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  1. The Silence of Scheherazade Audiobook The Silence of Scheherazade
  2. Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want Audiobook Think Big: Take Small Steps and Build the Future You Want
  3. Appetite: A Memoir in Recipes of Family and Food Audiobook Appetite: A Memoir in Recipes of Family and Food
  4. A Line to Kill: from the global bestselling author of Moonflower Murders Audiobook A Line to Kill: from the global bestselling author of Moonflower Murders
  5. Such a Quiet Place Audiobook Such a Quiet Place
  6. 1979 Audiobook 1979
  7. The Reckoning: America's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal Audiobook The Reckoning: America's Trauma and Finding a Way to Heal
  8. Land of Big Numbers Audiobook Land of Big Numbers
  9. Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose Audiobook Gene Keys: Embracing Your Higher Purpose
  10. What We Find Audiobook What We Find
Down Payment on Death: BBC Radio drama thriller Audiobook

Down Payment on Death: BBC Radio drama thriller

Dinsdale Landen stars in this gripping vintage 1970-'s crime drama about a retired hitman tempted by one last job Sick of the spying business, professional assassin Art Gordo decides to quit the Secret Service - but his old life won't leave him alone. It's Christmas, three months after his retirement, and Gordo is visited by an old colleague with a proposition. A senior MI7 agent has been selling secrets to the opposition and needs to be eliminated - and the job can't be traced back to the Department. What's more, the task must be completed within the next five days. Clarke's offering big money - but despite the temptation, Art turns him down. Only someone won't take 'no' for an answer. Hunted by a mysterious nemesis who'll stop at nothing - including murder - to get their way, Gordo finds himself caught in a deadly game of deception, double-cross and betrayal. To stay alive, he must find out the truth about his shadowy target, and re-enter a world he thought he'd left behind. A world with only one rule: kill or be killed... Originally produced in the 1970's, this twisty, fast-moving suspense thriller stars Dinsdale Landen as Art Gordo and Frances Jeater as Louise. Production credits Adapted from his own novel by Jim Eldridge Produced by John Fawcett Wilson Cast Art Gordo - Dinsdale Landen Clarke - Manning Wilson Louise Lenehan - Frances Jeater Ben/Roberts/Man on phone - Jon Croft Joe/Ferguson - Peter Craze Charles Allweather - Glyn Owen Paul Le Clerk - Donald Gee Sally Le Clerk - Joanna Wake Leon Young - Basil Henson Francis/Forbes - Douglas Blackwell Parsons - Terrence Hardiman Hotel porter - Frank Coda First broadcast on BBC World Service, 3-31 May 1976 ? 2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd © 2021 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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Coming Alive: The Complete Series 1-3: A BBC Radio 4 Comedy drama Audiobook

Coming Alive: The Complete Series 1-3: A BBC Radio 4 Comedy drama

Author: Jim Eldridge Narrator: Full Cast, Karl Howman, Phyliss Logan Release Date: March 2021

Karl Howman stars in Jim Eldridge's sitcom about a likeable ex-convict trying to turn over a new leaf Released from prison early, chirpy Cockney conman Terry King is given a chance to find his feet again. His challenge is to breathe new life into a run-down community centre - with the support of Sandra Gaines, a social worker with a warm heart but an unhappy past. If he succeeds, he'll prove that rehabilitation is possible. But if he fails, he'll be sent back to jail... Situated in the middle of a rough council estate, Grove Hill Farm needs a lot of work. The windows are broken, the plumbing's out of action and part of the centre was burned down during a riot. But it's not just the buildings that could use some TLC - the community's pride needs restoring too. Can Terry get the locals to come together and make the centre a neighbourhood hub again? He's got big plans - concerts, dances, bingo - but first he must raise the funds, and win over the residents... As he uses his charm and his con artist skills to start turning the place around, he finds himself growing closer to Sandra, and love slowly blossoms between the two of them. But will Terry be able to stay out of trouble - and out of prison? And as the end of his sentence approaches, will he and Sandra finally get together? Created by Jim Eldridge, whose numerous radio credits include King Street Junior and Albert & Me, this feel-good comedy drama stars Karl Howman (Brush Strokes, EastEnders) as Terry and Phyllis Logan (Lovejoy, Downton Abbey) as Sandra. Production credits Written by Jim Eldridge Directed by Marilyn Imrie and David Hitchinson Music: Jacqueline Dankworth and Harvey Brough First broadcast BBC Radio 4, 26 January-2 March 1999 (Series 1), 26 July-30 August 2000 (Series 2), 12 October-16 November 2001 (Series 3) Cast Terry King - Karl Howman Sandra Gaines - Phyllis Logan Steve Addison - Ben Crowe Mr Wade/Harry Howard/Bert Higgs/Mr Addison - Geoffrey Whitehead Mr Preston - David Holt George - Chris Pavlo Whizzer/Sam Stone/Police officer/Don Gaines - Giles Fagan Hobb/Ed Bayliss - Harry Myers Ellie Higgs - Priyanga Elan Woman on the estate - Frances Jeater Supt. Anne Robinson - Rachel Atkins Gail Gaines - Victoria O'Donnell/Jennifer Wheelan Mrs Watson - Ann Beach Mrs Barnes - Jillie Meers Mick/Mr Evans - Gavin Muir Keith/Jerry - David Thorpe Annie - Alison Pettitt Mavis - Tilly Vosburgh Warren/Scaggs - Clinton Mullings-Dodson Mrs Wilson - Maggie McCarthy Ernie/Mr Marsden - Roger Walker Miss Graham/Mrs Baxter - Richenda Carey Marlene - Hetty Baynes Andrew - Tom George Pianist at concert - Peter Ringrose Mrs McKendrick - Sandra Voe Drunk man/Barman - Ewan Bailey Netball player - Helen Longworth Girl at club - Sarah Paul Matt - Ray Lonnen David - Sean Baker Wendy Wilson - Clare Corbett Matthew - George Allonby Mary - Elaine Claxton Mrs Barnes/Pauline - Carolyn Pickles Wally - Carl Prekopp ©2020 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd (P)2020 BBC Studios Distribution Ltd

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Tony's: The Complete Series 1-2: A BBC comedy Audiobook

Tony's: The Complete Series 1-2: A BBC comedy

Victor Spinetti stars in this BBC radio sitcom about the hilarious misadventures of a corner-shop barber North London barber's shop Tony's might not be the trendiest salon in town, but it's definitely the cheapest and the cheeriest. Run by exuberant Italian Tony Fucetti, it's the place to go if you want a bargain cut and blow-dry from apprentice Maisie, or a short back and sides courtesy of Scottish hairdresser Hector (just watch out for his razor...) These 12 episodes follow the highs and lows of Tony and his team, as they prepare to beat Boris the Russian in a hair-styling showdown, give the corner shop a makeover, take on new stylist Stanley, and try and avoid the attentions of the taxman. Plus, Tony's Mama decides to find him a girlfriend, a hairdresser exchange programme leads to publicity - and disaster, a contretemps over a customer's bright green barnet leads to a court appearance, and a day out at the seaside doesn't go quite as planned... Please note: This is a vintage recording. The audio quality may not be up to modern day standards. Content Warning: The humour of the programme reflects the era in which it was broadcast and therefore may not reflect current views. Created by award-winning dramatist Jim Eldridge (Parsley Sidings, Albert & Me), this classic barbershop sitcom is a cut above the rest. Comedy veteran Victor Spinetti stars as Tony, with John Laurie (Dad's Army) as Hector. Deborah Watling (Doctor Who) as Maisie and Deryck Guyler (The Men from the Ministry) as Stanley. Among the guest stars are Carry On... actor Kenneth Connor and 'Allo 'Allo's Gordon Kaye. Production credits Written by Jim Eldridge Produced by John Fawcett Wilson Incidental music by Max Harris First broadcast BBC Radio 2, 21 October-25 November 1979 (Series 1), 18 January-22 February 1981 (Series 2) Cast Tony - Victor Spinetti Hector - John Laurie Maisie - Deborah Watling Mama - Norma Ronald Carlo - Anthony Morton Stanley - Deryck Guyler With Bill Pertwee, Joanna Wake, David Tate, Royce Mills, David Ryall, Jerald Wells, Deirdre Costello, Henry McGee, Roland MacLeod, John Blythe, Kenneth Connor, Josephine Tewson, Stephen Greif, Alan Lake, Gordon Kaye, Jeffrey Segal, Bill Wallis, Jan Hunt, Frank Coda, Dilys Laye. Douglas Blackwell, Leonard Fenton, Roger Kitter, Mike Grady, Edward Kelsey, Robert Gillespie, Chris Emmett, Nick Tate and Sonia Fraser

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Albert and Me: The Complete Series 1 & 2: A BBC Radio comedy drama Audiobook

Albert and Me: The Complete Series 1 & 2: A BBC Radio comedy drama

Richard Beckinsale and Robert Lindsay star in this BBC radio sitcom about a single dad left holding the baby Bryan Archer's girlfriend has run off with the electrician, leaving him to raise their 18-month-old son, Albert, alone. Fortunately, Bryan's mum Pat is around to help out, but he still needs to get a job and earn enough money to pay the rent. Can he find an employer who'll let him bring Albert along? These seventeen episodes follow Bryan's mishaps and adventures juggling work and childcare, as he tries out as a cosmetic salesman, takes a driving job - but gets caught up in crime, and finds employment as a temporary filing clerk, where he has a bit of bother with a missing file. On holiday with Albert in Frimlington, he finds his fellow holidaymakers aren't too welcoming, and a family Christmas turns farcical when he realises he's managed to get himself double-booked for the festivities. And there are challenges in store as he tries to get a loan to buy a house, attempts to save his sister's marriage, and gets a scare when his little boy is taken into hospital for tests... Created by award-winning writer Jim Eldridge, whose credits include King Street Junior and Parsley Sidings, thissitcom about a doting single dad originally starred the late Richard Beckinsale as Bryan in the pilot and original 1977 series. The second series, broadcast in 1983, saw Robert Lindsay taking his place, and Pat Coombs reprising her roles as Mum and baby Albert. The guest cast includes Douglas Blackwell, Dilys Laye, Gorden Kaye and Marcia Warren. Production credits Written by Jim Eldridge Produced by John Fawcett Wilson Incidental music: Max Harris First broadcast BBC Radio 2, 5 January 1977 (Pilot), 5 November-24 December 1977 (Series 1), 16 March-4 May 1983 (Series 2) Cast Bryan Archer - Richard Beckinsale/Robert Lindsay Mum/Albert - Pat Coombs Dad - John Comer Vernon Wordsworth - Frank Thornton Anna Jameson - Sharon Duce Alice - Anne Cunningham The Magistrate/Dave/Mr Graham - Douglas Blackwell Joe Billings/Fred - Harry Fowler Mr Benson - John Arnatt Sandra - Karin MacCarthy Rex - Terence Alexander Mrs Warburton - Jan Holden Labour Exchange official - Milton Johns Stephanie - Madeline Smith Harry Ponder - John Junkin Mr Simpson - Reginald Marsh Linda - Joanna David Nursery nurse - Heather Bell Mr Wiggins - Peter Vaughan Mavis - Cheryl Hall Deirdre - Helen Worth Jane - Diane Keen Edward - Jon Laurimore Welfare lady/Mrs Featherstone-Haugh/Mrs Hagger - Dilys Laye Benefit official - Robin Parkinson Uncle Eric - Michael Robbins Mr Smith - David Ryall Bank manager/Mr Benson - John Arnatt Nurse - Penelope Reynolds Police Sergeant - Robert Gillespie Rose - Diana Berriman Gran - Patricia Hayes Maureen - Celia Bannerman Store assistant - Kenneth Shanley Mrs Willis - Diana King Ron - Larry Martyn Mary - Rosalind Adams Mr Tibbies/Arnold - Roland MacLeod Vera - Marcia Warren Edward - Gorden Kaye Joe - Ron Pember Job Centre Clerk - David Graham Vikkie - Sherrie Hewson Mrs Weston - Frances Jeater Amateur Photographer - John Tordoff Terry - Derek Martin Alison - Deidre Costello Charlie - Peter Cleall Andy - John Kane Mr Charlesworth - Bernard Gallagher Mrs Charlesworth - Lynda Baron Sandra/Doreen - Wendy Murray Lady Samantha - Sarah Berger Vicar - Michael Bilton Jenny - Brenda Blethyn GP - Renu Setna Nurse - Tammy Ustinov

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Parsley Sidings: The Complete Series 1 and 2 Audiobook

Parsley Sidings: The Complete Series 1 and 2

Author: Jim Eldridge Narrator: Arthur Lowe, Ian Lavender, Kenneth Connor Release Date: October 2019

The complete first and second series of the charming railway station comedy starring Arthur Lowe, Ian Lavender and Kenneth Connor Parsley Sidings ran for two highly successful series from 1971-1973, and was the only radio sitcom (other than Dad's Army) to star the much-loved Arthur Lowe. As Horace Hepplewhite, station master of a sleepy railway station, he spends his time dealing with small crises and supervising his errant staff - including his son, ticket clerk Bert; blonde bombshell Gloria the station announcer; crafty Cockney porter Percy and ancient signalman Bradshaw - not to mention his nemesis, Phineas Perkins, who manages the station one stop down the line. This collection includes all 21 episodes of the classic comedy, many of which were thought lost but were recently rediscovered and restored for fans to enjoy once more. Included are: The Market Special; The Postal Express; The Beauty Queen Contest; The Inspector Calls; The 1890 Rocket; The Excursion; Cricket, Lovely Cricket; Who'll Be Mother?; The Concert; Goodbye Parsley Sidings; Pass the Parcel; The Flower Show; The Entente Cordiale; A Night Out; The Goods Train; A Bird in the Hand; The Purity League; The New Level Crossing; The Film Makers and The Secret Agent and the pilot episode, The Royal Train. Starring Arthur Lowe as Horace, Ian Lavender as Bert, Kenneth Connor as Percy and Liz Fraser as Gloria, with guest stars including Elizabeth Morgan, Pat Coombs, Bill Pertwee and Roger Delgado. PLEASE NOTE: Due to the age of this recording, sound quality may vary.

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King Street Junior Revisited: A BBC Radio 4 comedy Audiobook

King Street Junior Revisited: A BBC Radio 4 comedy

Author: Jim Eldridge Narrator: Brigit Forsyth, Carolyn Pickles, James Grout, Marlene Sidaway Release Date: September 2019

All four series of the popular follow-up to King Street Junior King Street Junior and its sequel, King Street Junior Revisited, ran for 20 years and 100 episodes between 1985 and 2005, and were among the BBC's most successful and popular radio programmes. In these four series, we return to the inner-city primary in the new millennium. A different Head is in charge, but the challenges remain the same: from planning a big fundraising concert, to searching for a truant, to coping with wintry weather and a disappearing lollipop lady. In addition, the teachers contend with personal and professional upheavals as Mr Maxwell's attempts to maintain playground order land him in trouble, Mr Long suffers a painful little problem, Miss Featherstone is arrested - and a surprise awaits the staff as they return from their summer holidays. But King Street Junior continues to survive and thrive, and as the series draws to a close, the children and teachers prepare to celebrate the centenary of the school's foundation. Written by the award-winning Jim Eldridge, this acclaimed sitcom stars Carolyn Pickles as Mrs Devon, Marlene Sidaway as Miss Lewis and Brigit Forsyth as Mrs Eastwood, with a guest appearance from James Grout as Mr Beeston. Created and written by Jim Eldridge Produced by John Fawcett Wilson

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King Street Junior: A BBC Radio 4 comedy Audiobook

King Street Junior: A BBC Radio 4 comedy

Author: Jim Eldridge Narrator: Peter Davison Release Date: September 2019

All ten series of the BBC Radio 4 comedy drama set in a small junior school 'The Sistine Chapel of radio drama'' - The Times Running for ten series between 1985 and 1988 (with a sequel, King Street Junior Revisited, airing from 2002-2005), this hugely popular school-based sitcom was one of the BBC's most successful radio programmes. Created by award-winning writer Jim Eldridge, it follows the headmaster and staff of an inner-city primary as they deal with unruly pupils, problem parents, school governors and OFSTED inspectors. From Parents' Evening to the PTA, and from supply teachers to staff room squabbles, every day brings fresh challenges for headmaster Mr Beeston. Among the problems facing him are a flu epidemic, a shortage of computers, a phantom prune thief and a mysterious graffiti artist - and there's trouble in store when in comes to sex education, school trips and Sports Day. Meanwhile, idealistic newcomers Mr Brown and Mr Sims learn some lessons about teaching, and their battle-scarred colleagues vie for promotion - or look forward to retirement. And as each new term rolls around at King Street Junior, they all prepare to shape the minds of a brand new generation... Peter Davison stars as Eric Brown, Karl Howman as Philip Sims and James Grout as Mr Beeston, with guest stars including John Craven and Michaela Strachan as themselves. Created by Jim Eldridge Written by Jim Eldridge, Paul Copley, Richard Stoneman, Ivan Shakespeare, Dave Single and Martin Davies Produced by John Fawcett Wilson Violinist: Sarah Hallam Pianist: Max Harris

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Thud in Trouble: Wrestling Trolls: Match Four Audiobook

Thud in Trouble: Wrestling Trolls: Match Four

Author: Jim Eldridge Narrator: Gareth Bennett-Ryan Release Date: August 2017

Jack, Milo, Robin and Big Rock are back with a new friend - Blaze, the magical phoenix. The gang plan to take on notorious bully, Buster Gutt. Soon Jack finds himself and his alter-ego THUD in some seriously hot water... In the second story, villainous Lord Veto tries to break up the wrestling trolls. Soon Princess Ava is caught in the middle of a wrestling tournament! The brave trolls must come together for glory once more.

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The Giant Rumble: Wrestling Trolls: Match Three Audiobook

The Giant Rumble: Wrestling Trolls: Match Three

Author: Jim Eldridge Narrator: Gareth Bennett-Ryan Release Date: December 2015

Waldo's Wrestling Trolls are back, and they're ready to rumble! But the villainous Lord Veto has other plans. Challenged to a Giant Rumble but suffering from a shortfall of wrestlers, Jack and his friends set out to find more participants for their great battle. But what starts as a fun-filled road trip in their trusty caravan, soon becomes an action-packed adventure filled with dangers such as farting Billy Goats, poisonous spiders and evil servants of the wicked King Nugget.

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Hunk and Thud: Wrestling Trolls: Match Two Audiobook

Hunk and Thud: Wrestling Trolls: Match Two

Author: Jim Eldridge Narrator: Gareth Bennett-Ryan Release Date: July 2015

Jack is doing fantastically well as the Wrestling Trolls training coach, Big Rock is winning matches, and the group are on their way to more gold than they can count. Nothing ever goes smoothly for Jack though, especially after Milo is kidnapped by evil goblins determined to get their greedy hands on Big Rock's winnings! The wrestling crew know that they will have to be very quick and clever if they want to rescue Milo.

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Wrestling Trolls: Big Rock and the Masked Avenger Audiobook

Wrestling Trolls: Big Rock and the Masked Avenger

Author: Jim Eldridge Narrator: Stephen Perring Release Date: April 2014

Jack knows every wrestling move there is to know, and his dreams come true when he's recruited as a training assistant to Waldo's Wrestling Trolls. Little does Jack know that he's actually part troll, and that when his new family is in trouble he morphs into the terrifying Thud! He'll have to build a team of wrestling trolls to take on Lord Veto's evil orcs at the tournament of tournaments.

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Parsley Sidings Audiobook

Parsley Sidings

Author: Jim Eldridge Narrator: Arthur Lowe, Ian Lavender Release Date: March 2012

Arthur Lowe, Kenneth Connor and Ian Lavender star in four episodes of the radio comedy series set in a sleepy railway station. Featuring Arthur Lowe and Ian Lavender from Dad's Army, and Kenneth Connor (from the Carry On films), these recordings are among the few remaining episodes available. Goodbye Parsley Sidings (Series 1, Episode 10): Horace Hepplewhite gets promoted and leaves for pastures new, but his replacement seems a right old ogre. The Entente Cordiale (Series 2, Episode 3): After an exchange visit to France, the Head of French Rail is keen to see Gloria's tannoy. A Night Out (Series 2, Episode 4): Thanks to Percy and Bert, a lady misses the last train to Birmingham and has nowhere to stay the night. The New Level Crossing (Series 2, Episode 8): What will happen to Bradshaw now that Parsley Sidings gets a new automated level crossing?

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