A Mindfulness Guide for Survival

Paperback edition released 05/08/2021

by Ruby Wax

A Mindfulness Guide for Survival Synopsis

Dear Reader, I have written this workbook for you to use as a guide on how to drop anchor when life, and the world around you, gets too daunting. It's filled with exercises and information for when you're suddenly forced to confront the hard truths or as I like to call them the BIG SIX realities - difficult emotions, uncertainty, loneliness, change, dissatisfaction and death. It isn't just about how to get through a pandemic... Or the post-pandemic fall-out. It is a WAKE UP call. One that will increase your awareness of every moment through mindfulness. So SCRIBBLE in it. DOODLE in it. Take it EVERYWHERE. No one is going to see what's inside but you. This is not just another self-help book. Think of it as an evolve-yourself book. I do hope it helps you hold the rudder straight, no matter how turbulent the waves, and that you come out the other end buoyant, with a new appreciation for the privilege of life. Love RUBY x

About This Edition

ISBN: 9781787399594
Publication date: 5th August 2021
Author: Ruby Wax
Publisher: Welbeck an imprint of Welbeck Publishing Group
Format: Paperback
Pagination: 176 pages
Primary Genre Mindfulness

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ISBN: 9781787399594
Publication date: 05/08/2021
Format: Paperback

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About Ruby Wax

Ruby Wax is a successful comedian, TV writer and performer who also holds a Master's degree in Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy from Oxford University, and was awarded an OBE in 2015 for her services to mental health.

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A Mindfulness Guide for Survival
A Mindfulness Guide for Survival
A Mindfulness Guide for Survival
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