The Museum Makers

Ebook edition released 27/08/2020

by Rachel Morris

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LoveReading Expert Review of The Museum Makers

This elegant genre-crossing, non-fiction nugget stirs the imagination and heart with a captivating human story woven into its museum history theme.

In The Museum Makers Rachel Morris, director of museum company Metaphor, plots an enthralling personal and professional journey from finding a box of family belongings beneath her bed, to the beating heart of Bloomsbury’s bohemian circles in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. This journey is underpinned by the very essence of what museums are and do: “Museum-making is about sorting often quite ordinary objects to make meaningful patterns out of the muddle and confusion of the universe; thoughtful, beautiful patterns that have something to say. Museums are where we go to make sense of the world and the pasts that have gone. And what we do in museums we also do with our own histories.” Which is exactly what Morris does when she digs into the contents of the box and is led to discover secrets about her father, Gran, and great-grandmother Nona, which she curates into her Museum of Me.

Illuminated by the power of objects to stir memories, and to make sense of oneself, the journey also delves into women’s involvement with, and relationship to, museums: “Museums have a special appeal for women whether as places to work in or as places to visit.” While men may have curated early museums (as an extension of their curation of the world), women were key collectors, donors and fundraisers from those nascent days.

At once an absorbing history of museums, and a profoundly personal memoir of detection and discovery, this has all the delightful universal appeal of a cabinet of curiosity.

Joanne Owen

The Museum Makers Synopsis

Museum expert Rachel Morris had been ignoring the boxes of family belongings beneath her bed for decades. When she finally opened them she began a journey into her family's dramatic story through the literary and bohemian circles of the nineteenth and twentieth century. It was a revelatory experience. It finds her searching for her absent father in archives of the Tate, discovering why her Gran was predisposed towards tragic endings, and transports her back to the museums that had enriched her lonely childhood. By teasing out the stories of those early museum makers, and the unsung daughters and wives behind them, and seeing them reflected in her own family, Morris digs deep into the human instinct for collection and curation.

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ISBN: 9781912836666
Publication date: 27th August 2020
Author: Rachel Morris
Publisher: September Publishing
Format: Ebook
Primary Genre Biographies & Autobiographies
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ISBN: 9781912836666
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About Rachel Morris

A director of the museum-making company Metaphor, Rachel Morris has been part of the creation, design and delivery of some of the most exciting displays, renovations and museums of the last few decades, from the New Cast Courts at the V&A to the Terracotta Warriors at the British Museum and Grand Egyptian museum in Cairo. Rachel is also the author of two previous novels.

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The Museum Makers
The Museum Makers
The Museum Makers
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