the middle. But, from this inauspicious start, a major new player in the sports equipment field began to emerge, inspired by Joe's marketing vision. By the 1980s, Reebok had become a global phenomenon, when they were the first to latch onto the potential of the aerobics craze inspired by Jane Fonda. Soon, Reeboks were being seen on Hollywood red carpets and even in the film Aliens, where Sigourney Weaver wore a pair of Reebok Alien Stompers.  Like the international bestseller Shoe Dog, by Nike's Phil Knight, Shoemaker is a powerful tale of triumph against all the odds, revealing the challenges and sacrifices that go into creating a world-beating brand; it is also the story of how a small local business can transform itself, with the right products and the right vision, into something much, much bigger. 

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Little Disasters: from the bestselling author of Anatomy of a Scandal Audiobook

Little Disasters: from the bestselling author of Anatomy of a Scandal

Author: Sarah Vaughan Narrator: Elliot Fitzpatrick, Esther Wane, Sarah Feathers, Sophie Roberts Release Date: April 2020

From the bestselling author of Anatomy of a Scandal - a new thought-provoking novel exploring the complexity of motherhood and all that connects and disconnects us.  You think you know her… But look a little closer   She is a stay-at-home mother-of-three with boundless reserves of patience, energy and love. After being friends for a decade, this is how Liz sees Jess.    Then one moment changes everything.     Dark thoughts and carefully guarded secrets surface - and Liz is left questioning everything she thought she knew about her friend, and about herself.

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True Grit Audiobook

True Grit

Author: Bear Grylls Narrator: Bear Grylls, Elliot Fitzpatrick Release Date: November 2019

Brought to you by Penguin. True Grit by Bear Grylls is read by Eliot Fitzpatrick, with an introduction read by the author. Bear Grylls knows what it takes to survive. But he's not the first. Take the American bombardier Louis Zamperini, who survived 47 days stranded at sea by catching and killing hungry sharks and drinking the warm blood of albatrosses - only to be captured by the Japanese and horrifically tortured for years in their most brutal POW camps... Or Marcus Luttrell, a Navy SEAL who single-handedly took on a Taliban regiment before dragging his bleeding, bullet-ridden body for days through the harsh mountains of Afghanistan... Or Nando Parrado, one of the survivors of a horrific air-crash high in the ice-bound Andes, who only lived because he was willing to eat the flesh of his dead companions... In this gripping new book, Bear tells the stories of the adventurers, explorers, soldiers and spies whose refusal to quit in the most extreme situations has inspired him throughout his life. Some of them make uncomfortable reading - survival is rarely pretty. But all of them are tales of eye-watering bravery, death-defying resilience and extraordinary mental toughness by men and women who have one thing in common: true grit.

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