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The Graveyard Watch

"The integration of fantasy lore into the medical/crime theme of the story was seamless and felt believable."

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

It’s Forensic Crime as you might not have seen it before. Jocasta is worried about her career when a seeming demotion finds her relocated to ‘the Graveyard Watch’, a seemingly terrible placement of anti-social hours and all the unwanted cases. When she arrives though she finds that the role, and her colleagues may be more interesting than previously thought. Jocasta’s knack of thinking outside the box has landed her a role as a pathologist in a unique team of individuals that investigate cases far outside the norm. The Commander Domingo de Torres has spent a longtime looking for vengeance and it would be close at hand, as is a slew of break-is, vampire murders and a struggle for power and control that’s coming to a head. I liked ‘The Graveyard Watch’ by R. J. Eason. I really enjoy forensic crime thrillers and found the idea of a human pathologist being introduced to a department focusing on supernatural cases to be novel. The Graveyard Watch team are all quirky and likeable, Sebastien’s idioms made me smile, “Haddock psychology” made me laugh out loud. The flashes that connect the past and the present were allowed for bits of information to be drip-fed, teasing the reader about the other cogs that are spinning while Jocasta finds her feet in her new job. The integration of fantasy lore into the medical/crime theme of the story was seamless and felt believable. As this case comes to its conclusion I am curious about what might be next for this unusual investigative team. 

Charlotte Walker, A LoveReading Ambassador

LoveReading Ambassador

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