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"Hooked is a compassionate and approachable guide to addictive behaviours from an experienced psychotherapist, for anyone first questioning self-destructive behaviours of any kind "

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LoveReading Says

LoveReading Says

Fosh’s definition of addiction is perhaps surprising in its breadth: ‘using something outside of yourself to change the way you feel’. This is useful for challenging the stereotypes around addiction and to try to remove taboos around it, and allowing readers to more readily question their addictive behaviours even if they don’t come in ‘obvious’ forms: Fosh emphasises the broader definition of addiction she is using in this book, one which is not just alcohol or substance abuse, but also includes the perhaps lesser-discussed addictions around love and relationships, physical appearance, and work, among others. Throughout, there are also short activities and questionnaires for readers to reflect on their own relationships to normalised behaviours, like checking social media or the news, or calorie counting.

Where it does contain moments of more specialist scientific terms or studies, Fosh also helpfully translates them into everyday language. She is also very generous in sharing her first-hand experience of addictive cycles, and her own journey through recovery to becoming a therapist.

(Yes, I understand the aware of the irony of taking a picture of this with a cup of coffee – the coffee I feel I must have at least twice each day in order to affect my productivity even if it is detrimental to my sleep and bank balance!)


Lily Lindon

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